Now this device is actually a mirror of the poco f3 gt and ive been using it for a couple of days now and heres. A few reasons why i think you might want to wait for the poco f3 gt to appear before actually making your next smartphone purchase decision. Now, before i begin this video, i just want to say thank you a huge shout out to my friend erica who is actually selling these devices. He is the one who actually provided me with this device right here for me to check out, so i can share my experience with you guys. So if you want to find out more about erica, if youre in malaysia and youre looking for your next smartphone check out down in the links below now, bear in mind that this video is just my personal opinion on the upcoming poco f3 gt. I know that this device here is going to be quite an affordable device based on pricing ive seen in india. It starts at about like rm, one thousand five to six hundred ish, so its definitely going to be very affordable and its positioned very much at the gaming community. But before i talk about that, i just wan na. Let you know that if you are not a gamer, you should also take note of this device right here, because it offers a lot of performance for the amount of money its asking poco is blowing it away again right.

So lets talk a bit about this device here, as you can see on my table on my desk right here. I have all my devices my poco f3, the x3 pro the x3 gt. So you can see that im a very avid user of poco devices – and these are all very familiar to me so lets talk about this device right here for now and why i think you should actually hold up your money for this. One first up were going to take a look at the design mine. Is this bruce lee edition here so its going to be very flashy, but you can always opt for the silver version that is coming out. That one looks really slick. Another thing you need to note here is that i think the build quality is a slight upgrade compared to the poco f3 here, because it does comes with this aluminum sides all around and its very solid guys. It feels good in hand so notice on the sides here. We actually also have these shoulder triggers, which you can just activate by sliding on the buttons right here very convenient to use and also very useful if you are a gamer at the back here. This little camera cutout here does house an led notification and if you charge your device, which im going to show you very quickly right here, if you put it in right here notice that this thing will actually light up.

So its very cool notice that this color here is also rgb, so you can actually choose what color you want to show up on the back here, which i think is very cool: okay, so enough about those rgb stuff at the bottom. Here you do get your type c charging port uh. You also get your dual stereo speaker cutouts, which is very nice here. Take a look at that design, guys its very flashy at the top. It is also a similar shape for that speaker at the top very nice and at the front here you have a very clean design here with that tiny camera cut out in the middle. So if you want to take a look at this front as well notice that the bezels here are quite symmetrical and im quite surprised again because uh on the poco f3 right here, it is not that symmetrical. Whereas on this guy right here, it is actually quite symmetrical, so yeah all right. So now that ive talked a bit about that design, um again im still very impressed with what poco is doing here. It does look very flashy, but i like it quite a bit. All right so now lets talk a bit about that display at the front um right here we are getting the 6.67 inch amoled display here, which is a 120 hertz refresh rate. That means its very smooth. Apart from that, you should also know that it supports a 480 hertz sampling rate, so its ultra sensitive as well, especially if you are a gamer.

In fact, i tend to accidentally do a lot of touches around here, because its just so smooth guys just take a look at this. It literally just glides all over it is so so smooth. So i think you will definitely enjoy this display here, because it is just a very good display coming from poco right here with the f3 gt. All right now lets move on a little bit to performance because thats, where it really differs from the poco f3 right here now in terms of performance. This guy right here is rocking the dimension 1200 processor and in terms of gaming, it does really fly guys. It is a very strong gaming device, so ive got a couple of games here. Like i mentioned, and ive played a couple of games, it is indeed very smooth, but i did notice that temperatures tend to go a little bit higher than my poco f3 right here. In fact, just to show you guys what it performs in terms of benchmarks, let me just show you very quickly the geekbench right here, because i have it already. So if you just take a look at this side by side right here, um do notice that the poco f3 actually scored a bit higher than the diamond city. 1200. Im actually quite surprised at that result, because this is the snapdragon 870. It still outperforms the dynamicity 1200 just in terms of the geekbench scores, but you should also take note of the 3d mark test that i did here.

It actually shows very consistent levels of performance right here and again side by side with the poco f3 right here notice that the amount of the score is actually very similar to the poco f3. But on the dimension 1200, you notice that it is just much more stable compared to the snapdragon 870, so this is just benchmark scores. Just to give you an idea of a reference on how your gaming performance might turn out. But overall, i think in terms of gaming, it just flies. One more thing you need to note here is that the global version might come with just six or eight gigabytes of ram. Although my device here is rocking 12 gigabytes of ram, so thats a huge one here, but yeah thats, something that you should take note of overall performance guys. This is nothing short of spectacular. Everything is very fast super smooth to launch just take a look at that launch time guys, so everything is also super fast if you just browse a lot of social media. Like i do facebook, everything is very quick. Uh instagram, obviously also loads up crazy fast. It grows faster than you can see, of course, youtube as well. Just look at all these launch speeds, guys and yeah. It is just very quick, a very quick device right here, all right so now. The next thing i want to talk about very quickly here is the cameras that we have here. So we have a triple camera setup, which is led by the main 64 megapixel sensor.

Now that is slightly higher than the poco f3 that only has 48 megapixels and yes on the poco f3. It wasnt a great camera, but i would say that it is much more improved on the poco f3 gt right here. Youre, getting a better camera, so pictures taken during the day and night will look a little bit more sharper, more detailed and definitely more pleasing to the eyes and of course, much better for you to share on your social media, so yep youre getting a better camera Here as well, next thing i want to talk about very quickly is the battery in the back here we do get a 5 000 ish battery here, but the main story is all about that charger, which i have right here. This is the 67 watt charger that came in the box uh it charges up very fast. I think it takes about like 15 minutes to get to 50 or something like that very, very fast charger here. So you can expect to charge this up very quickly. All right guys so before i go two more items that i want to cover here, the first one is a very important one, and that is the haptics engine on the poco f3 gt. Now this is using the x axis, uh haptics engine, and that is actually the more premium and more expensive one compared to the z axis, and what this means is that it gives you those shorter sharper and crispier kind of vibrations that you can find on this Device right here so thats definitely a plus point.

Next thing we want to talk about here is very quickly on the audio performance, so audio on this poco f3 gt here is also very loud. It gets slightly louder than the poco f3 that i have here and yes, it is definitely a very pleasing, sound here, overall guys, uh just to sum up my experience with the poco f3 gt or redmi k for the gaming edition. If you will is that it has been very quick thats, my only thing that came to my mind is fast, so, whether or not youre going to use it for gaming, if youre going to use it on a daily. I think this is actually the perfect device here. If you are looking to purchase your next smartphone, you should definitely hold for the poco f3 gt, see what the price really lands here and, if its much more worth it or maybe just 100 or 200 ringgit more than the poco f3 right here, i would say That you should spend that additional money to get the poco f3 gt all right guys. I know this has been a very quick video uh if you like this video dont forget to give it a thumbs up. Thank you guys for watching to the end again and, of course, stay safe.