Kit ive had this gimbal for a few weeks now and ive been very impressed by its ai features, which allow the gimbal to track your movement as well as offer some additional control options for switching the gimbal between the horizontal and vertical modes. This smartphone gimbal is pretty much perfect for those times when youve got no one to help you out and youre filming solo, but, for example, when you want to get some behind the scenes footage. This is perfect. It will keep you in the frame and it will follow your movements and the ai tracking even comes in handy in video calls ive been using this a lot to chat with my family and friends and when im moving around it did a great job. At keeping me in the frame now before i continue, i just want to mention that hohem did reach out to us and send us the isaiah v2 for free. But us always our opinions and reviews are fully independent, so price wise. The isd v2 is priced at 129 and the optional extendable tripod and remote control kit is 29.99. This is not the cheapest smartphone gimbal out there right now and its priced in the upper bracket of smartphone gimbals, but its ai features really do justifies the price tag and it would suit those of you who want a more reliable gimbal with some very interesting features. So here ive got the box and i have to say i really like the way, its packaged its great, how everything is neatly contained and not just thrown on top of the gimbal.

So for me, thats, always a good sign when companies make that extra effort. So, first up we get this welcome card that has the activation instructions on it. You need to activate the gimbal v4 you can use it, which is very quick. All you need to do is download the hohen pro app and connect it to the gimbal via bluetooth. After that, you need to register an account and youre ready to go next. We have this box that contains the instructions, a wrist, strap and a soft carry bag for the gimbal Applause, followed by the gimbal itself. A little tripod stand and a type c to type c charging cable and this usb c to usb a adapter Music in terms of the build quality of the iste dv2. The body of the gimbal is primarily made of plastic, but thats the case for the majority of smartphone gimbals out there, but despite that, it still feels fairly sturdy. It isnt a cheap feeling, plastic and the gimbal itself weighs 263 grams, and has this neat foldable design, which im a very big fan of since it makes it so much easier to carry around and even it fits in some pockets. The back of the gimbal has the soft touch textured plastic on it, which does a pretty decent job at improving handling. However, i do wish that it was a rubber pad instead, as that would be even more comfortable. In my opinion, however, the phone clamp of the gimbal is padded with a good amount of rubber to prevent your phone from being scratched.

My only problem with this clamp is that its a little too strong so mounting the phone can feel a bit awkward, especially when youre trying to do it on the go and youve got like things in your hands and youre juggling them trying to get your phone In this clamp, i guess this does make your phone more secure in the clamps, which is definitely a good thing, but i do wish it was easy to open it, maybe by having some additional tabs on the back to grip it better or something like that. On the handle you have your standard button layout. There is a joystick that controls the movement of the gimbal, a record button and a power button. The power button can also be used to manually flip between the horizontal and vertical shooting modes and on the left. There is a wide tight slider that works with the hohen pro app to digitally zoom in and on the right side. There is a bi directional charging port that can be used as an emergency power bank now performance wise. The icd v2 offers some good specs with its payload of 100 to 280 grams, which covers a wide range of most modern smartphones and its capable of handling heavy phones such as this samsung s21 ultra. The gimbal can also be flipped upside down. So you get those cool low to the ground shots much easier Music. The eye steady v2 also features an anti shake system to help stabilize footage, and overall from my filming with it, i was able to get lots of smooth and stable footage.

Whether i was at walking, pace or running, and it also worked well when filming, static, panning and moving forward and back shots Music at the top of the clamp is where you have your ai vision sensor, which ill discuss in a moment and an led light with Three different levels of brightness: the light itself is pretty small, but it still provides you a little bit of light to keep your face well exposed ill put up. Some comparison. Photos right here bear in mind that using the ai sensor and av light contrasting cut down on the battery life on average, the battery should last you 9 hours, but using the ai sensor, cuts it down to 4 and using the led light. At the same time will further cut it down to 2 hours. What makes this gimbal really stand out, though, is the really cool ai features of the i steady v2. You can use different hand, gestures to tell the sensor to start and stop tracking you and you can quickly switch between the vertical and horizontal modes. The response times of the gimbal are really good, and the tracking works really great. Unless you rapidly move out of the frame, the best part about the ai sensor is that it works independently of the hohem app. So you can actually use it with pretty much any app you want, like zoom skype, whatsapp, etc, and the ai sensor doesnt actually require a bluetooth connection at all times.

Unless you want to change the settings of it, which you can do through the hohem app, the app itself is pretty standard for a smartphone gimbal and it offers some additional shooting modes, such as dolly zoom inception, panoramic video and amazingly named fantastic rotation. Some modes are better than others, in my opinion, but its always nice to have those creative options regardless. My only issue with this app is that at launch there is an unskippable ad, so you do have to wait a couple of seconds before you can actually start shooting it can get pretty annoying, especially since this is a pretty pricey smartphone gimbal. So you dont really expect to have to deal with things like that. Lastly, lets have a look at the extendable tripod and the wireless remote control kit. This is pretty much a selfie stick attachment for the gimbal. That gives you some extra shooting options. It looks a little bit like a police button and the remote itself is this little tiny thing right here. It has a range of 10 meters, but bear in mind that you can only use it with the hohem pro app. The tripod extends to 51 centimeters, which is an okay height for most use cases. When fully extended. It does feel a little bit unstable, so ill, be a bit wary of using it in windy, weather and, if possible, ill, try to weigh it down with a bag or something like that.

In my opinion, the kit isnt really an essential unless you really want the wireless remote control. So, in summary, the i30v2 is a good choice for those of you who want some cool ai features, which are really the unique setting point of this gimbal and can come in really handy and useful. For those of you who do a lot of vlogging and live streaming, the response times are great and the gimbal itself overall performs pretty well with smartphones on the heavier and bigger side. So its definitely getting a recommendation from me anyway, guys thats it for this video. Thank you so much for watching, if you have any questions, feel free to leave them down in the comment section below and let us know what you think of the hohem eye, steady v2 and its ai features. If you found this video useful, please give us a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel for more videos in the future and dont forget to check our instagram and facebook. The links will be somewhere right here and ill see you guys on the next video bye.