This is the iq z3. So in this video im going to give you all the good and bad about this phone so that you can decide whether to buy it or not, considering there are a lot of other capable options in the price segment. This phone caters to hello, everyone amania for mr phone and before we begin smash the like button subscribe, if you havent already and turn on the bell so that you dont miss any of our latest videos. Music. No doubt the iku z3 is a good looking smartphone and very slim and like for a phone that is reasonably broad and comes with a large 6.6 inch panel. Exactly speaking, this is a 6.58 inch or full hd, plus ips lcd display featuring a dew drop notch. It refreshes at 120 hertz supports hdr10 and gets plenty bright. As a matter of fact, i absolutely loved the display quality. The ips panel ensures that whatever youre looking at beat videos or games, everything looks gorgeous, and i think this is one of the best lcd panels around that you can find on a phone for under 25 000 rupees. Now, as i just mentioned, hdr10 is supported here and while i could easily watch hdr content on youtube, i wasnt able to do the same on netflix, so one more phone having the same hdr support issue with netflix, which ive seen in some recent mid range phones. As well and of course, this is something that netflix needs to fix, since the hardware does support the feature anyway, i briefly touched on the fact that this is a good looking.

Smartphone now lets continue with that so yeah. This phone features plastic construction – that is a plastic frame and a plastic rear panel. But despite that, the build quality is solid and the phone looks and feels good. The attention to detail, be it on the side or with the curves, at the rear, or with the counters or with the ring around the camera lens. This phone scores high on looks, although i really wish this ace. Black color had also got the same matte treatment at the rear, just like the cyber blue variant, because, while this shade looks very classy without a doubt, it also gets smudged pretty easily because of its glossy nature. This reminds me that its good to have pandecking glass at the front for protection, but having no oleophobic coating, results in hard to wipe off smudges. But apart from this minor corn, as i said, this phone scores, a high on looks and even the display quality is superb, and besides this, the ico, z3 features. A lot of other plus points lets continue. You are getting a headphone jack, which is good to see the power button doubles up as a physical fingerprint reader, which is fast and accurate, and definitely better than the optical in display solutions. Youre also getting expandable storage to up to one terabyte via the hybrid sim slots. Again many of its competitors dont offer this feature, and this phone also gets extended ram a feature made popular from the vivo x60 coming to the hardware.

This is the first smartphone to feature the snapdragon 768g soc, which is the successor to the snapdragon 765 g, and it turned out to be a solid, mid range chipset more about this in the performance section. As for the variants, you get three of them. The details are on your screens right now. In terms of software, you are getting funta choice: 11.1 global based on android, 11. general performance on this phone has been top notch. As a matter of fact, the phone is actually a solid all around performer basic tasks such as checking social media, watching videos, emails and stuff are handled with ease. Puntaj is also very efficient when it comes to ram management, no complaints, there, animations and transitions were buttery, smooth, opening and closing apps were fast, and it was really that i found the phone stuttering or lagging. Of course, there was a tiny amount of bloatware which, by the way you can disable or some of them you can even uninstall. The good thing is that i did not encounter any ads or spam notifications, even when it comes to playing graphics. Intensive games such as bjmi or call of duty mobile, i was experiencing up to 60 fps performance with both titles and im, also talking in regard to sustained gameplay here, so the chipset can very well handle the load. I have no doubt about that. Finally, for folks interested in benchmarks heres how the numbers look in antutu, geekbench and and revenge in terms of call quality, no issues were faced.

Callers on the other end sounded loud and natural and clear on the phones. Earpiece network reception was also solid. You are getting carried aggregation on this phone. Two 5g bands support could have been better and finally youre. Also getting a native call recorder, which is a plus okay battery life once again, a solid, showing youre getting a 4400 mah battery that can easily. Last you a day and a half with medium to heavy usage, i mean i was easily getting about six to seven hours of screen on time constantly the charging times were also very fast youre getting a 66 watt charger, while the speeds are capped at 55 watts. Weirdly but nonetheless, it takes about 30 minutes to go from 0 to 60, while a full charge takes about 60 minutes. Lets talk about the camera now at the rear, youre getting three lenses: a 64 megapixel main and 8 megapixel ultra wide and a 2 megapixel macro at the front, theres a 16 megapixel lens for selfies in good light. The main camera of the iq z3 managed to click crisp photos with good color, reproduction and excellent dynamic range. Of course, these photos are not as punchy and vibrant as say as the photos clicked from a real me x7, but i guess the z3 takes good overall photos and you can expect the color tone to be right in between close to accurate and saturated. However, i was able to spot it that the camera does struggle to properly expose the shadows in certain scenarios, and this is even when the lighting was good.

Even the ultra wide angle lens does click fairly decent photos, but, of course, since the sensor is small, dont expect much when it comes to details in the output. As for selfies overall, i would say the iku z3 does a good job. Skin tones are handled well. Details were decent, however, theres definitely scope for improvement when it comes to the overall exposure photos taken in dim lighting turned out just fine nothing great here, although the good part is that, even after turning on night mode, the ico z3 never tried to overdo the exposure. In a particular scene, although the details in photos were soft, admittedly, as for video recording, the iko z3 can do up to 4k 60fps videos, and this right now is the 4k 30fps sample youre. Looking at and surprisingly, not only do the colors look good in the output, but just look at the stabilization guys who would say this is electronic image stabilization on a 23 000 rupees smartphone solid job, even with 1080p 60fps videos, no complaints. Once again, the iq z3 is very good in its price segment when it comes to video recording – and i would specifically advocate for its eis performance. Finally heres a selfie sample front facing video sample being shot on the iq z3. This is the 1080p 30fps sample. This is the max this phone can do and quickly showing you uh. How does the quality look like when you shoot against the light, so right now im directly shooting against the sun? This is what you can expect in terms of hdr performance.

Okay, moving on uh in terms of stabilization. Well, you know i dont think there is any stabilization because i can make out the jerks and the footage as im walking. So no stabilization. Unfortunately, sadly – and let me know what you think about the audio quality, how does my uh? How do i sound so last time i checked when i was comparing this phone against the real me excellent. The audio was definitely better on the ikoo z3, but right now its quite windy. So let me know what uh let me know, how does my audio sound and apart from that? This is what you can expect in terms of overall quality. This is how uh the ipo z3 fares when it comes to video recording from the front camera. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Cheers. Okay, theres! Absolutely! No doubt that this phone is a good all rounder, just like its costlier sibling, the iq7. I mean not only this phone impressed me with its general performance, but it also backed the words of its manufacturer for being a solid, mid ranger, not to mention this phone. Does a fabulous job when it comes to thermal management? The camera performance was also decent for that matter, especially video recording. At this point, the only cons i could think of is no oleophobic coating if that counts, and the average camera performance in dim lighting. But apart from that, iq z3 gets a huge thumbs up and a solid recommendation from my site.

Earlier this year it was the ico 7, a phone that costs around 30 000 rupees. It impressed me a lot, and now it is the aiku z3, which continues on the legacy and offers a great proposition for all those people looking to buy a new smartphone for about 20 to 23 000 rupees hit the like button. If you agree with me and share all your thoughts about this smartphone in the comments below, as always for all the latest in tech, stay tuned to mr phone ill catch, you all in the next one.