You can pick up right now for 60, 000, naira or 114, but is this smartphone watted well stick around to find out in uar, the infinix of 10i comes in two versions: theres a two gigabytes ram 64 gigabytes internal storage version, which i have here and theres. Also, a two gigabytes: ram: 32 gigabyte internal storage version man. Those specs are not encouraging, but thats what you get for: 60, 000 naira or 114 dollars right now. Opening the box. The first thing you will see is the smartphone. The infinix r10i comes with a 6000 milliamps battery, which is the most prominent feature of this smartphone. With this smartphone, you dont need to carry your power bank or charger everywhere. You go back to the box. It comes with a plastic case that doesnt do a good job in protecting this smartphone from accidental falls. You get the film screen protector and expat cliff flat, and you get a 1x gold notes now for the charging time. It takes two hours 40 minutes to charge. This smartphone from zero to one hundred percent want that to come when we get to the battery section of this review now lets talk about the external features of this smartphone. The infinix art 10i has a plastic rear, plastic frame and glass at the front for the build quality this smartphone is well made. The display is fragile and you definitely need a screen protector. Luckily, the screen only costs 13, 500 naira or 25 dollars to replace.

Now i booked an appointment with carl k, and that means i wont, be queuing up when its time to drop off this smartphone for repair. If you want to follow my repair journey, follow me on twitter, instagram and tick tock for water resistance. This smartphone isnt waterproof. I normally dip my smartphone in milk to make it sweeter. Everything seemed to work until i tried to take a picture. Kids do not dip your smartphone in milk, dont be an idiot like me. The list just keeps on going up. Now i have to repair the screen and the cameras. Luckily, the parts of this smartphone is not too expensive. The front camera is 1600 naira or three dollars, and the rear camera is 2700 naira or five dollars, thats, affordable and thats. A good thing right now. Moving to the external features, the infinix art 10i comes with a dual nano sim card tray and a memory card slot on the left side at the top theres, nothing moving to the right side, youll see the power button and volume keys at the bottom of this Smartphone, it has a single mic: 3.5 mm audio jack and a micro usb port. Moving to the front, it has a single led, flashlight, a single speaker which cant be blocked while holding this smartphone and an 8 megapixel front facing camera switching to the rear. It comes with a 10 megapixel primary camera, a qvj camera led flashlight and a fingerprint scanner.

Surprisingly, the fingerprint scanner is very accurate and fast. Now the display size of the infinix 10i is 6.52 inches its a tft display with a resolution of 720 by 1600 pixels. It has a 60 heads refresh rate and peak brightness is around 340 nits watching youtube is all right, granted its a 720p display, but youre not going to feel like throwing the smartphone away, although visibility is also manageable and certainly usable, although i noticed the display is Very reflective, as for the single speaker, it isnt the loudest, but it gets the job done and you cant easily block it. While holding this smartphone now lets talk about the performance. The infinix h10i comes with the mediatek helio g25 processor, its a 12 nanometer processor that provides smooth performance, enhanced power, efficiency and reliable, low latency connection thats. What mediatek says, but bottom line it isnt a fast processor, with a and total score of just around 104k and gate bench score of this, the infinix r10i isnt winning gold, silver or bronze at the smartphone olympics matter of fact, if team nigeria was a smartphone, it Would be this smartphone now this smartphone can handle tasks like sending emails chatting on whatsapp, making phone calls and browsing, but do not overload it multitasking, isnt great, on the infix or t10i, because it only comes with two gigabytes of ram. You can get away with opening two or three apps, but again do not push shits. Gaming is also possible on the infinix or s10i, but it isnt great pop g played at balanced graphics on medium frame rate and the gameplay was slow.

If youre interested in a gaming device on the budget. I would suggest you look at the infinix obs 10 tv, which i have reviewed on this channel, and you can check that video. After watching this one for the operating system. The infinix arts 10i runs android 11, go edition, its a light version of android 11 and its meant for smartphones, with less than two gigabytes of ram for apps. Most of your favorite applications like whatsapp instagram facebook popjaytictor can run on the smartphone with no issues now. Moving to the cameras, the infinix arts 10i comes with an 8 megapixel front facing camera, and it can capture. Pictures like this photos are a bit soft but still very usable heres an example of a portrait shot and its possible hello, guys heres, a video from the front facing camera of the infinix hot 10i, its shooting a 1080p 300 audio quality hows, the video and now Moving to the rear cameras, the 30 megapixel main camera takes decent photos. I really like the natural colors. It produces the second camera ever its just a qvga camera and it does kill vga things which honestly, nobody knows. Also. This smartphone can show time lapse. This red camera of the infinix hot 10 eye shifting in 1080p, which is the highest resolution. So what do you guys think about the video on ultra camera from this camera? Let me know in the comment section below now: pictures captured on this smartphone will look all right if you post it on instagram facebook or on your whatsapp starters, and if you want to check out how it looks on instagram.

Follow me on instagram. I posted a bunch of pictures using the infinix art 10i now moving to the battery department. Yes, the charging time of the infinix 10i. As i said earlier, it comes with a 6000 milliamps battery and that battery will last the entire day if youre, the type that worries about your battery life with this smartphone thats, not an issue now its sad but yes, the truth. The minimum wage in nigeria is 30 000 naira, and you have to stay for two months to buy this smartphone. This smartphone wont turn heads. It wont, get you that girls number, if you pull it out, but to allow you to use instagram to like up pictures.