Big galaxy unpacked event to reveal a whole heap of new flippy, bendy smartphones and all that good stuff. But for anyone who doesnt have a spare bladder to sell to finance their next smartphone well, this is always a potential alternative, its the samsung galaxy m32 and i just grabbed one fresh from amazon today for 269 quid. But despite that budget friendly price, you do get some clever features and specs packed into the samsung galaxy m32, including a 90 hertz super amoled display and a 64 megapixel primary camera. Although it doesnt offer 5g support, like many budget rivals, so lets whip the samsung galaxy m32 and out of the box taking a full on tour of the hardware and the software show you what the gaming chops are like. The camera tech, all that good stuff and for more on the latest and greatest tech. Please do pub subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers. Okay, so lets see what we actually get in the box and, of course you do have one samsung galaxy m32, one adaptive fast charging plug with hilarious pop up action, theres, one decidedly short type c. Usb cable and youve got a bit of porky, pin action and thats, basically it besides the usual boring leaflet, y stuff as usual, no protective case or anything so thats a bit of a shame. So lets turn our attention to the actual smartphone, the galaxy m32 and its certainly got a decent little heft to it.

Uh thats for sure up front youve got a gorilla glass 5 display thats, pretty damn good. That should, hopefully prove scratch resistant over time, although sadly theres no pre installed screen protector just for an extra bit of protection on there. Meanwhile, around the back end and the sides as well youve got a plastic frame, certainly quite a jazzy discord, style design on the back end of the samsung galaxy m32, though so it looks a lot better in real life than it did on the pictures on the Samsung and the amazon websites – this is the blue model, but you can also grab it in white or black theres. Actually, a smooth back here on the galaxy m32 as well. I was expecting more of a textured back end again from those promotional photos in touch with that. Blue finish seems to be hiding the worst of the greasy smudgy prints where ive been fondling the galaxy m32 as well, although youll have to give it the occasional buffing. No doubt to keep it looking pristine, no water, uh resistance or even splash resistant. Sadly, according to the galaxy m32 specs, they do get an edge mounted fingerprint sensor house theyre, just beneath the volume rocker on the other side, youve got the symmetry and then down below youve got the type c usb port and, alongside that, a headphone jack hallelujah lets. Just crack open that sim tray as well and see exactly what were working with here and its definitely great news, because not only do you have space for two sim cards at the same time, youve also got a separate slot there for your micro sd memory cards To expand the onboard storage right so thats, a design, a quick run through lets have a bit of a boot up of the galaxy m32, get it all set up and then ill.

Take you on a tour of the rest of the hardware and software all right. So that there are samsung, galaxy m32 all set up and good to go and normal surprises on the software front, if youve used any samsung smartphone of any description in recent times, its once again, android 11, with a good bit of 1ui 3.1 slathered on top. This does add in quite a lot of bonus features on top of android, including a butt load of samsung, specific apps and features as well, which you can find most of them by diving into the apps tray pretty much. If google has an app on android well, samsung is basically replicated so youve got an internet browser. Youve got your own app store. Samsung pays samsung health a bit smart home action as well. So you know basically take your pick. Do you want to go google, or do you want to go samsung, and yet you do get some bollocks like facebook, unfortunately are pre installed, but its easy enough to get rid of just long press hit uninstall and off it because youve got the usual android features Like split screen, multitasking youve got the gesture. Navigation. Youve also got the likes of the edge panels from samsung, which just allows you to quickly and easily access your favorite apps and features plenty of built in customization as well, by the likes of uh galaxy themes. If you dive on into the home screen, youve got some more customization, you can do there to the likes of the the home screen grid and i really like the gesture support that you get on galaxy smartphones as well, including a bit of one handed mode action.

If you just drag down at the bottom edge like source, you see there, you can shrink it down. The display make it much easier to use one handed lots of motion and gestures support, including the likes of rays, to wake, and you can also double tap that power key in order to quick launch the camera and because the samsung galaxy m32 sports, an amoled display. You do get an always on display option as well, which you can have shown during a set schedule, loads of different clock options for this as well. So you can pick one that uh particularly suits you with analog digital. Whatever you want, you also got some calendar options. If you want to stay organized and then, as you can see there, while your phones hibernating, it shows up the date and the time how much battery life youve got left and if youve got any notifications waiting for a bit of attention. So yeah bugger loads of bonus features thrown onto the galaxy m32 and android in general by samsung courtesy that one ui and i havent even begun to touch on the likes of the samsung knox security as well, which just helps to really keep your privates private by Encrypting, all of your important data, your passwords, etc. Of course, youve got that edge mounted fingerprint sensor, which touchwood so far seems like a good one. Pretty quick to react, as you can see there, nice and responsive seems very rare to get a finger, not recognized message.

