, if you dont have a foldable. Yet i think this is the one thats going to make. You want to jump in because theres, a nice price cut and theres improvements all around so thats awesome when this combination happens. Dont get me wrong. The new galaxy z, full 3 is awesome, especially with that s pen support, but i strongly believe that this is the one thats going to put foldables into the mainstream market. So today lets compare the new z flip 3 to the older z flip 2 and see if its worth the upgrade. But first lets do the unboxing for those of you that, like unboxings and heres, a look at the box, galaxy z, flip 3, 5g. On the side and whatever color you get will be matched with the logo on the outside. So lets take a look inside. You get the flip itself and i have the cream color here which is kind of cool, and then you get some paperwork here, but they dont keep it thick. So this is not good bathroom reading and you get a usbc to usbc, cable, and that is about it. So no charger in the box for those of you that were wondering so lets go ahead and jump right into the comparison, because theres a lot to go over well start with the physical differences. They are roughly the same size, but there is an updated design. You can look at this one as a small refinement everywhere, its just a little more compact and slightly thinner all around but side by side.

You can tell that this is a next generation device. They are both made of aluminum, but the new z43 has armor aluminum, which is supposed to be stronger. The outer glass is now gorilla, glass victus, which is great since thats more durable. What blows my mind is that the z flip 3 is ipx8 water resistant, even with the hinge and the folding screen, which is incredible. I think this is a worlds first. Whats interesting is that samsung explained that water will probably get into the hinge theres, really nothing. They can do about that, but all the internal components are membrane sealed, so it should survive if it dips in the water. The thing that you will notice right away is the four times larger cover display. So you can see a lot more information. My biggest gripe with the z flip two is basically how useless this cover display was. But samsung really listened with the z flip 3 because its much bigger and you can see up to four lines of notifications on the screen and you can scroll to keep seeing more this time around. There are more ways to use your phone without opening your display. Like widgets, so you can check the weather. If you want real, quick or you can make a quick payment with samsung pay. My favorite feature from the bigger cover display. Is you have more options when it comes to quick capture from the camera system like before, you can just double press to open the camera, but that bigger display does make a difference.

You can swipe left or right quickly to switch between photos or videos, which is nice, and if you swipe up or down you, can quickly change between the ultra wide and the main camera, which is awesome and with video you can just tap the screen to start Recording so i can see this being big for vlogging and i cant wait to use this. The downside is, this is basically the same dual camera system, so image quality itself should be the same between the z, flip 2 and the z flip 3, but ill make sure i do a camera comparison, so we can prove that, but for the demographic that this Phone is aiming for, i think the 12 megapixel shooters will do the job, but let me know how you feel about that in the comment section below another. Big improvement is in the display, even though that these are the same exact displays as 6.7 inches with full hd plus resolution. The z flip 3 has a faster 120 hertz adaptive refresh rate, so everything is going to look smoother and feel faster with the newer qualcomm snapdragon 888 processor, with 8 gigabytes of ram compared to the z flip 2 snapdragon 865 series. It will have that extra horsepower that you may or may not need and the z flip 3 is 5g ready with millimeter wave support, so thats a big deal for this small form factor where the older z, flip 2 was limited to sub 6.

and watching content Should be so much better on the z flip 2, because this year there are stereo speakers. Instead of the single speaker, we got with the z flip 2.. So in terms of an upgrade, this phone is looking good all around, even though that this phone may not be for everyone, if youre more of a power user, then you may want to go with the new galaxy z43, but fashion ford is definitely what samsung is Going for with the z flip 3 – and i cant hate on that at all the new ring, grip and strap cases, look really great. I can see why people would be drawn to this. You can even customize the cover displays to match lots of fun, colors and designs. Even the phones themselves come in tons of colors. The standard is cream black lavender and green, but you can also get more samsung.com exclusive colors like this white one lets be real. This is the stormtrooper version and there is also a pink and gray as well, so you have lots to choose from. If you already have a z, flip, 2 or a z flip 2. 5G, then, you have to think about what all these small improvements mean and if its going to actually affect your everyday use and how important they are, they all might be small, but they do add up. You get a bigger cover display and i think thatll be a big one for most people, you do get a faster processor and a faster refresh rate on the main display, which will make it feel faster and fresher.

You get better build quality all around and you get water resistance as well, so combine that with the new looks and accessories, and that might be a no brainer of an upgrade. The big kicker for me is the price, so the new z, flip 3, starts at 999, where i think, when the flip series first got announced, it was around fifteen hundred dollars, so thats a nice, significant price drop and i think its a perfect price point for People to jump in to a foldable device, but on the flip side you still get the same camera system. So no large improvements there, because there is new camera glass that is covering the system called gorilla, glass dx so well see. If that makes a difference, you still get the same battery size at 3, 300 milliamp hours and youre getting the same size display. So if those improvements dont matter to you, then the z, flip 2 is still plenty good. So i want to know what you think with that 999 dollar price tag. Is that enough for you to jump in or are you going to skip it? Pre orders go live august 11th and it will be available august 27th in 128, gigabytes or 256 gigabytes. I want to know what you think hit that like button.