. If youre watching, this samsung has already unveiled their two new foldable devices and im going to be doing a quick first look and impressions, video, starting with the full three and i have to start by saying that we already sort of had an idea of what these Devices would look like based on all the rumors and leaks and im surprised to say that we werent too far off. In fact, i doubt that we actually missed anything starting from the design. There are significant improvements and changes which, in my opinion, have made the fall. 3, look much much better than the full 2.. It still does resemble the fall 2 in some areas, but there are some key differences like the flatter thinner profile, which i think is very nice improvement as it gives it a very sleek look. We can also see that the camera model now is in line sort of giving it a similar look to what we saw in the note 10 devices. Another thing to mention is that the back of the foal 3 now comes with gorilla, glass invictus, and it also has a new frame which samsung calls the armored aluminum frame, basically making the phone a lot stronger than before. When it comes to the colors. We currently have three colors a black and olive green, which is my personal favorite and a white color as well dimensions wise. The phone is slightly smaller, slightly thinner and slightly lighter as well, which makes the phone a little bit less bulky and easier to hold in the hands.

If we look on the sides, we can see the power button, which also has the fingerprint sensor integrated into it. On the bottom, we see the usb c port alongside the microphone and the speaker grille as well. Also, the full 3 now comes with ipx8 rating, which means that it doesnt really have a dust resistant rating. Although samsung has made some changes to the hinge, which means less dust, is likely to enter the full three as compared to last years fold and the eight means that it will basically have a water resistance where you can submerge the phone in one meter. Water for up to 30 minutes – and this is honestly pretty impressive – considering that we do have a lot of moving parts and there are a ton of places where water can enter and cause damage. Talking about the display here, we have the same 6.2 inch front cover display and a 7.6 inch primary foldable display, and with this i do want to point out that the fold 2 only had 120 hertz display on the primary display, which was the one on the Inside and the cover display was only 60 hertz, but this time samsung kept it consistent and added 120 hertz display to the cover display as well, which is a nice little improvement. Another improvement that was also made was in the actual folding display. As many of us know, the folding screen, although was very innovative, was not perfect.

To say the least, the fold series ended up breaking and the second one basically left a pretty significant seam right where the phone folded up this year. There is a slight improvement on the display. We do see the seam its still a little bit noticeable, but it is not as prominent as last years fold now. This is where it does get a little bit interesting. The front camera on the cover display is still the same punch, hole, camera that comes with a 10 megapixel sensor, but the camera on the internal primary display has just a 4 megapixel sensor and it may seem like samsung, is taking a step back. But if you havent noticed the internal front, camera is actually an in display camera, which means that it hides until it needs to be used and because this technology is pretty new, you cant really manage a high megapixel sensor at the moment. But one thing that samsung did do is that they increase the pixel size, which means that more light can pass through and will give us a significantly better image. On top of that, the internal 4 megapixel camera would most likely be used for zoom calls or conference calls, which i think is more than enough to do the job when it comes down to the back cameras. All three have a 12 megapixel sensor with an ultra wide lens, a primary lens and a telephoto lens. Coming down to the powerhouse of the fall 3.

This year we see the latest snapdragon triple eight 5g chip, which now has better heat management and better battery life. As well, furthermore, the full three is paired with 12 gigs of ram with up to 512 gigs of internal storage. Moving to the battery, the full 3 actually has a slightly smaller battery than the full 2, which now comes at 4, 400 milliamperes compared to 4 500 milliamperes that we had. As far as the charging is concerned, the full 3 will support 25 watts of fast charging, with 15 watts of wireless charging, which will also be capable of reverse wireless charging. Now i wanted to keep the most exciting part of the full three till last, and that is the s pen support. The full 3 will support the s pen, even though the fold 3 does not have any space to hold it like. We see in the note series – and it will not be coming in the box either, so you will have to actually buy it separately, but there will be cases available which have slots, so you can store your s pen in it now. The one that i have here this is the s pen plus. So this is not the one that will be coming or will be the one thats suitable for default. If you buy a case with it, but considering the fact that we wont be seeing the note series being launched, it is nice to see the fall.

3. Have the s pen support anyways, guys? That was my first impression and review on the fall 3. I hope you guys enjoyed the video thumbs up if you did and also stay tuned for the flip 3, because that was also launched as well with the fall 3 and i will be uploading a separate first impressions. Video on that as well. So make sure that youre subscribed and have the bell notifications.