I have a very, very exciting video for you today. You all know if youve ever watched my channel before i love technology. I love technology, particularly when it makes my life easier and better, and this product here is a winner for that. This is the tire minder smart, tpms smartphone, based tire pressure system. This kit is a complete tire pressure monitoring system for up to six wheels, but you can go up to 20 wheels with this app lets. Take a look inside and see what it comes with. This tpms kit comes designed and set up to monitor six wheels, but you can monitor as many wheels as you want to throw at it. You just need to keep getting more sensors lets open it up. Take a look inside and see whats in there. So lets see whats inside the box. It is a nice sturdy box, but its worth comes with a warranty card comes with an instruction book and within the instruction book im assuming there will be yeah qr codes to download the app which were going to need this. Here is the bluetooth receiver, along with the six sensors which were going to mount on the trailer lets. Keep digging in here see what were oh look at that. Oh, you get a cool, get a cool tire minder sticker, some swag there. Oh, it comes with a really nice case within the case, it comes with additional batteries in here youre going to find oh okay.

So this is a real plus, because one of my issues that ive been having lately with all the things in my truck is that a lot of them want to plug into the very few what used to be cigarette lighters, but now theyre chargers. This one does plug in there, but at the same time, it includes two usb connections, which is fabulous it also. You could plug it into a 110 circuit, which i actually have as well free in my truck, so that really frees up a lot of my precious space in the truck. I like that a lot this here is the repeater. So if you have a particularly long trailer, this is super easy just clips to the positive and negative terminals for the battery. You mount this normally its good to mount like somewhere on the chassis somewhere. So its got kind of like a clear line of sight to your rear wheels and then this will repeat the signal to this bluetooth device. So you always have an absolutely strong signal um when youre going down the road. Why dont? We start installing things and set it up and see how it works. Okay, it is blazing hot out here in florida today, so i am not going to crawl under this trailer and do the full install of the repeater. But let me show you how it gets installed, because it is super simple, its all you got to do. Is you got to take the cover off of your battery system here, youre going to attach the very simply marked we all know red, positive black negative youre, going to put these alligator clips onto the wires and then youre just simply going to run this repeater back Along the chassis, you want to be sure to fasten the wire so its not hanging down not going to get caught on anything.

So it can pick up the signal from either the vehicle youre telling or your wheels, which are pretty far back from your receiver. In your cab and this way, itll amplify that signal and youll always have a really strong reading of what your tire pressure and temperatures are all right. Lets start installing some of the fun stuff, the technology inside the truck itself. First thing that were going to install is the bluetooth receiver transmitter, which is going to communicate the tire pressure and temperature information to the app on your phone. All you need to do to set it up is plug it in press the button on the top and youre gon na see this blue light comes on, and that is it. We are all set up for. The next step lets set up that cool app. First, youre going to scan the qr code out of the book, its obviously going to bring you to right to the tire minder app youre, going to download and install that onto your cell phone, its going to request all the normal permissions and then its going to Check to make sure there are no updates to the app once thats complete. As you can see, it has automatically paired itself with the bluetooth receiver, which is so easy, were going to click that learn button at the center bottom and thats, going to put it into a mode where it will pair with all the different transmitters.

Its super easy ill walk you through it, so you know what its like: okay, so heres the process youre going to remove the tire pressure sensor, so read zero and put it into learn mode. Youre going to press the tire you want to be recording which for me and my application right now, i am going to record the left rear for my vehicle here and its saying learning and so then youre going to plug in the sensor and there it goes Picks it up how simple and easy is that lets just go and repeat one more time here we go. Lets learn this wheel, all right, hey, while you watch me race through setting up all the rest of these wheels ill. Tell you whats going to come next, and that is, we are going to set up a baseline for all the tire pressures when it comes set up. Youll see it is set up for a much higher tire pressure than for my regular vehicle, so its throwing off alarms. So you just simply press the baseline. You then press whichever wheel. You want to set you punch in the tire pressure so now im driving around im, not hooked up to the trailer so im using lower pressures like 34 pounds for the vehicles wheels and but im going to trip it up. Youre gon na see here, but just because i wanted to see how sensitive it was and if it was going to throw alarms and so my left rear tire i had over inflated to 45 just to see what it would do and it is going to instantly Throw up an alarm when we go back into basic monitoring mode, but this is all you.

Do you just repeat at each wheel? You just press the wheel. You want to change change the number you got to remember to press done to lock it in, and you just move through in my case, im moving through all eight wheels and it took no time at all to do it so as i send it back to The home mode, it instantly shows up that i am over pressure in my left, rear tire at 47 pounds per square inch, which is precisely what we want the system to do, keep us out of trouble, either with tire pressures going down or over inflating all right. How about some final thoughts well, youve seen it installed youve seen how it works and youve actually seen it change my mind. Personally, i was that guy who i was happy to just have a basic system and have the computer monitor the truck and just have a basic thing: monitoring the back and the trailer, and i was so so impressed at how easy this system was to work with Im now monitoring all eight tires at once. We checked the alarms the alarm worked flawlessly, so i dont have to worry about actually watching and having the tire pressure sitting on my dashboard all the time, its great and im switching to this guaranteed um. One thing i will remind you is: you need to leave the app running in the background, otherwise those alarms wont work, doesnt, use up too much extra power and easily runs in the background on both apple and android systems.