I want to remind you to please like subscribe and if youve got something to say, then please do drop it in the comments box below so the world, isnt necessarily short on smartphone video kits. In fact, these things have boomed over the last few years. A lot promising to turn your smartphone very simply and easily into a very effective sort of mini video studio. So what sets the eye vlog for, apart from the rest and im pleased to say really quite a lot now, you do get a lot for your money and you get really quite a complete mini video kit going on here and everything clips very nicely either. With clips or shoe mounts all provided onto this very nicely built sturdy metal frame which goes onto an extendable, tripod theres, a lot of things which come with the ivlog 4, which dont necessarily come with your average external mic and tripod kit for one this led light, Which can be powered by usb with three different stages of light? Let me switch it on for you guys, um there you go the stage, one two and three gets really quite bright. Indeed, now, im used to using lights with diffusers, which are a bit kinder on the eyes, so i certainly found it a little bit glaring but in low light conditions, its a very effective way of lighting your source. Another thing im really pleased to see that uh movo have gone for on the ive, like 4 is provided this lapel mic system rather than going down the route of an external microphone.

Now, typically, i find, with external microphones, mounted either onto a tripod system like this or onto the top of a camera. You get the problem of being too far away from the source, so inevitably youre capturing too much background sound or capturing too much of the sound of the room, of course, with a lav mic system. Thats not the case. Your mics gon na be really close to source and, if youre, vlogging uh, which indeed the ivrog4, is aimed at then youre going to be getting a good quality of sound, which is incredibly important when making your youtube videos. The next thing that moveo have included in the pack of the eye vlog for is this rather handy clip on 18 millimeter, wide angle lens, which is really pretty cool. So if you need a wider shot than what your camera is providing, you simply click clip the lens uh over the top of the lens on your camera and youre gon na open up your camera angle, and for those of you who love taking selfies provided with The ivlog 4 from movo is also this one touch shutter control button, which pairs up very simply with your smartphone via bluetooth, enabling you to control the shutter from distance. Now the ivlog force framework is all mounted on the tripod, with this very easy to maneuver ball bracket, and once you tighten up, you can check. Youve got your shot exactly level by utilizing these two spirit levels which are featured on the smartphone clamp.

Okay, so im going to turn my lights off now my camera off my condenser mic off and my outboard gear im going to rely solely on my smartphone running through the 4. lets, go check it out. Okay, so now im using the ivlog 4 and im using that through the front camera of my motorola g10. So the first thing to say is im utilizing the built in led light system and its on the first level of lightness, and i got to tell you its making really big difference. So, typically in my setup, ive got two sets of lights, so thats going to mitigate some of the shadow issues, so thats one thing which you may get a little bit more with using just one light source. But let me show you the difference. With the light switched off so yeah, i think you can really see that that little led light that you can put on the shoe mount of the frame makes a really big difference on the i vlog for when presenting your videos, and this led light does have A number of different settings, this now being the brightest and, as you can see, it produces an abundance of light, its lighting up the source, uh superbly well, and making a really really big difference to your vlog video next on to the lav mic. So ive got the receiver mounted onto the frame and thats connected by trs to trrs into my motorola g10 smartphone ive got the transmitter connected to me with a uh belt.

Clip and weve got the microphone just here. I think you can already hear the improvements that you get from using a lav mic over using either the microphone thats built in on your smartphone or indeed an external mountable camera. That again may well be a bit too far from the source. I think lav mics are the way to go, is an inexpensive way to get some good pro sound, particularly when vlogging one thing i really want to mention to you guys is for me in particular using the motorola phone. I could not get sound from this microphone without using a separate app, which i had to download um. It does mention this briefly in the ivlog manual that, but it doesnt provide you with an app to download so im going to say to you guys, im using open camera, which is a free, app works very, very well with motorola. I suspect it works very well with most other android phones too, and the great thing about open camera is it allows you to uh, have an option where you can select the sources external microphone. This makes all the difference, then it will receive the lav mic with ease, or indeed any other mic – that youve got plugged into your headphone jack, okay. So next up, i want to show you this 18 millimeter wide angle lens, which is very, very easy to use. You literally just need to clip it over the lens that youre, using from your camera, and you cannotice all of a sudden weve got wide angle.

You can just see much much more of my room and that can be a really really handy thing to carry about. On your shoot, let me show you the difference. It makes im going to just unclip it from my phone and there we are were back into small angle mode there. You go really handy very useful little lens if you want a bit more from your shot. So movos i vlog four thats what it looks and sounds like so in summary, movos i vlog four now its worth saying for me working professionally, i like a piece of gear to do its job. If ive got some filming, i like to have a decent camera. If im doing lighting, i like to have a lighting rig and if i need to capture sound, i like to have some good mics and some good outboard too, but thats not really who or what the ivlog4 is aiming at. And typically, i find smartphone video kits to be well a bit fiddly and frustrating. But ive got to say to you guys. Mobas ivlog4 has really won me over if youre looking to get started into the world of vlogging, or indeed already in the world of locking and lagging on gear, or indeed space, then the ivlog 4 could be a great solution for you. The ivlog 4s pretty much got all of your bases covered and its very easy to use and get set up when setting up a lot of video gear can be a bit of a pain.

So there you go thats movos, i vlog for all the links to the olive vlog forum in the description below. I hope you enjoyed that video.