The power button is quite clicky, though, which i guess is just down to overall build quality, and if your fingers are otherwise engaged so to speak, and you dont have to be rocking a massive old face, mask or anything, you do have the face recognition support here On the galaxy m32 – and this seems uh again pretty responsive apart from on that occasion, when im actually trying to demonstrate it, of course, but usually youre in within a second or so. And when you come to purchase your samsung galaxy m32 youve got a choice of 64 or 128 gigs of storage. You do have that micro, sd expandability as backup as well so now lets chat, display tech and that 6.4 inch super amoled panel on the samsung galaxy m32 is undoubtedly one of the best youll find at this sort of price point. A lot of rivals do offer ips instead of amoled that amoled tech means you get nice punchy vivid colors on the default display settings. You can dial them down a bit if thats, not your bag. You get nice sharp contrast as well, really deep blacks. Sadly, that galaxy m32 panel doesnt seem to offer full hdr support for the likes of netflix and other streaming services, but still the contrast is strong. Those visuals do look very luscious indeed, and youve got full hd plus resolution 2400 by 1080 pixels. So that keeps everything nice and crisp because its not an absolutely massive display viewing angles are good and it can hit around over 800 nits brightness on the top level.

So absolutely fine for outdoor visibility, even on a fairly sunny day and the samsung galaxy m32 sports. A very cute little nipple notch up at the top end as well its been a while since ive seen one of these usually of course, its a little selfie orifice, thats, uh, sort of separated from those bezels. Thankfully, it doesnt intrude too much into the action where you do decide to go full screen all of the display settings you would hope for are basically present and correct, including, as i mentioned before, the ability to tinker with the color output got eye comfort modes. All of that good stuff – and if you tap into motion smoothness as well youll see that it is a 90 hertz refresh rate. You can bump it back down to 60 hertz if you want to save on the battery life. But i really like that. 90 hertz finish just makes everything silky smooth. What about the audio? Well, suddenly, its, not a stereo speaker setup here on the galaxy m32, just a model speaker housed here on the bottom edge, boo hiss, but lets bump up the volume, see what weve got. Thankfully, you do at least get a generous choice for either 128 or 256 gigs of ufs 3.1. So you know what, for a mono speaker, setup thats, absolutely fine. As long as you dont accidentally smother that speaker grill with your palm or fleshy fingers, then its all good on that top volume, nice and loud clarity is reasonably good as well, and of course you do have that 3.

5 mil headphone jack. If you want to get plugged in enjoy a good bit of high res audio, otherwise youve also got bluetooth 5.0 support. If you want to go wireless now, performance is one area where the samsung galaxy m32 certainly struggles a bit compared with a lot of rivals around this price point where youve got run on the short as a mediatek, helio g80 chipset also found in samsungs galaxy a32. Quite a basic chipset, its quite energy efficient as well, but you dont get any 5g support and, as you can see from those geekbench scores, not quite as strong as uh, for instance, the likes of a poko smartphone or a real me around this price. So for us, if you go check out my poko x3 gt, unboxing costs, a similar sort of amount to the galaxy m32 also uses a mediatek chipset, but this time the dimensi 1100. You got that 5g support and much stronger scores than this. But of course benchmark is benchmark and you know you can take it or leave it. The everyday experience is still fine. You will see some jutters here and there, as you are flicking through, which is a shame because obviously youve got that 90 hertz finish. So its not always as silky smooth as id hope, but you know you could run any app that you want to on here. Youre not going to be waiting ages for them to load up. You will find that they do tend to shut down.

In the background reasonably often and uh, there is occasionally a little pause while youre waiting for something to power up, and this is the six gig model. I believe there is an eight gig of ram sku available elsewhere as well, but i didnt find it on amazon. So yeah every everyday shenanigans, fine. What im going to do to really test out the galaxy m32. Now is a good bit of call of duty action when you are playing a game like call of duty mobile pub g, whatever you can load up, samsungs game. Booster tour, its a bit awkward, you have to drag down the notifications bar and tap like, so this gives you access to a small selection of really good features, including you can record your uh, your gameplay. If you want to, you know upload it for it or whatever you can keep an eye on the uh. The temperature and your resources on here as well and youve also got the excellent priority mode, which basically a blocks notifications and keeps you focused on whatever youre doing ive jumped on into the game settings menu here on call of duty, mobile and youre already starting to See the limitations of that mediatek helio g80 chipset, because, as you can see, you can only max out the graphics at medium level very low, indeed and frame rate its high theyre, not very high. You dont have any of those options, but anywho lets jump into a match and see.

