This phone projector can easily realize the smartphone connection with multiple interfaces. This mini room projector can be easily connected with laptops, smartphones tablets, amazon, fire tv stick, roku usb drives xbox one to enjoy big games when connecting with the phone. An extra hdmi adapter is needed not included in the package superior watching experience supporting 1920x 1080 resolution crenova xpe 500 mini room projector authentic 4500 lumen brightness and 3000. Colon 1 contrast ratio which brilliant big screen visual experience accessible. You will enjoy happy home theater time with your family in both indoor or outdoor time. Amazing, big screen projection, the mini, led projector provides a watching size from thirty three two hundred with a viewing distance between three point. Seven nineteen point: seven feet the best viewing distance of seven feet is strongly recommended to bring an excellent spectating experience. Music mini projector, top vision, 5500 lux outdoor movie projector full hd 1080p supported portable bluetooth, projector compatible with firestick hdmi vga, usb av laptop ps4. So many people would like to transpose their smartphone screen to the projector for a large format. Viewing experience by using ou mini video projector. You no longer need to order the expensive hdmi adapters due to copyright issues. We recommend you to connect via connect a laptop fire tv, stick roku or chromecast to get a better experience when watching movies. On netflix prime video hulu 5500 lux led video projector. This led projector has upgraded to 5500 lux brighter than other 4000 lux lead projectors.

The projector 1920x1080p supported and 3000 one contrast which can bring you ultimate outdoor home, theater movie, joy, hi, fi, stereo speakers and advanced circulation cooling system. This overhead projector has three w hi fi stereo speakers with srs sound system which you can get the superior sound experience. Our video projector adopts temperature control technology and team of two independent, intelligent speed control fans which adjust the speed according to the temperature in real time it minimize the power consumption and extend the lamp life up to at eighty thousand hours. Music power, l12 mini projector. 176. 3000 l led movie projector home theater video projector, with hdmi cable support, 1080p, slash, usb, slash, vga, slash av, slash tv, slash, laptop slash phone brighter sharper and bigger minus seventy percent brighter and 50 percent sharper image than other comparable mini projectors on the market, 1080p projection Gets you a screen size between 32 to 176 inches 81 to 440 centimeters with a projection distance of 5 to 16 feet? 1. 5. 5 m, with the sweet spot at right about 6 feet. 1. 8. 2 m large screen size, 1080p projector, meaning you can enjoy your favorite movies on a screen size of between 32 to 176 inches with a projection distance of one 5, 5 m, an optimum distance of one eight to two zero msa super clear and bright image: powerful Connectivity connect with laptops usb drives dvd players, fire tv sticks and xbox when combined a wi, fi display, dongle or hdmi adapter enjoy wireless connections with phones, computers or tablets.

Sleek, stealthy and durable weve improved our cooling fan, design to run quieter and cooler than ever and our led lamp nets.