It claims to be multiple products, all in one, a three axis: smartphone gimbal, a wireless phone charger, a tripod that also claims to have ai facial recognition and body tracking technology. But can it, though, can it really do all that lets find out its coming up? Hey everyone steve here from learn online, video and today were talking all about this thing. This is the power vision, s1, the worlds smallest smartphone gimbal, the perfect companion for your smartphone. Apparently, but what can it actually do and is it any good now full disclosure power vision sent me this to test and review so thats exactly what im going to do im going to run through its features, show you the results, tell you what i like about It tell you what i dont like about it and its up to you. You can make up your own mind as to whether you think its any good or not so lets jump straight into this video and ill show you how this thing works: the gimbal okay! So lets turn this thing into a three axis: gimbal heres. What you got to do open the door like this pull this bit out, and then we twist the top like that now, im not gon na lie the first time i tried to do that. It felt like i was trying to solve a puzzle, but once you do it a few times, i promise you it becomes much easier.

Also. Another thing worth mentioning is that this gimbal comes in a range of colors theres, black, blue and green. I got sent this blue one, but i love the look of the black version. Black just seems a bit more premium and professional, but its great that you get a choice. Now here are two of my favorite things about this gimbal. The first is that at the bottom here we have a quarter inch thread now. This is quite common with gimbals these days. This just allows you to screw things on like this tripod here, for example, now a tripod like this is going to give you maximum stability, but what, if you dont want to have to carry around something this big? What if you want to be a bit more light weight? Well, this gimbal comes with a tripod built into the bottom. If i just pull out this leg like this and this leg here and then unfold this, we now have the ability to stand our gimbal up without the need of having to carry around a tripod like this. Yes, of course, this ones going to be more stable, but if you just need to put your gimbal on a flat surface like this table, for example, this is more than sufficient. I really like that about this gimbal now. My second favorite thing about this gimbal is how you attach the phone to the gimbal, because weve got a couple of options now, usually with smartphone gimbals.

You only get one option. Take this gimbal here, for example, this gimbal has the universal clamp method. You need to pull open the clamp place your phone inside and then clamp it down. You then need to make micro adjustments to balance the gimbal. I mean not particularly difficult just fluffy, clunky and annoying, but the s1 offers a magnetic phone case, and for me this is a total game changer, because now your phone just snaps on and its perfectly balanced, i dont even need to touch it its way easier. Its way quicker its way more efficient. All gimbals should have this feature now, if, for whatever reason, youre not sold on the magnetic phone case – and you just want to use the one that you have then thats no problem at all, because they also offer a universal clamp. Magnetic attachment phone will just slot. In like this, and then attach to your gimbal so great to have these options but look i think ive talked about it enough lets head outside fire this thing up and see what it can do. Okay, so ive come out here to dartmoor national park in the south west of england to test this thing out and see what its capable of now. This gimbal comes with an app available on both android and ios, and claims to have ai, auto tracking abilities. So lets test that out in a number of different scenarios. Okay, for our first test lets just keep things really simple: nice and basic and use a static focal point.

This tree should do nicely heres what im going to do im going to enable auto tracking by tapping on this button here im going to drag and create a box around my focal points like this now, hopefully, the camera will remain locked on to my focal point. Lets hit record im now going to start to walk around the tree to see how well the auto tracking stays locked on to my focal point now this isnt going to be a test of smoothness because im walking through fans and over rocks. This is a test of how well the camera remains locked on to the tree now, im not moving the camera at all here, its doing it all by itself, im just gon na. Do an orbit shot all the way around this tree and keep going you be. The judge of this okay, as far as i can see it seems to be doing a pretty good job of keeping this tree in the center of frame im walking quite far away now and probably completely out of shot now. Lets walk back again, see how well it does now. The more defined your focal point is the easier the ai will find it to lock onto theres quite a lot of distraction around this tree. So this is a pretty good test of its capabilities, but as far as i can see, it seems to be doing a pretty good job. But again look you be the judge.

