Today we are going to do an unboxing of this item we received from last Music saturday. Okay, so lets open the package whoa its in a bubble, wrap nice. So this is uh a freebie when you purchase this uh item. This is a freebie, its a purebus wireless bluetooth seller, so lets try to open its from jbl jbl and its yeah pretty cool. So this is what we have purchased from today. Music. This is the poco x3 jt okay. So this is what we have received from our order from lazada and its a says, class b and btc id and then what else outside the box with easy access to the google apps. You may use most okay, so we have eight gig ram and 256 uh rom stargaze black, okay, so um yeah lets open this one. All right lets see whats inside whether its a 5g phone 5g connectivity will vary based on local operator capabilities, and it seems like this is the newest one of the ive never used vocal phone before so lets. See. Okay, so whats in here right. The sim card pin focus stickers manuals safety information. I dont know everyone, doesnt read warranty card okay, so we have a warranty card right. So lets keep that one. This one is the usb type c to 3mm, headphone adapter, so lets keep it and a basic silicon case. So lets put this one aside. First, all right so here it is the poco x3 gt flagship, mediatek, uh 67w2 board charging 67 watts.

5. 000 milliamps high density battery 120 hertz dynamic, switch dot, display 6.6 inch screen high resolution 64 megapixels triple camera. Wow lets see whats underneath okay, the usb cable is a type c. I have a type c im not going to use this one then im just going to use the adapter adapter charging adapter and the charging cable thats it and lets see the phone now see whoa, damn so nice, so lets try to turn this one on. Is this a power on okay, pocophone android powered by android? If your old phone is an android nine point, something you cannot transfer all your apps and your device and your data from your old phone to your new phone so lets just uh, cancel that one and then lets start from a very new one. All right so were in so these are the default apps that are pre downloaded on the device. Well, you can see the response of the touchscreen. Damn. Oh, it already has pubg mobile poco store play, store, tick, tock. What youtube youtube music netflix have some free, downloaded games, amazon, Music, okay, so lets try to lock it and then lets try to turn on wow its really fast. Good luck all right! So one of the downside of this new poco x3 gt phone is that this does not have any headphone jack. Unlike on my old phone, it has an headphone jack, but for this phone it does not have, but luckily it comes with a usb type c to 3.

5 millimeter headphone jack adapter. All you need to do is to just slip it in and then put your headphone jack in this slot. The other downside of this phone is that this phone has a fixed memory holding about 256 gigabytes. This doesnt have any sd card slot, so meaning it is not expandable with an extra memory using a memory card or an sd card. All right so now were going to compare the resolution of the screen in terms of 4k videos Music. So this is how 4k videos on both of these phones – this volvo phone, has more contrast vibrance than the old nova. 3. I for nova, 3 Music. This is its a 64 megapixels ai, okay, so lets go outside and check. Some take some photos. Take some videos and see how it goes: Music, Music, do Music, Music, Music do so thats pretty much it about this quick, unboxing and review for this new pocophone x3 gt. I hope you appreciate the quick review and if you have any comments or suggestions or maybe questions about this phone, just drop it on the comment section below. Thank you for watching and you have a good day.