It also feels very premium yeah and this time around. In this video and by gosh, im gon na expect a napa, impressive mobilization, processor, denman, city 800u mirror name 5g. It has eight gigs of ram 128 gigs of internal storage, mermaid 64 mp triple camera setup, metastation, 32mp selfie camera ammunition display and the mobility and charging 30 watts now and guys, along for the impression, so stay tuned to find out the price of the oporino. 6Z. 5G is this the phone for you, Music, oh by the way, speaking of the camera 64 mp, main sensor, 8mp, ultrawide, angle, lens and lastly, machine 2mp depth sensor moment checking camera. But yes, the back is very clean one long, fingerprint scanner, its just a camera module and young logo apollo or extra lettering. It is now available. It has that nice curves, very thin body check that out guys. This is a 6.4 inch phone balla by the way. So, Music, yes, this phone is perfect for people who have very small hands because they cant get in one handed just like this other side, problems no problem and it will not look bulky, thats, very bass, young loudspeaker, single down firing lang. So is that a speaker, long power buttons are right: side volume, rockers, the left side added a sim tray, dual nano sim card slot, plus a micro sd card slot for expandability, very nice, oh by the way, speaking of 5g, lets. Try it out right now.

You know 5g, so 5g smart lets go boom. That was super fast. You know what else is fast home page. Look at that so brambiliz guys, swiping, left and right up and down going to the recent ambulace 800u scores and two to benchmark 344 000 points. That is nice yeah. I mid range score, usually helio g95 and the snapdragon 720 g pero. You know what i said. Your gameplay is very smooth, ultra graphics, hopefully in the future, not sponsored going back to the performance. This phone is highly recommended for mobile legends yeah, but getting graphics and pretty much 60 frames per. Second, though, promise, oh by the way size other specs, and things like that. Well, here it is just like what i told you: it has an amoled display per toy 6.4 inch on high refresh rate. I didnt see that in the specs is high quality. The blacks are really black super deep in colors its the brightness is very, very good. Call of duty i found out the settings medium graphics, long, high frame rates, optimized diamond city 800u, sign them up on cinema developers on call of duty, parliament at least graphic settings at least very high settings and very high frame rates mark scores. The snapdragon 720 g and that browser has mostly very high graphics, very just dont – expect the best call of duty experience here inside along well. All i can say is medium graphics, guys, medium graphics and kanye operino 6z.

This is a mid range processor, so medium graphics, with 60 frames per second number only in it with the 60 frames per second were still getting graphics display at perfect. The perfect amoled display parts again, a very vibrant colors at all, but having effects and lighting this amoled display really complements this game. Big time and, of course, what about the camera? Is the camera good well bars among the different phones available in the market and theres in terms of overall subject? And yes, the oporino 6e is all about the subject. This is dubbed as the ai ported phone portrait features portrait image mod filters mob background blurs example: heres a sample portrait wow by default, but thats not bad, say actually most people really prefer very contrasty. Looking pictures and guys high dynamic range look at the sky hindi dynamic range: this is a very advanced camera. I think. Okay, this advanced camera inside a mid range phone and just mentioned the ai color portrait. Yan may caller check that out, but the name bokeh flair, portrait, ah background blur with circle circle and yes, version ai, which stands for artificial intelligence. I shall dictate what you should look like. I dont care what you want if i want it to be super colorful. I will do it. Super colorful leaves both the selfie and the rear camera both at work. At the same time, nah nah image, wow thats right, guys, 108 megapixels zoomed out whoa.

I must say that was the best sample of 108 mp ever soyuz opporino 6z. Very sexy very fast, very slim, flagship 128 gigs of internal storage, 19 999 pesos, but yes for 20 000 pesos for its got really nice advanced camera features that you dont see on most mid range phones, probably one of the best selfie cameras around 32 mp camera. My gosh available on a mid range phone, lovely stuff, actually were not done. Operino small, you can down bigger brother, the more premium operino 6, the most unique oppo reno. Yet that is coming right up in unboxed.