This is normal here and in this, video were gon na. Do a review of the new redmi note 10 t5g. Now, as the name indicates, this is the first smartphone from xiaomi under the redmi branding with the 5g uh support in india. So redmi note, 10 uh series were launched earlier this year and we got the redmi note. 10 note 10 pro and pro max and the later note 10 s also came now we have the fifth device in this um 10 series. Then redmi note 10 t5g. Now this device comes with the dimension 700 chip, and this comes with 4 gigabyte ram, as well as 6 gigabyte ram, and you get a 48 megapixel uh triple camera setup and a large 5000 mah capacity, battery 18 volt charging and miui 12.5. So how good is the device so lets find out in this detailed review so before getting started? If this is your first time on, this channel do hit that red subscribe button and also hit the bell icon to get notified of all the videos we publish so lets begin. So first lets have a look at the design and build quality of the new redmi. Note 10 t now looking at the design, you can see that the design language is quite similar to the previous uh redmi. Note 10 series, especially the redmi note: 10 s and the redmi note 10.. Now you can see that the camera layout looks quite familiar now.

There is a sensor missing thats the ultra wide angle sensor. Hence this is a triple camera setup, but nevertheless the camera layout looks quite good now. The back panel design also is quite good, its its made of polycarbonate material, but its a matte finish, and hence it gives a good feel altogether. Now we have been using this device for almost like two weeks and uh. We feel the build quality is definitely good. The fit and finish is good: now you get the side mounted fingerprint scanner, the sim tray and usb type c port and the speaker unit. The 3.5 memory jack is on the top, so it feels quite good in terms of the fit and finish even the front panel has a punch, hole, selfie camera the bezels are quite okay, so, in terms of design language, this uh follows the same design. Language of the redmi note 10 series, and you can see that this is quite a decent looking device out there and built quality wise also, it feels quite good, although its a polycarbonate material, the fit and finish and the build quality looks really nice. On the redmi note, 25g, now moving on to the display now uh redmi, note, 10, 10 pro and pro max came with a full hd amoled display. This comes with an ips lcd panel, although this has 90 hertz differentiate. This is not an amoled panel and hence you dont get the same kind of experience.

You got on the redmi note 10 or even the redmi note, 10 pro or the pro max. Now the display quality is quite okay. The brightness levels are kind of adequate. I would say uh in outdoor uh bright, sunlight, its, not a very bright display, but its a decent experience. Now color seems quite okay, its an ips lcd panel, so its not as rich or vibrant as the amulet panels, so that actually shows up uh. If you compare with the redmi note 10 series, which is priced quite similarly uh the redmi, obviously the redmi note 10 display is better its a name on a display button. Here you get a 90 hertz refresh 8. Now the refrigerator again seems quite good. It does add to the uh the smoothness of the display. The touch response also feels quite okay, so, overall we feel uh. This is not the best display out there in this 15k price segment, but its not bad, either its a decent display with 90 hertz refreshing. Now, moving on to the software now, this device comes with android 11 out of the box and we get miui 12. 0.3 on this device. Unfortunately, there is no miui 12.5 as of now on this device. So we expect the xiaomi to roll out the miui 12.5, because the miui 12.5 was available. On the redmi note 10 s – and this was first redmi device to come with the miui 12.5, but uh kind of weird that this device does not come with the miui 12.

5 and the miui 12.5 actually has a lot of changes internally in terms of performance. Overall experience, so this is again a decent ui experience. Um now this comes with 4 gigabyte ram. The one we have is a 4 gigabyte ram variant and um. This is powered by the uh, the immensity 700 chip. Now the software experience is quite similar to what we have seen on other admin devices uh pretty good in terms of experience, a pleasure of modes and options to choose, and we havent seen any sort of major bugs or issues here. So its fairly good. In terms of overall experience in terms of performance, this device runs on the demand city 700 chip. Now the chip is quite similar in this price segment. We have seen this on the poco m3 pro as well thats a decent performing chip, its a 5g chip, and it provides a decent experience too its not a gamers device. Although you can play some decent games on this device uh, you may not get very high graphic options, but its decent performance in terms of gaming and the day to day experience is pretty smooth, actually uh. It does not have any sort of lag or issues and the overall day to day experience in browsing calls uh social media usage of camera, all those things uh. It was quite good, so its a fairly good device in terms of performance as well. Now this is a 5g enabled chipset again in previous videos.