If i actually stand a fighting chance, yeah id say if you want to do a bit of light gaming, the galaxy m32 is definitely up to it. Even though i had to have the graphics settings scaled back um, my call of duty mobile sessions ran pretty smoothly a couple of little jitters and shakes here and there, but overall definitely very playable screen responsiveness is absolutely fine. The detail level is also by the see anything coming at you until its like two foot away uh. I did get my ass handed to me time and time again, but thats, mostly because i just suck at games so overall yeah not bad. As far as that. Battery tech goes no worries whatsoever, the samsung galaxy m32 sports, a 5 000 milliamp battery. Definitely a good capacious one right there and the good news is. I started the day with 75 battery its only down to 63. After a good couple of hours of you know, media streaming messing around with all the various settings better call of duty action as well, so it seems like itll, keep you going all day long, even with pretty intensive use and thats, not just down to the fact That the galaxy m32 has a bloody massive battery, its also that energy efficient mediatek chipset. As for charging it back up again. Well, its 25 watt adaptive fast charging, not particularly fast a lot of rivals now for at least 33 watt, but uh itll do the job.

Absolutely fine and lets finish up with the squint of that quad lens rear camera here on the galaxy m32 dont get too excited, though, because two of those lenses are a basic two megapixel macro lens and a two megapixel depth sensor, your primary shooter here on the M32 is a 64 megapixel effect, though so definitely respectable in terms of the megapixel count, although by default youll find that you get 16 megapixel shots when you hit that shutter button uh because it uses four in one pixel binning, you do have samsungs usual scene, analyzer, Slash optimizer smart as well! So, as you can see down here, you can just suggest other modes and settings that you might want to use when youre shooting a photo so, for instance, a bit portrait action if youre shooting a human subject. Human and inverted commas in the case of uh veronica but shes real to me, youve got a variety of other modes. You can swap between as well, including, of course, a good old food board. If you want to take a picture of your ham and cheese toasty before posting it up on instagram, you got night modes for those low light shots macro mode, of course, using that 2 megapixel rear lens for broad controls as usual as well. If you want to manually take over the likes of the iso levels, the white balance, then the other alternative lens is an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle, shooter, which just gives you a nice, pulled back view of the action when youre trying to fit quite a lot Into frame and heres, just a few test sample shots that i snapped around the homestead while testing out the galaxy m32.

As you can see, reasonably natural looking results as long as youre not trying to shoot into bright light on particularly testing conditions. When you move indoors, things do get a bit softer and in low light the m32 does struggle. The night mode does help out a bit to brighten up the shop. Youll still get plenty of grain in there and the ultra wide angle. Uh lens definitely does a decent job as well. Although dont expect the same natural, looking colors uh with that pulled out view, and if you want to shoot a good bit of horror, movie action well just swapped to the video its stuck at full hd 30 frames per second by default and, as you can see There theres absolutely no full hd 60 frames per second option or 4k and i believe, thats a limitation of the actual mediatek chipset. But at least you can swap to that ultra wide angle, lens and shoot video at again that full hd resolution. If you want to and then uh when it comes to the selfie snapper uh up there in that little nipple and notch well its a 20 megapixel effort and it should be fairly okay via sort of box standard basic shareable shots. I wouldnt expect anything particularly special youve got the standard view, otherwise the slightly pointless pulled back view, which makes bugger all difference really youve also got the portrait mode option as well. If you want to blur out the background, make it all about your mug, so that right there in a nutshell, is the samsung galaxy m32, which, as i say, you can grab from amazon right now.

Here in the uk, for around 270 quid and ive got to say some aspects of it really really good love that super amoled display absolutely stunning stuff. The audio chops are pretty good as well. Just got the headphone jack youve got the expandable storage, all the specs. You would expect, unfortunately, when it comes to the performance, it is quite limited, so any gamers will definitely want to look elsewhere and maybe upgrade slightly to the pocket f3, which can handle any title out there on pretty much maxed out settings and, of course, because youve Got that mediatek chipset. That also means the camera. Tech is somewhat limited as well. You cant shoot at 4k, for instance. Anyhow, i would say if you are looking for a new smartphone around that sort of 200 to 300 pound price point definitely check out my roundup of the best budget phones under 300. Pounds eating grub right now in 2021, ill. Give you a few more ideas and if youve got yourself a galaxy m32 be great to hear from you down in the comments below tell me exactly how youre finding it so far. If you find the performance a bit limited or if youre struggling with the camera or any other aspect of it or if you just absolutely already love it, thanks for watching for more the latest greatest tech, please do poke, subscribe and ding that notifications bell and have Yourselves, a bloody lovely rest of the week cheers everyone love Music.