The pacifico does so bronze studied the most popular under 10 000 pesos, namely infinix hotness. Five thousand lamborghini hurst, refresh rate 90 hertz, five thousand six thousand milliampere battery mobilistic processor, infinix, note 10, pro nominated review and one very promising specs infinix is placing this at the 10k range pair. Guys are kind of specs minus 15000 percent phoenix. He decided to give it to you for ten thousand pairs, only 33 watts fast charging 64 mp quad camera and an almost seven inch full hd, plus 90 hertz infinity, oh display and lastly, pogieba Music. This is a gaming phone, so, if youre into gaming mobile legends call of duty manganon, this might be perfect for you, so stay tuned and check out this full review of the infinix note: 10 pro blizzard bins and youre watching unbox. Ladies, this is a game changer because i usually my gaming phone say: bulky unattractive, plasticky, very premium, very sleek and elegant and shiny. I, like the silver look of the phone per purple, link its got a glossy back, which means a combination of a glowing glossy background glow that was glossy. This is just for you. Seven inch phone, really big, really chunky medium plastic body and plastic plastic, build light weight during gameplay, which is not game. Breaking only game changing kazinga. All you need is adjustments very perfect for the shape of my hand, especially when im gaming. How do you know i operate dual nano sim card slot, plus micro sd card slot for expandability eight one, two eight passes by eight digit frame at one to eight gigs of internal storage at under 10k.

Well, actually, p40 pro lets see uh s20 ultra long. Eight six pack clone language. The display is very impressive: its got a 6.95 inch that is almost 7 inches full hd plus 2k display, in guys 1080 by 2460, 990 hertz refresh rate and get this membership. 180 hertz touch sampling rate gaming, like a very responsive, unknown display so mobile agents. If you want an esports level Music, the quality of the display is pretty good up to 500 minutes of brightness brightness indoors outdoors a last year this year. If you think about the speed it provides so brambilis, especially for this price, that is why, constantine you know a very useful tip from unboxed dairies. Capac globation processor in peanut button processor phones the coming year and you will get something like the infinix note. 10. Pro last year, last year, 12k 15k patong this year, its now its now on phones, less than 10k benchmark score, very nice, almost 400 000., and now is the time to test it out. Graphics. Well, im glad you asked heres the difference: ultra graphics car check it out, thats impressive for the display, so this is actually a very good esports gaming phone fast fingers, uh fast fingers or hands im resolution as a guru, its not as sharp as i would like It to be me very sharp, looking game not so much. I think the resolution of the game is not too high, which they give us the option to turn up the resolution, which is possible yeah.

They could be the beginning of freedom, but yes, this is a great mobile legends, gaming phone media tech, processor, hindi, optimized for the game when optimized for the hilly genetic processor up to very high graphics, very high frame rates and max frame rates, and this is how It looks like in game. It looks fine on this phone speakers very loud. It is dual speakers by friends, merchant speakers of a ba down firing, admiring speaker, earpiece, panda front firing, surround sound stereo left and right speaker gives you a feeling of immersion, but, yes, graphics, wise. The game is kind of okay. Pilikoman is a 50 to 60 frames per second, although again, filipino resolution is but definitely call of duty. Here is really good and yes, very responsive when i control check that out smooth well, let me just show you right now, as you can see, the graphics is very good editing best setting not for the infinix note. 10. Pro medium settings 60 frames per second, although in the show 60, especially 40 50 frames per second impact experience here, like that offer one hour minute at medium settings. That is a good sign, especially for people in budget. Finally, impact secret impressions on pc. You dont have to buy a fifteen thousand plus phone. You got it right here, a song very capable gaming phone that can play kenshin impact at a very decent level. Last year, it possibly got until today finally youre getting this im happy for you and for the future of tech.

Thanks for the video charge. Here we go 5 000 milliamperes of battery 33 watts of fast charging. Ethernet is charging the infinix on a phone. I drained the phone to zero percent attacks. Are normal charge, one percent in 23 seconds; six percent; five minutes; twelve percent; ten minutes; okay; now: nineteen percent fifteen minutes um thirty, eight percent, thirty minutes, fifty 55 percent 45 minutes and in one hour, americana 72, 20 noon. Thats plenty of battery in one hour, ninety percent one hour and 20 minutes 97 percent, one hour and 45 minutes and in one hour and 48 minutes, 100 percent guys sucked in explosion 120 minutes 130 minutes. But yes, the charging speed is decent. Now, for the five thousand live for about three thats already good, okay covered youve got here: a 64 mp camera eight megapixel ultra wide angle, lens two mp depth sensor and verbation. Two mp monochrome lens selfie, camera 16mp camera quality. My pictures, i would say very decent quality. Nothing too mind blowing portraits pictures, yeah check that out background blur. The best for me is still 1080p 30 frames per second stabilization, but yes, as your daily driver, this is a good phone good camera, but probably the best camera is night mode. It can actually bring out the best in a night picture. So this is it and my early bird price pack subscribe 500 pesos discount early bird price information. The infinix note 10 pro will be launching on lazada, so august 12th exclusively promo is august, 12 and august 15.

Only so dont miss it. I only srp srp is perots 9990 bird price yeah, nine thousand four hundred ninety percent infinix has done it again, bringing us the best of the best at a very affordable price, costing specs combination, pattern, design and kudos to the infinix team for bringing us this lovely Smartphone, i really love it that chambray summer top 10 smartphones under 10k just keep on watching uh coming christmas budget and you might see the perfect phone for you, but for now this is well recommended and to see more unboxing and reviews. Just like this.