The company wants to keep it up with the poco x30 gt5g, starting at under 16 000 pesos. But the question is: is this the best value pack smartphone? You can get right now well lets all find out. First lets talk about the design. At first glance, the poco x3 gt looks like any other premium. Android smartphone its got a 6.6 inch display on the front with a hole punch at the top center for the 16 megapixel selfie camera. Just above it is the earpiece. The bezels are relatively thin with the bottom part being thicker than the rest for protection. It has corning gorilla, glass, victis for buttons and ports on the right side. We have the volume rocker and the power slash lock button that also doubles as a fingerprint scanner. These buttons are clicky, firm and easy to reach, since they are placed near the middle of the frame. On the left side, we have the card tray for two nano size, sim cards. Well, unfortunately, theres no support for micro sd cards here up top, we have the secondary microphone ir blaster and a loud speaker down at the bottom. We have the main microphone usb c port and another loudspeaker. Ah, yes, this device has stereo speakers flipping to its back and you will see the large protruding camera module and dual led flash. Our unit is in the stargaze black model and has the silver gradient with a mirror. Like finish at the top, then transitions into a darker shade at the bottom.

The bottom has sparkles that shimmers, depending on the angle of the lighting like stars in a night sky, it is an attractive design easily mirrored by the glass panels ability to attract smudges and fingerprints. There is a clear case included in the package to remedy that somehow and if you are worried about dust and splashes you dont have to, as it is ip53 certified, the poco x3 gt feels slim and its narrow, so its easy to handle in grip. It fills premium with its metallic frame and glass back with curved edges now for the display, the poco x3 gt is equipped with a 6.6 inch full hd plus screen, which equates to ‘9 ppi. So even with that screen size, it still looks sharp. It uses an ips panel, so colors look natural and bright. Viewing angles are decent, however, you will notice it dimming when tilted and viewed from more extreme angles. It is not a big downer, but it feels weird one of the things that users will like about. The poco x3 gt 5g display is the 120hz refresh rate, meaning youll get a smooth animation and transitions games and contents that use high refresh rates will look smooth as well. It also has a dynamic switch feature that automatically adjusts the refresh rate depending on the task. When it comes to the audio, the poco x3 gt5g uses a dual speaker setup, its loud with weak bass but crisp mids and highs its great for gaming.

Watching videos or casually listening to music and voice calls better use a bluetooth, speaker or wireless headphones to get a better experience on the plus side. It supports high res audio and toby atmos running on the software department is miui 12.5.2, based on android 11.. Its a very clean ui that feels almost stock but more colorful icons. Direct mode is also available if youre looking for that its got a pre installed apps outside the usual google and poco apps. Most of them are games that you probably havent, seen before theres also ikea, wii, lazada, linkedin and wps office, just to name a few powering. The boko x3 gt is a mediatek dimension, 1100, with mali, g77 gpu, 8 gigs of ram and up to 256 gigs of internal storage. The experience is great so far as it can handle all tasks we throw at it. Multitasking is smooth and didnt suffer lags or random crashes during our time with it, graphic intensive games are playable in their highest settings in 60. Frames per second, although not perfectly smooth, as we can expect some minor stutters for time to time, although not enough to seriously hinder gameplay. As for thermals, we can experience some warning at the back, but it didnt reach uncomfortable levels. You can even play on it for hours without the case on here are the benchmark scores that we got in case youre interested moving on to the cameras. The poco x30 gt5g is a versatile shooter with three rear cameras consisting of a 64 megapixel main eight megapixel.

Ultra wide and two megapixel macro, although theres no telephoto lens, you can digitally zoom up to 10x. Now, for selfies we have 16 megapixel shooter images produced with the rear and front cameras, are pretty good in accurate, colors natural skin tones plenty of details and has a wide dynamic range portrait mode also works. Well as it can create natural looking artificial bokeh. It can also handle dim conditions indoors, but not as crisp as compared to shots taken in bright environments. Night mode is effective in illuminating dark scenes, while preserving colors. Although sharpness suffers greatly for videos, you can record up to a maximum of 4k at 30 frames per. Second, video quality is similar to what were getting in photographs and has eis to smooth and shaky videos for battery. We have a large 5000m hour capacity with 67 watt turbo charging. We can easily get a day and a half mostly on wifi, with heavy social media. Browsing and light gaming on the side, our video loop test, which involves playing a 1080p video on loop airplane mode, turned on at 50. Brightness and volume yielded a result of 17 hours and 46 minutes of playback, which is not bad but were expecting more given. The large capacity charging, on the other hand, is fast, as it only takes an hour with the 67 watt charger included in the box. So the poco x3 gt5 g checks out everything we need for a smartphone. It has a nice and smooth display good performance for its class with cameras.

Plenty of ram and storage has a big battery with fast charging and is equipped with essential connectivity features, including 5g starting at 1580 pesos for the 8 gigs of ram and 128 gigs of internal storage, its one of the most affordable smartphones out there with this kind Of configuration – and you only have to spend 2 000 pesos more for the 8 gigs plus 256 gigs of internal storage version for 17, 890 pesos. So if you have a limited budget and want to get a phone with the features mentioned above, we highly recommend this phone. So what do you guys think about the poco x3 gt5g? Well, do let us know in the comment section below and if you enjoyed this video, be sure to drop a like subscribe to our channel for more content, hit the bell icon so to miss in the future uploads and be sure to visit for the latest Tech news and reviews this has been rel and ill catch.