Then ulefone offers a fantastic choice. Now, on the surface, its pretty well presented and its time to pick the phone out and my first impression is wow. This phone is hefty and very massive, but the screen is relatively standard in size and measures only 6.81 inches. The screen type is full hd with a resolution of 2400 by 1080 pixels. The phones display is protected by temporary glass, which is a nice touch. Okay, leaving the smartphone behind for few seconds to continue our unboxing and within the package. Well, get this instruction manual, temporary glass screen, protector, warranty, etc, while down there we get this fast charger on 33 watts, with type c port eye, catching type c: cable in red, color, usb to type c extender and type c to usb cable, and that was unboxing. Now lets take a look at this smartphone itself and do i need to mention again that this phone is massive and weighty to compare. Take a look at my iphone c and the ulefone armor 13., leaving the comment section empty feel free to drop the comments. Ulefone armor 13 features a bunch of stuff. I want to mention that this one is built with an infrared distance measurement tool to measure the distance without the tape measurement. There is a dual sim card slot, with a tv port where you can insert two sim cards or one sim card and one tv card, and you might be wondering what this thing does well, those pins for flexible endoscopes.

I can show you how it works so connect them here and explore the places where you can insert this thing its up to your imagination, but i bought this rc car but keep in mind. This endoscope is not included in the package and if you need them, you will need to purchase them separately down. There is a place for headphone jack and type c charger at the back. We got this speaker placement and, of course, this quad camera with flashlight. The main one is 48 megapixel and the rest for macro and wide angles. I want to say that this phones, main features are ragged durability and some extra utility extension tools, but there is more to cover first, the battery capacity, which is 13 1200 milli, ampere thats. A three times more power for the phones in this price range. Second, eight gigabytes of ram yep. You heard me right this one equip it with eight gigabytes of ram, so your multitasking, your gaming, will be much more smoother plus here.