Top 5 Review., Adding a new lens to your smartphone, is a great way to start experimenting with your photography., While the built in camera on most modern phones can take great photos, you might want to consider using a separate camera Lens for street photography, sports or macro photography. When you buy a separate lens youll, have more control over the scene and can get a much clearer image.. These lens kits can help you take your photography to the next level.. After reviewing dozens of the best smartphone lens kits on the market, weve put together a list of our favorites. Phone Camera Lens Kits, typically include a wide angle, fish eye or macro lens and youll get a lot of versatility from a phone camera lens kit. Weve, rounded Up the best smartphone lens bundles, to give you even more options. To give you this top 5 review, we have looked at 162 products and analyzed 2691 customer reviews.. You will find all the links to the products shown in this review in the description below the video.. We have not listed these products in any specific order., So stay tuned to the end, so you dont miss the perfect choice for your needs. At number. 5 is the M6 Revolver 6 in 1 Camera Lens Kit from Ztylus. Our favorite camera accessory for the iPhone X. Andiphone XSis the Ztylus M6 Revolver 6 in 1, Lens Kit.. This is a magnetically attached 6 in 1 camera lens kit that includes a fisheye, wide angle, telephoto and macro lenses.

. Each one has a different purpose and is available in several different intensities., The case that these lenses attaches to its designed for the iPhone X and XS. So if you have one of these, you should definitely check out this option.. The design of this lens kit makes it easy to switch between the lenses at a moments notice.. The design is also very compact, making this one an ideal choice to take with you. If you are going traveling. A magnetic base plate secures the kit to your phone.. The magnetic cover comes in 13, different styles, for you to choose from., So there is a good chance. You will find a cover. You will like. Customers who, like these write in their review, Im, really pleased with this setup.. The case has a nice grip to it.. The revolver is super sturdy and easy to use.. It adds the three things I was looking for. Flip out the lens set you want and choose 1 or 2x on your iPhone to pick which lens you use.. The lenses are easy to use and add a lot to your options., And some customers were unsatisfied with the following. This one is only made for iPhone models with dual cameras on the back. Number 4 on our list is the Mocalaca 4 in 1 Phone Camera Lenses. Kit. This Mobile Zoom Lens Kit contains 4 high quality lenses for your smartphone camera, an 18 times Telephoto Zoom Lens a 0.

45X 4K Super Wide Angle Lens a 15X Macro Lens, a 198 Fisheye Lens tripod and camera shutter.. It is an ideal lens kit for all levels of smartphone photographers from casual to professionals.. It has everything you need for taking amazing photos with your phone from macro shots to landscapes.. It has a very wide angle lens to capture more of the scene, and it is very compact and portable.. It is compatible with all modern smartphones and tablets, both Android and iOS.. Four high quality lenses are included in this kit, which will give you a lot of versatility and help you get the best shots possible with your mobile device.. The kit includes a wide angle lens for taking landscape pictures, a macro lens for getting up close to details and a fisheye lens for creating fun and unique circular images.. It is specially designed for landscape and architecture photography, and it has a strong fisheye effect that will give you a lot of enjoyment.. Here is what customers love about it. I realized that they are way better than so so.. I am having more fun with all the lenses and the quality of the pictures is amazing.. You get a bonus product for free, I chose the selfie stick and I was very impressed with it. And some customers were unsatisfied with the following. I didnt like that. It only comes with a softback, no hard case.. A hard case would be more protective. Number 3 on our list is Moment.

Gold Flare, Anamorphic Lens. Moment is best known for its line of anamorphic lenses for Android and iOS smartphones.. The first generation of these lenses was quite impressive and received some accolades for their compatibility with a variety of devices.. However, mounting the Moment, lenses onto your phone is a little trickier. Moments. M series cases are a good starting point because they have a universal mounting system that is easy to use and secure.. You can mount Moment lenses using the included adapter and there are plenty of third party mounts, such as the BeastCage from BeastGrip.. If you want to take your photos to the next level, the M Series cases are a great starting point.. Most of the cases feature mounting holes in the back of the case that provide a stable base for the lens and they have quality rubber gaskets to keep the lens securely in place., The M Series cases are available in a variety of colors and are available for Both Android and iOS devices., If youre looking for an awesome case that will protect your lens and give you some versatility the Moment. Gold Flare lens is a great choice., But the Moment Gold Flare lens has quite a bit of competition.. There are a handful of third party mounts available for the Moment lens, so you really have a lot of options to choose. From. Customers who bought this lens, like that great lens works, very well. Quality is amazing. Love. The cinematic ratio.

Lens flare adds a dramatic and enchanting look and feel. I enjoying every moment.. Only a very few customers had problems with it. Flares can get a little out of control if theres a lot of lights everywhere, like when youre driving through downtown at night.. Moving on to the next Phone Camera Lens on our list, the High Power 36x HD Telephoto Lens From A Apexel. Capable of capturing breathtaking images from afar. This Apexel telephoto lens can turn your smartphone into a mini telescope., While its mobile capabilities are limited by the size and resolution of the devices screen, it can still capture crisp images of distant subjects. Designed for those who seek a higher quality view. This telephoto lens can zoom in on subjects up to 36 times giving you access to details that would otherwise be lost to the naked eye.. It can even work as a monocular telescope. Beyond that it has quality construction using premium optical glass and a durable metal construction.. The rugged tripod included with this telephoto lens is also very sturdy and can stand up to the test of time.. While it cant turn your phone into a mobile telescope, it can steady your phone in any direction.. It has a unique clamp design that makes it easy to attach it to almost any smartphone and gives it a little extra stability when taking pictures.. The compact design also means that you can carry it around easily., And here is what customers love about it.

The product is good quality and mounts easily to my Samsung phone.. The lens comes with a tripod but can easily be mounted on any other tripod that you may own. for the price. I am fully satisfied with this product and I highly recommend it. And some didnt like that. Taking pictures using the focusing bands and keeping the subject in view while taking a photo, is extremely difficult when holding the iPhone with attached telephoto lens by hand. Number 1 on our list is Xenvo Pro Lens Kit., Our favorite kit for night shooting includes a handy clip On LED light and a wide angle and macro lens., The Truview 0.45x wide angle lens has minimal distortion and a sharp, detailed image.. Its 0.45 times angle of view is good for capturing wide scenes with people and things in motion, and it has a swivel mount. So you can easily change between shooting in different situations.. The macro lens has a similar shallow depth of field to the wide angle, so it can easily capture small targets.. We also appreciate the lens clamp, which is sturdy and easy to use.. The bundled GlowClip LED light has three settings and lasts for an hour.. It has a sturdy construction and a clip on design for illuminating your subject.. While we loved the kits accessory light, it does unfortunately not have a dedicated charging port.. Instead, you get a USB cable. A charging cable and a cleaning cloth.. We were especially impressed by the carrying case with a karabiner, which is another useful feature not found in other kits.

. The Kit Consistently Provides everything you need to take great photos, even when shooting in low light. Customers who, like these write in their review. It is a quality lens set and it is obviously of high quality. The lenses work as they should very easy, installation.. The unique way to sign up for the free lifetime warranty was simple, easy, as it came with the tutorials. And some didnt like that. The wide angle lens has some pretty bad distortion.. However, the image seems clear: all over.: If you found any of the products in this video interesting, then you can find a link to more info and prices below the video.. Thank you all for watching.. If you found this video useful, please hit the like button to. Let us know. and if you want more up to date, home and kitchen review, videos then remember to subscribe and click the bell icon now.. Finally, here are some more videos.