Lets open this guy up box looks like it was really beat up all right. So what comes inside the box? We have a little shipping. You know slip. There lets close that knife for safety reasons ooh, so they sent me the i v log 4 smartphone video kit. Oh, this is pretty interesting. Awesome. Look at this cool fancy! Fancy fancy alright! So lets open it up. Super self explanatory, so right here boom done, lets open it up. Awesome inside the box. You get your iv log 4 smartphone video kicked manual. This is a huge manual were going to go to the first page, because the first page actually tells us whats inside the case, so im gon na put this to the side awesome and they give us this beautiful nice little black case loving this. This is pretty awesome: nice little traveling size, cool, lets, open it up; bam, cool, put it to the side boom whoa. Look at that cool, cool cool cool, all right, so lets uh. Oh too many things going on right here. My brain cant process everything right now, so it looks like they gave us a wmx wireless microphone set. You got a transmitter and a receiver. This is the transmitter because it says it right here: wireless transmitter and then you have the wireless receiver very nice. So with that, you probably have microphones a bunch of cables right here were going to go over some of the cables or wheres the microphone.

Okay, so it looks like this is the clip for the microphone for the wireless. This is the clip for the wireless mic. You got a nice little uh windshield for the mic, and here goes yeah. This is the mic. This is the mic right here awesome. So you take one of these little windshields right here. Im gon na take one right now get out of here. Im gon na insert it bam. Look at that cool now. Next thing that we have is a 3.5 millimeter, two trs audio output cable. So it has to be one of these guys right here and the next cable that we have is a 3.5 millimeter, two trrs audio output cable. So it has to be one of these guys right here: uh they kind of label it saying smartphone to microphone. This one is not labeled at all. Now. The next thing inside the case is a spr5 smartphone cage pretty solid. Oh, this is a pretty solid guy cool. It also comes with a nice solid, tripod wow. This is pretty cool, thats awesome and you also have a tripod extension pole, so thats pretty awesome cool cool wow. We also have a smart phone lens wide angle: 18. Millimeters. Oh, this is pretty fancy i like this. This is really nice and the way that you hook this up on your phone is by using the clip. You got a nice little clip that you would put it on your phone, your iphone, and then you would just screw this guy, like so like this bam, clip it on your phone and then you have a wide angle lens for your iphone.

So this thats pretty cool. It also comes with the led panel light lets see if this guy is powered on. Oh look at that cool. At the back of it, you have a couple of settings to increase the lighting, wow thats, pretty bright cool, and one of the cables is a type c to usb. So you can actually plug this guy in thats. Pretty awesome its youre able to charge it up by usb, so im definitely going to use this for, like you know, when im on the road also comes with a rc 101 bluetooth, shutter remote. This guy right here looks like it is your tripod head. This is where you will insert your your phone allows you to extend it, so you could just slide your phone in and then just secure it. You take your tripod and just hook it up like that. So thats, like your tripod head for your phone thats, pretty cool nice, i like the fact that it has those bubble levels which allows me to kind of make sure its leveled out and straight before i hit the record button. That is always a plus. You have a strap dont know where the strap will go to im, assuming maybe to the case. You have a cleaning cloth, all right, so im going to get my iphone im going to hook it up with the 18 millimeter wide angle, lens uh hook it up to the tripod and see how it looks and uh yeah cool all right.

So i got my iphone bam. Im gon na hook up my iphone in a portrait mode, so we are going to take our tripod with our tripod head uh. There is a screw right here. If you just screw it or unscrew it i mean it will open it up, so it would allow me to just lets open it up a little bit more, actually just slide it from the top like this its too tight. So lets open it up a little bit more. There we go lets, see perfect, awesome cool so from there i am going to make sure screw it back its a little wobbly. So this guy right here should you know, make sure its nice and tight. So you dont want it too wobbly and make sure you take advantage of those levels. So let me take this guy out of here. Cool awesome. Look at that its pretty cool! This knob right here controls this cool all right, cool cool, beautiful now. Next thing that we need to do is hook up that 18 millimeter lens, which is this guy right here, nice, so uh how to approach this? What im going to do is im going to definitely take this cap out and im going to take the clip im going to screw this guy in awesome and then looks like a nice. You know little clip were going to locate the lens on the phone and we have to adjust it boom, thats it and, as always, make sure you take the cap off, because how funny is that? Cap off cool im, going to press a home key gon na open up this guy and it looks like its being blocked so thats, not good, so make sure you get it right there in the center.

Oh look how close that is. So this is how close it looks and then, if you take it off, and then you put it back on when you, when you put it back on, you got to really make sure that its on the lens to actually see it its. For me, it feels a little blurry and the reason why its blurry is because of this uh. So definitely a noob move. Make sure you take that plastic out of that thats. The reason why it was looking so blurry all right so lets take that plastic out of there. Yeah now lets put the lens back onto yeah. Now it looks much better. It looks clear, beautiful, loving that thats cool all right. So this is how it looks with the lens, and this is how it looks without the lens, what a difference right, super zoomed in next this actually just zooms it out cool, loving that awesome and thats it guys. Hopefully, you enjoyed this unboxing on movos iv. Log 4 smartphone video kit im definitely going to take it to the lab and test it out a lot more definitely going to test out the wireless transmitter and receiver for you guys and then come back and let you know the real deal of how this kit Works in real life, hopefully you enjoy and i catch you guys on the next one.