It is the first cup of display smartphone from techno mobile and also probably the only smartphone at its price point with a corked display, which is the first thing. That is starting to attract your attention. When you first see the device it comes at a premium, mid range price as well, but what does it have to offer Music hello, guys its izzy here and im with post tv reviewing the techno phantom x for about 220 000 naira? You can purchase the techno phantom x and it comes in an elaborate packaging body of a premium device diving right into the box. You are greeted with the inscription for the ones who are worth it. The first layer of the box contains the phantom x smartphone and a well made protective casing with a somewhat leather finish. The second layer of the box contains its accessories. That is the three watts charger for fast charging, its usb cable and earphones. A 13 months warranty card and, of course, the sim ejector tool now back to the actual device, the techno phantom x. It comes in two beautiful color options, that is the iceland blue, which i have here and the monet summer. It is a 6.7 inches install device with a curved amoled display, built with the top gorilla glass 5 on the display and rear. You have a pre installed screen protector, which you might not notice, but its a good addition. The glass on the back is textured technology because its silk glass.

And if you look closely enough, it has a vertical stripe pattern which feels really nice to touch, and it does a good job at preventing smudges its rear cameras and flash arranged vertically in the middle. On a two step bump, the protective casing that comes in the box actually adds to the star and takes nothing away from the design. It is low profile and it doesnt make the device bulky. The tecno phantom x is a dual sim device and it also supports expandable storage. That is plenty of storage potential, since it already comes with 256 gigs of internal storage. Now lets take a look at the rest of the specifications of the signal phantom x. It is powered by the gaming, enhanced mediatek helio g95 processor and has eight gigabytes of ram. It packs for the 700 milliamps per hour battery and it supports 33 watts of fast charging. It can power up from zero to 100 in a little over an hour. The phantom x has a covered amoled display with a fast 90hz screen refresh rate for its cameras. You get a 50 megapixel triple rear camera setup and 48 megapixel dual front facing cameras on the display. Well, go into the details later. The display on the techno phantom x is a major selling point and for good reason it is a full hd amoled display, which calls nicely around the edges. No huge pizels present aside it being a bright and beautiful display.

The edges have good palm rejection, so you dont have to worry about accidental touches, while holding the device streaming content or watching. Videos on this display gives an amazing experience with these vibrant colors. Techno went all out with this one. The fingerprint scanner on the techno phantom x is on the display and youll find it quite responsive and accurate. Just above the display, you have a front facing flash to help with nighttime selfies. You dont see that on a lot of devices these days you have a single speaker on the phantom x, which sounds quite good and loud for a single speaker. The buttons on the techno phantom x are all positioned on the right side of the device frame, but i forget to mention it: has a metal frame all its ports are the bottom frame lined up right next to the speaker, that is the usbc and earphone sport. There is nothing on the left frame. The techno phantom x is not just a premium device by name only. It actually feels like its when you hold it in your hands. The design is on point and ill say its one off or actually the best looking device at this price point for a design ill say it scores. A nine. The phantom x runs on android version 11 and technos custom ios 7.6, which is feature packed and mostly ad free, compared to what we were used to with ios. The software is packed with lots of customization features, including theft alerts, a feature which, when enabled sent an alarm when your phone is suddenly disconnected from the charger.

My favorite feature is peak proof. This dock is selected part of your display and only shows where you want it to this way, someone else can see the content of your phone while youre operating it. There are other features such as kids mode, live, transcribe, whatsapp mode, game mode, etc. One major addition to the software on the phantom x is technos own voice assistant ella. It can listen and carry out voice. Commands like play music, make a call set an alarm or even send whatsapp messages. Wake me up by 8am tomorrow, an alarm for tomorrow. Eight has been set for you: 90 hertz school refreshers on the techno phantom x makes for smoother animations and scrolling experience. You can disable it for 60 hairs, which should give you longer battery life, but i say battery life on 90hz is just fine. If gaming is your thing, the techno phantom x is capable of handling high graphics games, comfortably the likes of asphalt, 9 call of duty, mobile, pubg, mobile or even gamescene impact. It has a game mode which helps to optimize the device for an enhanced gaming experience. You will find the battery life on the techno phantom x to be long, lasting and enough to take you through an entire day in the event that you need to quickly charge your device. You have no worries as 30 minutes of charging will give you over 50 of charge if completely drained. As long as you use the recommended charger in the box, now lets talk about the cameras on the techno phantom x.

It has a high resolution, 48 megapixel, wide selfie camera and beside it is an 8 megapixel ultra wide camera, both in a two shaped cutouts, positioned at the top left of the display. The selfie cameras are capable of taking sharp and bright looking selfies with good skin tones. You can either use the white or ultra wide camera for selfies. If you want your surface to be super sharp, you can enable ultra hd, which will be larger in size compared to the default on its rear cameras. We have a triple combination of a 50 megapixel main camera with laser autofocus, a 13 megapixel telephoto lens with 2x optical zoom and an 8 megapixel ultra wide camera. The tecno phantom x can take some really sharp and impressive photos. Dynamic range is wide and color accuracy is good. If you need your pictures in higher resolution, you can also enable ultra hd mode, just like with the selfie cameras the ultra white camera has autofocus, so it doubles as a micro camera and allows you to take some good looking close up shots. There are a couple of other camera modes, including slow motion ar shots, beauty mode and super night mode. I find the camera performance at night to be very impressive compared to other competing devices. You can also shoot 4k videos from both the surfing and the rear. Cameras of the techno phantom x and the resulting video is satisfactory. The techno phantom x is actually a great development from techno mobile, as fans have demanded premium quality and update delivered with the techno phantom x, especially on its design and build quality.

This is the device you are going to hold in a public place and someone will highly believe that it was made by tecno. Now. The key features for me on the tecno phantom x are its covered, display its design and the improved software experience. So that is the techno phantom x.