So weve got the galaxy z fold three, with a better cover screen. More durable, folding glass s pen support its got an under display, selfie camera. I made an entire separate hands on video with this phone itll be the first thing to hold that like button, definitely check it out its really nice, but then also theres, this guy, the z flip three. And while honestly, this feels like a less surprising, pretty modest, update comparably of all the folding phones, this is actually the one that i feel like im most likely to start recommending to regular people. Theyve made a lot of good calls here, so the z, flip and z, flip 5g have been out for a little bit. What were people asking for from a new flipping phone, so a better bigger cover screen a high fresh rate, main screen and lower the price? A little bit, okay, check, check and kind of check, so lets just start with the price. The flip 3 is going to start at 9.99, which is its lowest ever price, its the lowest price of any of their folding phones uh, but the baseline version of it. Now has 128 gigs of storage, where the previous flips all had higher prices, but they all started at 256.. So theyve made a lower priced version, thus having a lowest ever price, but you can see how theyve sort of turned that narrative a little bit. I still think 999 is pretty clutch, though, because while it is definitely still expensive, its now, in line with some other regular flagship smartphones people are going to be considering buying.

It just happens to be the one thats folding in half so im happy to see this lower price, but the inside screen the folding display, which is still the same size and aspect ratio, is also now 120 hertz, which is great. Everything is now benefiting from being super smooth, and you can always turn that down to 60 hertz, if you want to literally feels like the iphone, will be the last flagship to go higher fresh rate but thats the conversation for another day, and all of this is Wrapped in a design refresh that includes a larger and more functional cover display going from that tiny 1.1 inch screen from before to a 1.9 inch cover screen now its not quite the huge 2.7 inch screen on the razer. But this is a much bigger window and it makes a huge difference so, by default, its still just going to be showing you the time which is the same as before: cool plus you get the battery and the date, but now swiping over to those different widgets And quick actions is way more functional and comfortable, now its not that tiny postage stamp size screen, youve got music controls, alarms, timers and theyre, now an actually usable size, and so this is the stuff you dont always want to have to open the phone to get To but the most important thing is notifications, so if you swipe to the left of the time you get all the notifications on your phone and yes, you can read more than one and you can actually swipe to dismiss individual notifications and you can actually manage them Properly from the outside display, that is beautiful, so you can of course dive into the settings and customize a little more of what happens on this outside screen.

Samsungs built a bunch of neat time animations. So if you want a little more color or if you want to keep it clean – or maybe you want multiple clocks for different time zones – theres a lot to play with here and then you can even add or subtract widgets you dont use. So i know id probably add in the weather, widget and the calendar for myself and you can reorder them. All of that is great, and you always know what to expect when you swipe so overall thats a pretty big usability improvement for the outside screen. On the flip, of course, it can still be your camera viewfinder when taking photos with the primary dual cameras. It still shows you the phone number, the name of whoevers, calling you all that good stuff is still here. Just bigger – and i dont know about you but im kind of liking, this new dual tone design. Honestly, if you didnt, have any logos on it like. If you just told a younger version of me that this was a folding pixel, i probably would have believed you. It kind of looks like the aesthetic from that panda pixel 2, but the sides are a little bit flatter too, which definitely helps with modernizing it a bit, and it feels good in the hand, plus. The new hinge is improved again and its improved to the point where the whole phone is now ipx8 water resistant, which is pretty sweet uh.

That means you can dunk the phone in water drop it in a puddle or spill, something on it momentarily and itll. Be fine, which is cool now ipx8 does not mean dust resistant. Unfortunately, the stuff that usually ends up plaguing folding phones like the grit and stuff that gets in the hinge can still make it through there. So its not certified to block that stuff out, but its cool to see a watertight seal, but also they tossed in some better speakers this time. So the original flips just had this one, not that great speaker at the bottom and the earpiece. Now flip 3 actually gets a much improved speaker in the same spot and there are dolby atmos stereo speakers now so new gorilla glass invictus on the back same fingerprint reader on the power button. This is nice. This is a nice package. This is a really nice folding phone design in 2021. Now this doesnt go as far into the high end as the fold three, so it doesnt have s pen support, even though it does have 30 stronger screen protector on the inside folding glass, and it also doesnt have the under display selfie camera. It still has the hole punch, but as far as the most reasonable folding phone put together so far in 2021, i mean this one. I think this one takes the crown it has the flagship, specs snapdragon, 8 and 8 gigs of ram. It has flagship cameras, a standard and an ultra wide.

The battery is the same size as last year, so that could be the only concern now that we just got high refresh rate, but then putting this all in nicely designed water resistant refresh at 9.99. To me, this has serious potential and even if this doesnt turn out to be the one that a lot of people start buying, the trajectory is pretty good of getting down that price and making it as close to a regular phone as possible. But all that being said, i still have to test this phone im going to be reviewing it very soon. So make sure you subscribe to see that if you havent already and of course check out the fold three, because you might be into that bigger, more high end more interesting, look again its the link below but either way thats been it catch.