Also, we have mentioned that 5g is not. It arrived in india, so going behind 5g for a smartphone doesnt make really great sense as of now, but if you still want to go with the 5g device on a budget, then probably the redmi note, 10 t and the poco m3 pro also offers yj at This price segment now uh talking about other aspect, the side motor fingerprint scanner performs quite well uh. You can see that it does pretty good in terms of experience, you also get a good speaker output and the call quality and the signal strength is also pretty good. On this device it does support voice over wi fi uh. Then you get carry aggregation as well. So all those things are included on this device now moving on to the camera, so this device comes with a triple camera setup. We have a 48 megapixel primary sensor. Again we dont know the sensor details. We have done a camera review of this device uh it has a macro sensor and a depth sensor and you get a selfie camera as well. Now, looking at the camera samples, we can say that this is a decent performer in terms of overall camera experience. Colors are quite okay for the most part, but the sharpness levels and detailing is not really great, but still that it provides a decent experience. Overall. Now, uh color quality is definitely good. It produces more or less natural colors, which is pretty good and even in the budget segment you get some really good shots in this device.

Now again, as i said before, ultra wide angle, camera is missing on this device. Thats one of the things which is missing on the redmi note 10 t now the macros are kind of okay. I would say again: i i personally feel the redmi note 10 pro and even the redmi note 10 produces slightly better overall macros than this device and uh. Apart from that, this also comes with the depth sensor, again decent performance. Now the low light experience is not a strength of this camera, its a decent performance. Again, you can say, i would say, not a decent, its an average performer again, you can see a lot of noise in the low light experience uh again a lot of strength of this device. Now selfie cameras are kind of okay uh. You can get some decent selfies again, um uh, the detailing are are good. Uh selfies are more of a personal choice. I would leave you to abuse to decide how good the experience is. You can also check out our detailed camera review to find out how the camera performance has been now. Finally, the battery life. So this device comes with a 5000 mah capacity battery with 18 volt fast charging. Now uh, you might be asking we get a 33 volt charging on the redmi note 10. Then why is 18 volt on this device? Now this device ships with a 22.5 watt charger but uh whatever charger? You use the uh the demand city 700 chip can support.

Only a maximum of 18 watts so thats the restriction, its a chip based restriction, so you have to leave with 18 volt charger. This is the same case. What weve seen on the poco m3 pro as well. Now it takes uh close to two hours to charge. This device, the battery performance, is stellar as usual. The 5000 mah capacity battery gives you a really good performance on a budget, so thats the battery performance. So summing up, how good is the redmi note? 20, 5g at uh, 1309 pricing, so thats, a four gigabyte ram and the 64 gigabyte storage uh pricing. Now this device makes sense. So if you are looking for a great 5g device on a budget at least below the 15 000 price segment, if youre looking for a 5g device, this makes sense uh again it has a decent performance. Then good battery life, then design and build quality qualities. Again, quite good decent experience as well, but downsides, probably is uh. It is an ips lcd panel, not the best panels out. There then probably uh the low light, camera experience and overall camera performance is strictly average and um other than that. Probably we dont see much of it uh issue with this device, but its a quite good device if youre looking for 5g, but otherwise we feel the redmi note 10 or the redmi note. 10. Pro makes much better sense than this device. But if you are looking for a 5g device again, this is one of the really good devices in the sub 15k price segment with 5g enabled.

So that is a detailed review of the redmi. Note.