Today we are going to do some unboxing and initial review of the samsung m51. This particular model is 128gb black, so from the box uh nothing much details um outside just talk about the ram and the uh memory, so ram is 6gb in this model. It comes in 6gb and 8gb rom or memory is 128gb, so this is 6.7 inch. Diagonally. Now so thats what it comes, ive already i mean uh done boxing and then did some configuration as well initial configuration so not doing the generic installation and all that everything in front of you thats pretty common and everybody does it so out of the box uh. It comes with a usb c. Cable both ends its usbc. It also has a usbc port here, and the charger is its a quick, fast charge. I will show it closer to the screen if you can see its a quick, fast charging usb c normal basic charger. Now about the phone uh, it has usb c port speaker its only one here and then a 3.5 check for the earphone it has from here. You can insert two micro uh, two sim cards and one memory card as well: thats the normal uh button for the unlock and lock. This is also a fingerprint button and then this is the volume locker now yeah its pretty nice screen clear. So talking about the phone um it is, it was released in 2020, um and yeah. I think i will oops yeah, so it is around 213 gram weight its its uh, its okay, not that heavy – and this is a 220 version, and it has it has super amoled plus screen and its pretty nice descent.

If i unlock it, you can see the screen as its pretty smooth and the colors are very vibrant, so it is uh six point: seven inch, the total 108.4 centimeter square uh its its diagonally uh calculated, and then the resolution is about 180 to 2400 pixels around About ‘3 ppi density: now it has a corona glass, 3, but yeah again, i have, as i told im already using it. So i have put a screen card thats, a pretty thin one. So its a nice screen guard what i got from amazon, then yeah its android 10 out of the box which comes in, but as soon as you install you can upgrade it and theres a theres at least an upgrade available immediately to android 11.. It has qualcomm snapdragon 720g and it comes with octa core 2 into 2.2 and then cairo plus it it will come with 6 into 1.8 uh cairo now gpu is adreno. 6.. 6. 6. 618. yeah, as i told theres a micro sd card as well uh along here with the sim cards, two sim cards, so you can have one micro, sd xc card uh. I im currently using, i think, 64 gb, but you can have higher than that as well. 1.8 gb is the internal memory and you actually dont need it unless you are storing lot on your phone uh. Otherwise, i think 128gb should be sufficient if you are using cloud and everything for your photos and everything so its not much required uh camera.

It has four cameras: um 64 megapixel um wide plus 12 megapixel is the ultra wide angle and for mic for macro. It is 5 megapixel and theres another one for 5 megapixel depth. So you have those four cameras with one flash uh front. Is a 22 megapixel camera uh this one, its its single one here so its 32 megapixel, then video and all you can record with 4k at 30 fps frame per second, you can record it at 180. Pi at 30, 20 frame per second as well, its hdr plus, so it comes with wi fi, abg, n and ac its its. It does not have e, which is the latest model. Uh plus, you will have uh your fm radio and generic all that. So usb c this is 2.0, not the um, not the 2.1. I think 2.2 is the latest version. So this is the usbc 2.0, not exactly the latest one um. So the good thing about the phone is the battery, so you get around 7000 milliampere battery. I am yet to see how much it goes, but i think on a rough usage or a decent amount of usage, you can at least go for two days again. Of course, you, if youre going to play the day, play the games um whole day, its not going to last uh for or for a day or two, but with a decent, decent usage, a little bit of game internet youtube and all that i think it will Easily go to two days so, depending on usage, fast charger, which comes out of the box, its 25 watt.

So this one it it does not say here exactly but yeah i mean if you, if you look at the configurations for this phone it is, it is 25 volt. So i think, with 7000 battery i have not tested with the time, but it should be charged full from, i would say, five percent to hundred percent. It should take at least one half hour because of the 7000 milliampere battery. It has so thats in india, its costing around uh on amazon. You will find it for 19 900, but i think in shops and all you can get a deal for about 18 900 or something like that. Uh plus, if you have some deals with your credit card like this, you might get some deals so uh thats all about the um oops. Let me go back so thats all about the phone uh, its a decent lightweight, not that too heavy uh. I have tested few shots with the camera theyre decent. So good luck! If you like the phone go ahead and buy, probably you can, i think, probably on amazon. You can return that as well. If you dont like so.