Yes, the latest one third generation they just put samsung put out the third generation. They fixed a lot of things on its very uh um. You know made a lot of progress here could be the future of phones. Actually, oh yeah, are you using it right now, yeah? I just switched over to it theres a lot of stuff. You can do when you play games on it big screen like this. Oh yeah, i mean you flip it like this. You can play games. I mean i have my iphone this one, you got, you still have the display on the outside. You want to use it like a regular phone. You uh, they actually improve. This display its 120 hertz. Now over here, like 120 hertz, you know you dont you, i dont think you have that you dont have that uh. You know i uh im fine with this. You know colorful, they got the pen input now, the the the uh you do, the s pen right onto the main, display youre taking notes, youre artistic youre, doing drawings, its the pen input. They even got a pro pen. They got new pens just for the fold. Lineup, ah i mean good for you, thats thats, great uh. You still got the cameras as well its a just like i mean its pretty much like the s21 s21 ultra. Almost i mean i have my phone, its its fine. I i got the camera working on.

My iphone, i took pictures of otis my dog right here. You see it theyre, pretty nice im fine with it. Phones have been like that for thats, just a normal theres a this is a whole new thing here. This is a whole new, its folding now well. Im good, you should probably just try it out, though. Like i mean you, should you just give it like a i mean you just uh scroll the news a little bit like quickly uh, you just would check it out. You would probably you should probably check it out. Well, they got this. I mean you have the camera on the front now, which is underneath the display right in here underneath the display. Oh yeah, do you like it? I like it. This is the future. This is the future right here. You do you not want to take part in the future. What are you saying to me right now? I just got an iphone thats. All i know Music, the main feature hello. This apple logo – thats, all you need. Did you just call that a feature uh california cupertino steven jobs right here? Those phones have been like that for, like a decade, ive been doing this for a decade. Those phones have been like that for, like a decade its getting boring now heres, the solution were folding now were folding yeah, but i i just need this for work its, not a big deal.

You know they got a small one, it flips up as well. It like folds the other way yeah. You have that too right now, i dont just just try the folding phone. Just try just just try the folding phone, just two minutes, uh three minutes: five minutes! Uh, listen to the speakers. Just watch a video im on youtube. I go on youtube. Im im scrolling on youtube. Look im scrolling its big look at the screen. You can try it for five minutes. You can try it for two. You can try it for three minutes. You can try it for you can try it. You can try it. Okay, forget it.