So this is smartphone its actually pretty interesting. I mean we got your huawei supercharge, which is a 66 watts, uh charger which is known inside in huawei, mate 14, that we have reviewed before and, of course, theres. The snapdragon 662 processor inside, along with 8 gigs of ram theres, the 64 megapixel quad camera setup. On the smartphone too and uh theres, the uh 6.67 inch full hd, plus ips huawei edgeless display so yeah theres a lot of features that this smartphone offers and im uh quite interested with this one. Sorry lets unbox and lets take a closer look at this smartphone. The huawei nova 8i, so youre looking at the huawei nova 8 ice box, so the vine that we got comes with a uh 8 gigs of ram and 128 gigs of internal storage. So, finally i got the interstellar blue one. I, like that color so time to unbox this smartphone all right, so we got here the huawei nova 7i, its a thick boy, so smartphone at all how to find apps, basically its the app gallery. So we got here the free jelly case, the usbc to usb a cable and the 66 watts huawei supercharge. Surprisingly, this one is pretty light compared to most chargers and yes, 66 watts per inch. Now we have here the huawei nova 8i time to take a short spin detour smartphone at all so nakita. You know whats inside the box of the huawei nova 8.

I now lets talk about the smartphone, so first, as you can see in here, we got here a pretty cool design. I mean we got here a circular or a round camera module with quad camera setup. But if youve noticed your camera there, we go no opening theres a lot of fingerprints, all right down the smartphone, so im ramming smudges and um oil over here, glossier, its actually glossy back and even after just a few minutes of using the smartphone ramite smudges. So i highly suggest that you use the included jelly case detail so smartphone the smartphone doesnt feel really thick because of the ergonomics. I mean we got here curved sides at the back of the smartphone, which means that, despite having a 6.67 inch in the display madeli for the buttons on the right, we got here the fingerprint scanner, along with the volume rocker at the top of it. Of course, meredith headphone jacks at the asdan smartphone, thankfully hindi, latin and galan headphone jack. This is a smartphone. I was actually expecting now. Okay, mid range on the 2021 headphone jack, because most smartphones are ditching that already in favor of the usbc dongle below the smartphone is where you can see the usbc port. And yes, it does support 66 watts huawei supercharge. So you need to use the included usbc. Cable and also young canyon, charger, param or utilizing 66 watts huawei supercharge. Indeed, 09. We got here the 6.

67 inch uh ips huawei edgeless display. I actually like the display of the smartphone as the bezels are really really thin, whether were talking about the sides or young china actually manipulate. I actually like looking at it, parashant flagship smartphone functioning, piston, bezel, huawei, nova, 7i nova 8i and of course it is a smartphone. It actually houses a 16 megapixel selfie camera of the huawei nova 8i. Speaking of the camera silicon, we got here. The 64 megapixel main eight megapixel ultra wide two megapixel macro and a two megapixel depth camera so mama going back to display yes maganda in display not – and i actually like the colors of this one despite being an ips. Unfortunately, theres no 90 hertz refresh rate on this one or 120 hertz refresh rate xiong, because i was expecting a magazine around 90 hertz detail because most smartphones these days, even on the mid range ones, especially an ips display, has a 90 hertz refresh rate now lets Talk about the software of the smartphone, so the smartphone runs on emui 11 based on android and basically its like harmony os long, then harmony os on smartphones is similar to android. Of course the core is hms so theres no google play on this one, but you can download applications on the petal search or on the huawei app gallery. So i havent really tested you my applications and games that ive downloaded on the smartphone. But i i was able to download different applications, including pubg mobile ganshin impact and even call of duty mobile don segarena, which is for the southeast asian market gallery and with the petal search widget applications na another download uh.

The galling duns among a third party stores nova 8i, so you might wonder the snapdragon 662 well its not a new processor, obviously but uh its fast enough and very responsive details and navigation. That is a smartphone. But, of course, in benchmarks. Ive actually tried antutu on the smartphone, and i was able to get a score of 197 to 230 197. I was able to get a score of 197 237 on the huawei nova 8i. Now lets talk about the camera of the smartphone. Karinas now were gon na say: new young specifications. The hotting camera now check out some of the shots that i took using the huawei nova 8i Music. So unfortunately, i am not really that happy for getting a camera quality. The shots that i took werent that great uh, especially for 2021 smartphones, so i hope that huawei can improve that even more well, it conditions. As for the battery, i am not sure yet, but we got here: 4 300 milliamp hours of battery and the 66 watts huawei supercharge uh im, pretty sure that you can fully charge the smartphone and uh, probably an r or less details of huawei nova 8i. So i guess thats it detail starting unboxing and quick review of the huawei nova 8. I well. We got here a really interesting design and im gon na design yeah. Actually one of my favorite, the designs of mommy, the smartphones out there and the display of the smartphone for me its actually pretty good.

I actually love the bezel sobrang, the chin, but of course, and of course so the 662 can still do its job uh. But yeah, if youre looking for a powerful smartphone 616., so i guess thats it detoxing unboxing and hands on on huawei nova 8i. So if you like, this, video dont forget to give us thumbs up and, of course, dont forget to subscribe to our channel and be sure to click that subscribe button along with that bell button to get notified of our latest videos here, staffing youtube channel. So once again, i am jump jam online dot ph. Thank you for watching and see you guys again soon.