This smartphone sets a new bar for speed, packing the latest cutting edge technologies and swift 5g connectivity. Alongside a camera developed with sonys alpha camera engineers, the xperia one mark ii is the worlds very first smartphone, with up to 20 frames per second autofocus and auto exposure burst tracking as well. So you can capture the previously impossible. Youve got a 21×9 cinema wide 6.5 inch, 4k hdr oled display on there. So basically, you can watch absolutely everything in stunning cinema like quality, the xperia wall mark 2 will be available in black purple and white, its fully water resistant, and it features corn and gorilla glass, 6 on the front and the back blending intense durability, with sonys gorgeous Beautiful classic design work, the xperia 1 mark ii features 360 degree reality audio with unique hardware recording to optimize the sound quality. Whenever youre listening to music on tidal that true stereo speaker, setup, delivers powerful, balanced music with the 3.5 mil audio jack, the xperia 1 mark iis camera technology has been co, developed with sonys very clever. Alpha 9 engineers featuring a versatile, triple lens camera setup for the optimal lens combination. Youve got 16 millimeter, 24 mil and 70 mil, so youve got full versatility for the most demanding of professional photographers and those zeiss branded optics with the t court and helps to contribute to the exquisite rendering and contrast by reducing any pesky reflections. This is the worlds first smartphone with up to 20 frames per second autofocus and auto exposure tracking.

So you can burst shot like never before capturing hundreds of moments in seconds as the xperia one mark ii continuously calculates that auto focus and exposure up to 60 times per. Second, you get a photo pro ui on the device with real time autofocus for both humans and animals. Capturing perfect, portraits, even in fast movement and fast focus in low light and cinematography pro powered by cine alter, is a feature co developed with the expertise from sony. Digital cinema camera engineers for cinematographers, so you can record movies in 21 by 9 aspect, ratio, 4k hdr and look color management presets, as the professionals did, with intelligent wind filter award, winning audio separation technology from sony to reduce any wind interference for clearer audio recording and For any cinema lovers out there, you can enjoy the movies, just as the creators intended and experience a cinematic aspect get closer to the real movie experience with that 21×9 cinema wide 6.5 inch, 4k hdr oled display the xperia 1 mark ii features professional level color reproduction Through creator, mode powered by cinealta, inspired by master, monitor color reproduction from sonys professional technology used in ledent hollywood studio productions. Now you too can experience unprecedented color accuracy with that creator mode powered by cinealta to bring the content to life exactly as it was envisioned and with dolby atmos sound tuned in collaboration with sony, pitchers entertainment with those wired or wireless headphones or the true front. Stereo speakers watching a movie is an amazing experience with multi dimensional sound flown above and all around you for any music lovers.

You can listen to your music. The way that the creator is intended and really immerse yourself in that sound all around. With that 360 degree. Reality audio with unique hardware decoding to optimize the sound quality when youre listening to music on tidal you get acoustic tune and developed in collaboration with sony musics battery studio in new york, as well as improved high resolution. Audio separation on the 3.5 mil audio jack for better left and right channels. Now, for you, mobile gamers, the 21 9 cinema wide display gives an amazing unrestricted view and for more fun on the go. You can even connect your xperia 1 mark ii with a dualshock 4 controller and play your android games using it performance wise. The xperia 1 mark ii is built for speed with next generation. 5G connectivity youve also got qualcomms fresh new snapdragon, 865 5g mobile platform. The latest processor from them and a reliable battery life as well. So, as you can see, the sony xperia 1 mark ii is absolutely packed with cutting edge technology perfect for anyone who enjoys a bit of media streaming gaming, whatever you want to do on the go. The xperia one mark ii will be ready to pre order very soon, indeed so, to find out more or to order. It simply visit the sony website.