First off, when you buy the dji osmo 3 youll also get this little tripod. Like thing, this is actually to help. You balance the phone on your gimbal properly, so you just screw it in at the bottom over here and then you can put it on a table so that its flat and stable and there are absolutely no uh shakes and doesnt fall over or anything. Then you take your phone and just put it into the smartphone holder over here and thats fine. Now, as you can see, this phone is actually not sitting straight on the gimbal. That means its out of balance, one its actually tipping way too much to the uh left side. In this case, so im just gon na push. You push it all the way to the right till it stays center there we, so it is now center. Roughly there we go perfectly centered right now. The other problem is sometimes. What you will notice is that the phone after youve put it in the gimbal tends to either fall forwards or backwards. This is because maybe the phone could uh, you know, be causing an uneven weight distribution so, for example, it could be like this or falling forward or falling backwards. So the way you take care of that is by essentially moving this back part over here up and down. So these are rails that will allow you to shift the weight of the phone in the top down axis.

So if you just do a little bit of that, you see okay, its become a little top heavy. You push it back down and then again still a little top heavy. So you push it down a little bit more and then your phone will should be perfectly centered a little bit there we go now when i hold when i set the phone at zero zero and i leave it its perfectly balanced. Now, when you turn on the gimbal whats going to happen, is this and then you can go into your horizontal condition? The reason we balance the gimbal is simple: if the phone by default is balanced and its center of gravity is centered completely, then the motors on the gimbal will not have to work hard or theyll actually not even have to work at all to sort of bring The camera back into the straight orientation, however, if your phone is completely out of balance, then you put a lot of load on both the motors over here and over here to bring the phone to balance one causing the motors to heat up, which reduces the overall Lifespan also, it eats up into your battery life like anything. The 14 to 15 hour battery life that is claimed by dji for the osmo 3 actually stands. True, if you balance the gimbal properly, if you dont, then that life could be reduced to something as small as one hour, even so thats a quick look at how you balance the dji osmo 3 gimbal, and this works with any smartphone pro tip, make sure to Take the case off before you put the phone on because, with the case your phone may not even fit into the plan so thats pretty much it.

Hopefully, you guys have enjoyed this video and its been helpful to you.