I dont want to say one year review because i mean if yall followed my videos for the last year. You knew that i used to have a mystic gray and now ive got this mystics bronze guy mystic bronze. So i had it like 10 months. I got mine on launch day. The problem being is that well the last one kind of messed up and i had to send it in for repairs and then it disappeared in the hands of samsung and well talk about that in this video. But i used the z flip 5g ive told everybody. This is my most favorite phone of this last year and i like it, i like it a lot. There are some pros. There are some cons, theres some trade offs theres, some great benefits that you get to. Having it, it costs a lot of money, but its a really cool phone and yeah. I want to talk about it because its been out for a year and of course, 2020, has gone by like its like its gone 2021. Now, halfway through it and yeah were going to talk about it because its very important now, since the new z, flip 3 is right on the horizon a couple days from now, if youre watching this, you know today when it comes out on the on the 9th Of august so were going to dive in take a look at it, my thoughts and impressions on it after being out for a year and all that jazz and before we get into that, though, i do want to say if this is your first time stopping by The channel – thank you for being here if you enjoyed the video, please hit the like and the subscribe button and the little notification bell.

If you want updates when new videos come out, lets talk about the z, flip 5g. So theres probably three reasons youre watching this video one, because you want the z, flip 5g and you dont want to spend all the money on the new one and youre hoping to catch a good sale. Two youre interested in getting the z flip 3. But you kind of want to get some information on the z flip 5g and see how its held up over the last year before you consider buying the new one and three youre, probably just a general tech, enthusiast or youd like to watch my videos. And hopefully this will be entertaining for you, and hopefully it will be informative and educational for all three groups of people, this one right here, the z flip 5g. I like it a lot. There are pros and cons with this device. This isnt one of those ones where its like hey this is the iphone 12 pro max or hey. This is the z fold 2 or hey. This is the samsung galaxy s21 ultra. It has all the bells and whistles it has the best cameras, the best battery life, this camera. This phone basically has mostly not the best of anything. It has very good in most categories too good and, most importantly, the cameras. The cameras on here are okay. You can take decent pictures, especially if youve got good lighting. Theyve got two 12 megapixel cameras on the outside a wide angle and a regular primary camera, and then on the inside youve got a 10 megapixel selfie camera.

They are adequate. They are okay, its not like the s21 ultra that has phenomenal cameras its not like the iphone 12 pro max. That has phenomenal cameras. Can you shoot 4k video 30 frames per second on the front? The back? Yes, can you do slow mo video? Yes, can you do 4k 60 with the primary camera? Yes, can you take portrait mode shots, yes on the front and the back, and you can do portrait video, which is really cool. So if you want a okay camera, that does a lot of things, then youre going to be perfectly fine. Just dont dont go into the thinking, youre going to be shooting like super high quality, video and picture youre not going to and youll be disappointed. If you just want to take good quality photos and share them on your instagram and your twitter and have them for your personal reference share with people its going to do all that youll likely be happy with it. When it comes to the battery life. Thats. Probably disappointment area number one with this phone it has a 3300mah battery. Things have changed like the game has changed since this, since this phone came out when we had one ui what 2.1, when this first came out, it was better like the battery life was better one. Ui 3.1 has destroyed batteries on the ultra. On the note on the flip, like anything, i put one ui 3.1 on its like that meme.

When you talk about like the lion king, you see mufasa and you see simba and he says it that area over there like everything. The light touches is yours, but what about the dark arrow there we dont ever go there simba thats one ui 3.1 in battery life. It has destroyed battery life on so many samsung phones, all the ones that i have my battery life and my fold two has got worse. My battery life on my ultras got worse. My battery life on my z, flip 5g, has gotten worse thats. Just my experience. Maybe your experience has been better. That has been mine, 3300 ml amp battery. Just so you folks know this has a snapdragon 865 plus in it as the system on a chip, the processor very, very powerful, last years flagship chip. When i first got this phone, i was getting about four and a half hours of screen on time on a good day on a bad day, yeah, maybe about four hours like by the time i got to about 10 to 15 battery. I did this the other day at 29 battery left. I had two hours and 45 minutes of screen on time. This sucker was almost dead by four oclock in the afternoon and it wasnt even a heavy day of usage. So i had thought – and i told somebody because ive got my motorola razer 5g right here, which i like a lot 2800 milliamp battery, and i had told people that i expected it to have better battery life.

But then i was like you know what its not getting that great battery life. So going off of my memory from my z, flip 5g, i was like well, i used to get about four and a half on that and im getting about three and a half on this three hours and 45 minutes. So apparently, the z, flip 5g is better and now that im using this since ive got my second one with the newer ui update. My motorola razer is actually getting better battery life and so battery life on here is not phenomenal. If youre a average normal person that doesnt use your phone for six hours of screen on time in one day and one charge, youre probably going to be okay, if you just use your phone casually, like most normal people, do and youre, not a phone addict. Like me, you might be: okay, itll probably get you from sun up in the morning till sun down, and i think thats. Okay, i mean for what youre getting out of this phone sun up to sun down is probably going to be okay for most people. If you need a phone that goes from 6 am until 10 pm on one charge, if youre actually using it. This is not it. This is then no its. Not at all speakers. The speaker on here is actually pretty good. I wish it had two speakers, but then theres the problem were talking about battery life.

