This app comes with some cool features: Music, such as gesture mode, follow mode, dolly zoom, clone panel and glamour mode, etc. Now lets first talk about the camera settings in this app. You can switch between manual and automatic mode for the camera manual mode, allows you to change shutter, speed, iso and exposure values and in the auto mode you can only change the ev value in the video settings. You can choose the resolution and video frame rate Music manually. You can also zoom in and out, depending on the phone youre using Music in the app settings menu. There are shoot, gimbal and general sub menus under the shoot sub menu. Where you can control the flashlight of the phone grid lines option you can manually, choose the appropriate white balance and at the bottom gesture control, which i will be talking about later under the gimbal sub menu, you can switch between the scene modes, walk and run. Follow modes which i went through in my last video gimbal, joystick, speed and zooming speed, then, lastly, general sub menu, where you can change the theme of the app activate remote control. Only if you have prime membership and then device management for connecting the gimbal via bluetooth. In the bottom screen of the phone, you will notice the mode switcher. The first one is the smart editor, which is a great feature. If you dont wish to spend hours to edit your videos Music, then we have the alive option which will allow you to stream.

Live videos directly from the app then photo mode, video mode panel, slow mo dolly zoom time lapse, and finally, hyperlapse now lets talk about some of the cool features are available in the app first gesture control. You can enable the gesture control by tapping this icon once activated just lift up your hand. It will automatically activate tracking and start recording its a very useful feature if you are recording yourself using the back camera where framing becomes an issue. As you cant see yourself once the gimbal starts tracking you, it will always keep you in the middle of the frame. Music panorama mode, which not only will take beautiful panorama but can also enable clone effect to do that. Just activate the effect set. The timer place, the gimbal on the tripod and move through the frame after each countdown of the timer see how cool the panorama looks. Music, dolly zoom effect to me, its the second coolest one. The app will automatically do all the hard work for you. All you have to do is select. The effect then draw a tracking box on which you want to focus im going to draw a box on the flower. Then the gimbal will automatically track the subject. As i move in or out of the frame. This is like an illusion effect of background being stretched away, bear in mind, the processing time can be longer depending on which phone you are using. Then the coolest feature to me is the glamour option which is located in the left of the screen.

Second, icon from the bottom, this will allow you to get rid of all kinds of spots and wrinkles in your face. You can also shape your face brighten up the skin tone. If your eyes are not big enough, you can make them bigger and all sorts of things, but for people like me, just smoothing up the skin will be perfect, thats just about sums up the zero cameo.