You can purchase one of this for less than 200 pound uk currency and it has tons of features packed into it, theres. A reason why i would highly recommend this ill go through all the features that he has and it stands out compared to all these other budget price smartphones within that price range. Now inside the box, you would get user manual here. Youll get this plug. Youll get a usb type c charging cable. You will also get this pin here now. This pin is to open up the sim tray, so the sim tray is on the left side of the phone push it down. This will this bit will come off now. It takes two nano sims and a micro sd memory card, so you can expand the memory and its a dual sim, so you can put two sims in and it comes with a see through case now. Obviously, not all smartphones uh are very known, so some of them you want, might not find the cases online, so they provide this case. The fact that it comes with accessories. Like the case, you know you dont really have to look around to buy a case, and it also has a screen protector as well on it now the case is protective, so if it falls, it wont, get damaged now. One thing that really stands out compared to everything that this smartphone has is the speakers. Now i have a smartphone that only has one speaker at the bottom and the only speakers that had a dual speakers were the sony smartphones where you had dual speakers built in, so it was brilliant when youre playing games you had that surround sound system.

If youre watching movies you had that surround sound system there as well playing music, he had the excellent um sound quality because he had speakers at the top here and he got speaker at the bottom here. So the sound quality is brilliant ill, do ill, put an instrumental one afterwards, just to show you how loud it is and how it sounds at the bottom. It takes the usb type c charging port and its also uh has that 33 watts fast charge. So the fact that it has a 5000 mah battery capacity, so big battery life, but it would give you around over 50 of charge in 30 minutes with the fast charge built in so make sure you use these two and you give that fast charge. So big battery life thats another advantage for this smartphone fast charge as well have advantage. He also has a quad camera at the back, so a good quad camera at the back. That also can record in 4k. You can choose it, you can choose if you want to record in 1080p, but max is 4k and that cap picture capturing is brilliant zooms in perfectly without blurring out. Also, the screen size is 6.43 ammo screen and it also has a mediatek helio g9s processor great for gaming. It also has 6k gram and 64 gig internal memory. Now this operating system it has, is the miui 12.5. Now it is a very smooth operating smartphone. It has to be because it has good processors built in uh.

Everything is good, i mean when it comes to processors. The operating system is good and you wont like you, can download. As many apps you wont lag gaming wise its perfect. You can play fortnite. You can play a call of duty. You can play any kind of um games on this racing games. You wont slow down now settings. You can see here um, like any other android smartphone im just going through some features, so bluetooth, wi fi. You got always on display, lock your display here. You got dark mode light mode, you can choose those and youve got home screen wallpaper themes that you can choose and some films you cannot themes is what you can download. Now security wise youve got fingerprint unlock. So you can actually unlock by fingerprint, so thats thats, good news. You also have face unlock as well, so you got both of them, so you got in print fingerprint fingerprint unlock and you also got the face unlock. It also has privacy protection protection here, and it also has their battery performance apps additional settings, digital well, being parental controls, special features, special features, game game, turbo, video toolbox, video toolbox. You have shortcut location, video tool, weve got a few extra features floating windows. Second, space light mode now got me account. You got, google account sync privacy, location services and feedback, so thats, all the um, all the kind of additional features that he has a very smooth operating smartphone.

Let me get the instrument already and i will show you how the sound the speakers sound when its on full volume and after that. I will also also show you how the camera works when its on photo mode and when its on video mode do Music. So you see speakers are brilliant. Theres, no negative points about the speakers now. This is how it looks the camera its on a photo mode. At the moment it captures folds very easily. You can see the quality as well of the pictures that it takes its amazing as well. You also have the options to put it on auto hdr or switch you off or just put it on continuous hdr. If you want and then you got the ai mode as well, so you can turn that on and if you go there, you can put on full screen timer. You also got a few other features, packed into that movie frame, macro tilt shift and time burst. You got all those options there as well. Now you also got the zoom out and you also got to zoom in as well now, even then its still a brilliant camera. Now let me put it on a video so when he goes on video, the quality of the video is amazing. This is on 4k 30 fps at the moment, so the quality is very impressive. If you press that you can change it to 1080, 1080p to 60 fps or 30 fps and 720 ap 30 fps as well, so youve got the options there.

Now you got the macro mode, you got the flash on as well. When the flash comes on. It looks even better the recording when you put the flash on, but just overalls, its a brilliant camera when you zoom in, and you can see that when it zooms in it just looks amazing. Look when it zooms out the quality of the the camera thats that it has built in its very impressive for a budget smartphone like this and thats, though thats. The only reason why i highly recommend this smart smartphone, its very good. So when it records as well. You can see it moves with your movement and you got the zoom in function as well, so you can see it zooms in, but it doesnt really blur out or anything. So it does zoom in very well and zooms out very well also.