It just aint good. So if you add other things on here, like oh, a second speaker to power from the same battery, youre gon na decrease your battery life, the one thats on here is adequate and then whats nice is whenever youre like listening to stuff, and you close it just Having the one on here, it works very good, so theyve compensated and put a really good single speaker on here. I dont generally have complaints about the sound, so i dont want it to sound that way. It does have good sound. It doesnt have a headphone jack. If you care about that, i dont particularly it does have the folding display. Now the folding display on here i find is largely okay. I didnt really even have problems with it. Even when mine was like eight and a half nine months old. Before i sent it off to get repaired, what happened to mine? There was actually a problem underneath the screen itself here at the hinge, and it was making this weird popping noise and i sent it in to samsung theyre like we dont, know whats wrong with it and they sent it back and im like. How could you not figure out whats wrong with it? I told you so then i recorded a video of it. I posted it online. I sent them the youtube link. I wrote out exactly whats happening on a piece of paper, told them over the phone again sent it in the next day.

They say, theyre sending it back because they cant figure out whats wrong with them. Like i sent you a video link like just click it, it tells you whats wrong, they didnt do it apparently, and then they they said they were sending it back. I waited three weeks i didnt get any update. My phone didnt show up no nothing. I probably should have called before then, but i was like whatever i got mo. I got a lot of things going on right now. Then i finally call and theyre like uh yeah. We were just gon na. Send you a replacement im like okay call me to get a new one. I love the phone thanks, send me a replacement, oh, like another. Seven to ten days go by, they call me and say hey, so we dont have any replacements to give you so were just gon na mail. You a check hows that sound, so they sent me a check for 1299, which is now the msrp of the phone. So i didnt get the 1449 plus tax back and it really irked me because they werent sending me 12.99 plus tax. They were just sending me 12.99, so they still ripped me off. I was still not happy about that, but whatever so i cashed the check. I didnt buy another one because im like well, the new z, flip 3 is coming out soon, and then i got the razer 5g and then im like its getting really close like i really want to compare both of them.

I want to make content for you guys, so i i bought another one. I got this one for like 700, something brand new sealed in the box on team on ebay, and i felt pretty pretty good about that because im going to trade, this in probably get about 700 800 trade in value. When i get the z flip 3 ill. Be able to make my coverage for the new one life will be good, itll, basically pay for itself. It go towards the z flip 3. I was going to buy anyway, so no harm no foul. As far as durability. I think its a very durable phone put a case on it, this one right here and im so glad i did. I got this new well new. I got a rinky slim case and put it on here, and this is the same thing i had on my previous z. Flip 5g has saved my butt so many times ive dropped this sucker like bad. I dropped it. It fell off my lap, it hit the metal pole on my desk. I dropped it in between my bed. It hit the middle bed frame. Had i not had this case on it, this phone would be messed up, so spend the 20 get this case. It wont scratch it up its very, very good and its held up for a long time. This is just my second one, because i got a new phone easy to take on and off.

If you dont use the little strip things that like stick it to it, i cant really do that, because im always like constantly doing stuff with this phone for review purposes, so it is held up well put a case on it, even without putting a case on It its held up. Well, you get this nice frosted, matte, mystic bronze on here. It looks great, it feels good, it doesnt really show fingerprints, and then you get the glossy finish on the back. There theres no water rating theres, no impact resistant mill, standard drop protection rating. None of that jazz. You get this secondary screen on the outside. That is just a major cop out. You can use it actually as a viewfinder, which is crazy. You can use it if you can see it, you can take pictures with the primary and the wide angle camera its okay. They do look better than the selfie camera. The selfie camera is like probably the worst on here like out of all the cameras. The selfie camera is not that good. Also be aware, you will get oils on here all the time and it will like smudge it up and then sometimes your pictures will look extra potatoey so make sure you clean that off before you take pictures but yeah the the exterior camera, the viewfinder thats neat. You get like a little notification scroller. If you get a text message or a notification, you can see that its fine, usually it turns off before you can even read the actual meat and potatoes of it anyway, but i love the form factor.

I love this whole compact thing you get to like fold it in half and, of course you can open it up. You can answer phone calls. You can close it. You can hang up that way, its really nice. You get that old, nice. The nice nostalgic feeling, if you used to use flip phones all the time and yeah largely i mean i i do like it – 256 gigs of storage. I think its perfectly adequate theres, no sd card storage. You cant upgrade it its, not 64., its not 128. I think 256 is pretty fair and then you also have eight gigs of ram. I think thats good, i think its very complimentary power and performance wise. This is a very, very good phone, its basically the same as the note 20 ultra, except in a compact form, factor 6.7 inch screen, hdr plus 10 plus content, hdr 10 content and its a pretty nice amoled display its not like bad quality. Its very very good quality samsung makes really nice beautiful, vibrant high contrast displays. You can see it well out in the sun if you turn the brightness up and as far as using it, it has their ultra thin glass on here and i believe, its ultra thin. I believe its ultra thin glass version two, its supposedly its basically like it still feels like plastic, like it doesnt feel like a glass screen, because its super super thin, and they found a way to make this where they like cut it like super super thin.

