Okay, so title infinix note: 10 pro this is the infinix smartphone that i really think you should be buying okay, smartphones from infinix now worth it. But this phone cassette has some interesting specifications for a very low price point: katuladnang media tech, leo g90 processor, 8, gig of yam 6.95 inch of full hd plus display, with, of course, a 90 hertz of screen refresh rate that is priced at 9490 pesos. Originally, the price is 9990 pesos, but since marantine early bird, the price 500 pesos wow 500 pesos olet, yo mali lesnatan for the lower oriented sex gig of ram – and this will be this august, 12 and 15.. Okay, so august 12 and 15, 15. 500 pesos, which is not bad, guess, guys: wireless earphones, Music. It really is quite a looker with powerful internals, especially focused in gaming. It seems like at a telega young phone, nothing from the brand infinix, no budget phones or entry level smartphones in the past, originally im. So, yes, it is still a refreshing change for infinix made of plastic, even young free, matte and detos infinix. Note 10 pro at ameri doesnt finish at the rear. Quite like what weve been seeing from the recent smartphones, i mean scale thought at first parashan sticker its some sort of design, parallel cameras, 64 megapixels, also in terms of sizing smartphones, and it really is a phone that is not capable to use guys. Nang is infinix. Note 10 pro, so yes, it really is one of the tallest smartphones smartphones.

So, overall guys, some build quality for me is excellent, even if it is not as dense, sleek or metal as compared to other popular higher end smartphones, jungle, guys and glossy plastic magnetic tracks. Fingerprints and scratches more often than not to mention infinix no 10, pro exclusive, lazada, okay, so ill be putting the lazada link down below official um infinix nalas model. Now, what about connectivity management, usb c port and, of course, some important among a budget phone statin ion 3.5 millimeter audio jack now on the right part: naman nanite, atting, fingerprint power button chaperone for this phone, my infinix note and probably problem responsiveness. Most of the time, young must prefer again, as secured unlike fingerprint sensors now for the sim tray for glte and expandable via microsd card 5g, ready smartphone, because in the comment section below Music. Now, what about the display? Again? Unlocking display nut and from the infinix note? 10 pro, which is already given from the infinix note series marination, nearly seven inch display and meron 1080p resolution and capable of 90 hertz of refresh rate, unlike the 720p display, nanakuana tensa ibapang budget smartphones and in fairness and sahaja yogi display response times are also better Than expected, considering low price points, limited maximum brightness, even under studio lights, guys major struggles, brightness maximum brightness, i bought num up to 480 minutes, so yes expect an amazon, mustang quality on adding smartphone, especially outdoors now at the top center of the display.

Nutty thing i think the camera hole for selfies accompanying the camera on the front is a front facing flash that is placed next to on sahana earpiece. Guys 90 minutes is a flash when you use, of course, the front camera now lets talk about the performance, which is young center nismo young center in a nothing smartphone again, it is focused on gaming. The smartphone is powered by the mediatek helio g90t soc, which is again guys. This chipset is considered really great for gaming, its not new previews gaming budget smartphones that weve seen. However, young highlight casino infinix. Note 10 pro is the mediatek helio g90 paired with an 8 gig of ram, which will definitely help and enhance the performance of the phone. Okay, guys so ive used the phone for a couple of days and mostly at the human basic stuff, and during my time with the infinix note, 10 pro so far, i didnt face any lag in performance. I could definitely switch from one application to another easily and did not even notice the phone to slow down. Katholana is a demanding game, guys naganshan impact. It will run sharply on the default medium settings when battling enemies in the open world. So lowering your settings, not in guys, will reduce the stuttering while improving frame rates to 30 to 40 fps range, actually matassen against corona and total mass matas pakistan in the past, that is priced below 10 000 pesos. Its also good guys to see that the helio g90t supports hd, graphics, a pubg and the young xos 7.

6 has built in dark link ultimate gaming booster guys and plays a vital, vital role in smoothening, every pro games, catalog asphalt, 9 pubg and, of course, shin. So, yes, guys young arse long ender gaming sessions nathan, it never gave me a reason to question young kanyon processing ability, however, guys expecting nanami kante heating issue or mobility smartphone, but yeah it does feel quite uncomfortable, guys, Music. Now, while gaming, of course guys sound experience, infinix provided a dual speaker, which is good for a budget smartphone that is priced at this point me continuing you guys mentioning the best talagana mala stereo speakers, while watching or even gaming, Music Applause, Music budget phone, which is The infinix hot 10 s, we all know the man guys being hot, but still guys. I still find it better. Earphones are infinix no 10 pro la luna or immersive sound quality Music. It also has the latest xos based on android 11., now anio mangabago. Well, actually, we still have usual when we go to the drop down notification: anita youre, adding wi, fi mobile data, bluetooth, vibrate, flashlight, switch data, sim card airplane mode, ultra power mode, auto rotate, dark theme, screenshot peak proof, one handed mode me: whats up mode: entire screen. Recording screen cast game mode test, alert and live. Transcribe live transcribe, so being helpful, especially recorded. You are taking down in notes also when we go to settings tapas pop on the tios display screen refresh rate gladly marine time.

Auto switch refresh rate ultra touch now: smartphones, young swipes too fast, ultra fast and normal and motion speed, demand too fast or normal me. Infinix note 10 pro that will enable us to put a lock, especially on certain applications: budget phones, Music parasite battery and charging capability in an infinix node 10 pro marine atom, 5 000 milliamp hour of battery capacity and 33 watt x charge technology. This time in improved knee infinix in charging spinning, while maintaining young, reasonable prices well according to infinix hanging 50 minutes fully charged device, but in real world review guys 56 minutes bagon, i mentioned a full charge, which is still not bad. I do think it is a well balanced combination, maganda more than enough from 5 000 milliamp hours in a bayon final fast charging, which is actually very impressive for its price. So yes, indiana manila. Tayyip is a point on this part Music. Now for the camera application itself same infinix, uh format or ui parentheman guys, so your interface major familiar numbers, smartphone options: 64 megapixels in primary camera, 8 megapixels, now ultra wide at 2 megapixels. Now, black and white lens at 2, megapixel now portrait lens and then front camera and amanda is 16 megapixels. It was able to manage to capture detailed images during daytime enemies, oversaturated so kumbhaka. They were sharp and crispy. The phone comes with 10 times zoom capability, which managed guys to make up a capturing among detailed images as well during daytime now talking about the ulta wide camera guys, it was okay in good lighting conditions, but i cannot say the same when it comes to low Light performance now, when it comes to low light images, impressive photos, it will capture, grainy and means and over saturated images, dedicated super night mode, but make sure you guys is detailed and crispy as well in daylight.

We do have a flash namaganda man guys when it comes especially at night highlights. So. Yes, if you dont, want unwanted lights on your face, i suggest better to have a dedicated lights now for the video mode. Again, we mentioned kanina grisna, both capable of 4k and front and rear honestly magandang attend quality and 4k Music Applause Music mobile market right now previously guys, we really have to pay thousands of pesos just to have a 90 hertz of refresh rate 1080p display now capable And 180 touch sampling rate now so are only reserved. Two are mid range devices priced at fifteen to twenty thousand pesos. So yes guys, i really do suspect what about me suspect among the future models infinix. They will start to incorporate more features now missing. A present smartphones like, for example, 5g connectivity, however, just like any other smartphones miranda compromise 90, not in my ios and just like having a really large display. That is, of course, not a compromise to some, but a compromise to some people so yeah.