This is just test number one, but so far so good. So that was how the gimbal performs on a static subject, but what about a moving one now im shooting solo today, so ive got no one to help me out with these tests, but fortunately dartmoor is full of wildlife, so im hoping that one of this lot Is going to help me out? Okay, so lets enable auto tracking and highlight this fella here hit record and lets start to walk towards, hopefully, hell move and we can test out the tracking on this thing. Hes pretty still at the moment tracking seems to be working. Do you mind just moving over there just so i can test out this gimbal. Is that okay? Is it? Do you mind, can you walk over that way? A bit? No okay. Now, in all honesty, animals, probably arent the easiest things to track so lets try something a little bit more reliable, okay, so heres. What ive done? Ive placed the gimbal on this grass bank, using the tripod im going to attempt to auto track this car here in the background and then drive it through the shot. Hopefully, the gimbal will lock onto that car and track it as it goes, lets find out. Okay, heres, what were gon na do were going to enable auto tracking lets. Select the car like this, okay, were locked on hit record. Okay. Here we go. This is the test. Will the gimbal track the car and remain locked on starter up lets find out? Okay, here we go just start slow is it tracking? Is it locked on? It is its working okay, okay, thats great right lets.

Just reverse lets. Do that again, i want to go through a bit quicker. Are we still locked on yes, okay, okay, okay, right here we go here, we go lets give it a bit more welly were locked on. Yes, i love that. I tell you what, if youre a solo, shooter looking to add some movement to your shots. This is a great way of doing that. Applause. Now, when im filming on location like i am today trying to find a power supply to charge your phone or any equipment for that matter can be a giant pain in the ass. But the beauty of this gimbal is that its also a power bank, you can wirelessly charge your phone or any other equipment via its usbc port, a total life saver on locations like this. Now the gimbal itself has up to 15 hours battery life, so plenty of juice left over for any other devices. So those were some of the features that the power vision s1 has to offer, but how does it actually perform when it comes to shooting smooth cinematic? Looking footage well im going to spend the next 15 minutes at this location capturing some typical gimbal shots, some jibs, some sliders, some low rider shots. Then im going to edit all of that footage into a short sequence, using music, color grading and sound effects to see what results we get: Music Applause, Music, Music. So what do you thinks not bad right? I was actually quite impressed with how smooth that footage looks.

So what are my thoughts on the worlds? Smallest smartphone gimbal lets talk pros and cons. Well, the first thing i really like about this is its size and its weight and its strength, its not all floppy and clunky. Like other gimbals, i really like the magnetic connect feature its easier, its quicker, its more efficient and its just better than the clamp alternative. It not only charges your phone as well as other camera gear. The battery life is incredible and i really love the power follow feature. This is not only practical but really fun to use and great, if youre, a solo shooter and it does all of that and easily fits in your pocket. Now, what dont i like about this gimbal and how can it be improved now? For me, there was one thing that really stood out about this gimbal, which id love to see improved, and that is the tilt axis. This is as far as the gimbal will tilt down, and this is, as far as the gimbal will tilt up id love to see more maneuverability with the gimbals tilt. Axis ive talked about this on this channel before the more maneuverability you have with your tilt axis. The more options you have when it comes to camera angles and movements, so who is this gimbal for well its for anyone looking for more than just a gimbal if youre looking for a product that doesnt just sit on your shelf all week until the next time You go out and shoot video, then this is a really good option its for anyone.

Looking for something small compact that can easily fit in your pocket great for anyone, making travel videos or vlogs, maybe youre working nine to five and spend a lot of time on video calls. This would make a great companion to your smartphone and look ive got to be honest. What i love most about this is just the thought process. This is more than just a gimbal like this one here. This is just a gimbal except its bigger its heavier. Its more clunky and its harder to carry around, whereas this is smaller, and it does so much more so well done. Power vision for creating such an innovative product, ive got to say im pretty impressed. Theyve also sent me a promo code where you can redeem an exclusive discount via their store. I will link that below and look if you found this video useful do, let me know by giving it the old thumbs up and if youd like, to see more content. Like this learn more about video production, you can do that by watching one of my other videos just over there, but thats it from me.