So it its pliable like plastic, it basically feels like plastic and so be careful with it. It does have the screen protector on here whenever it, whenever you take it out of the box, if you buy one brand new, you can take it off. They recommend having a samsung like experienced professional, do it for you and then replacing another one. You dont want to mess up the screen, ive not had any problems with mine. I took mine off personally after about like six months, because this thing gets super super dingy and you can see it just collects oils and resins and dirt and everything its it feels disgusting after a couple of months. So i clean it all the time after about six months, like i had it, it was really degrading the experience now. As far as the performance data usage, one ui is the best that samsungs ever done its got one ui 3.1. They are always continuing to upgrade it. You get like monthly security updates, its supported for like what three years now, i think not even before i think its three years of operating system updates and four years of security patches now i dont think, were quite to five. Yet dont quote me on that, but i dont really have any concerns about it. The biggest concern i had when it first came out was, of course, durability. Largely i think it held up well in the first year, of course, if you bought it, you got the one screen replacement for 150 dollars if you needed that done, and if you dont its like, if you dont use the insurance its like almost 900 to get The screen replaced so definitely any foldable.

I recommend getting insurance its cool because the new z flip 3, if you do the reserve and the pre order, i got a link down in the description there. You can do that. They give you a year of insurance when you get the new z flip 3, which i think really really is nice, but this one. If you buy one brand new before december 31st of this year, you get a one year warranty on the screen where, if something happens with it, where you damage it, not a manufacturer defect, theyll replace it for 150 dollars the screen that is thats a good deal. I know i think its about it. Ive talked about sound battery camera durability, user experience uh, oh also, you get flex mode. So if you like, you can do this, i mean you can put it in all sorts of different positions. One favorite thing i like is like putting it down on my nightstand and watching it when im going to sleep at night, its like having my own personal, mini tv and then just for illustration purposes. Let me pull up youtube just so you can see so flex mode. What it does is it splits the screen evenly and its not like it puts the entire video up top so that way, whenever youre watching stuff its not like cut halfway in the middle, puts the comments on the section on the bottom and then youve got the Video up top it works out pretty well, and here well just pop it on this real quick.

So you can see right there. You got the comments on the bottom. You got the video on top. Only certain apps support this its not for everything. I really really really would have liked to have seen better implementation of this. It never really got better from the day that it came out. So not a whole lot actually supports it. If it does its actually nice, we never got decks on here. No decks! No wireless decks. I think that thats purely because of a battery perspective because they put it on the tab s6 light which is severely underpowered compared to this. They put it on the tab. S6. If all that other stuff has inferior hardware and has decks, then why wouldnt they put it on here this i dont believe they envision you using as a desktop replacement as a multitasking tool. It doesnt have the battery to support all that. It doesnt even have a second speaker for petes sake, so a lot of people are irritated about it. I can imagine it would last about two hours like i dont see it lasting very long if they did put it on there i mean, i guess, yeah its your option like go for it im, hoping they put it on the z flip three i dont get Me start on that. I dont want to get in that too much yet theyre, saying from everything ive seen its going to have the same 3300 milliamp battery with a more powerful processor and a faster refresh rate on the screen, which tells me im gon na get two hours and 15 Minutes of screen on time, like ive, got serious concerns about the z flip 3 coming up, especially when it comes to battery life.

But overall i love this phone, its been so nice. I love having this nice small compact form factor its great. I carry a lot of stuff in my pockets all the time. Let me put my case back on here, its very easy to put the case on these by the way you just pop it on there kind of locks into place, youre good to go and it protects it very well, so i guess thats it guys. One year later, i think its a solid phone. If youre worried about it, get the insurance, i think its held up well enough. I dont think that the problem with mine, i dont, think it was a durability issue. I think that it was just some sort of weird manufacturer defect and yeah thats. Okay, things happen, especially as much as i use and abuse phones. I ended up the process worked and its worked well with my z fold two. It had like a line that went through the screen after about nine months. I got it replaced in like three days. The premier concierge service is very, very good. These people are helpful and you can access it seven days a week, 365 youre covered and they will send you like a next day, shipping label to your email as soon like, while youre on the phone with them theyre very good. So i dont really have a lot of concerns. The price it is very expensive. Its only dropped msrp from 1449 to 12.

99 over the course of a year, but samsung has a like ridiculous trade in deals. Even now you can get one amazon renewed for like 700 bucks you can find them used all over the place for like six hundred dollars now, so the market on the resale side is much better than still buying it from samsung. But of course you get the best with the warranty and the insurance and the stuff from samsung, but if youre gon na pay that much money just get the z flip three theyre saying its going to have a larger screen on the outside. Hopefully something similar to this guy right here, the motorola razer 5g, and this right here i assure you – is much better than this tiny screen right here and thats. One of the reasons i love the razer 5g. So much now thats. All i got if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them down in the comment. Section ill get back with you. If you enjoy the video – and i hope you did please hit the like – and the subscribe button and little notification bell.