This love baby between a hockey puck and a raindrop is a gps, receiver and tracker two way: sms style, communicator and an sos beacon somewhere labs did send me this device to test and review, but they are not paying me. They have no say in the production of this video, nor do they get to preview it before it is published uh. This video does have a sponsor, though, and that is onyx offroad. The mapping software with over half a million miles of map trails take advantage of 20 off with the link in the description below as the adventurer that you are. There will be plenty of situations where your cell phone just wont have service and thats, where a two way communicator like this one comes in the somewhere labs, is different from other gps communicators, because it has relatively few buttons just this one on the side and then The sos button under this cap on top and it uses a messaging app similar to imessage or facebook messenger as primary communication and then sms as backup with so many options out there for gps tracking communicators. Why would you consider the somewhere labs? The first reason is the pricing of their data plans. The summer labs data plans start at and thirty three cents a month, which is the cheapest when compared against garmins and spots based plans, which are twelve dollars a month. However, the unit itself is priced right in the range of those others too.

At two hundred and eighty dollars, the garmin inreach mini is 350 and the spot x is 250. I think this is a fair price, considering that the size is what seems to determine the price of these, the smaller the device, the more expensive it is, the inreach mini as the smallest is the most expensive of the three at 350 dollars. It measures at two inches wide by four inches tall and weighs only three and a half ounces. The somewhere labs. The second smallest and mid priced is three inches wide by three point: six inches tall and weighs in at four ounces. Then there is the spot x, but i have to say that im not talking about the spot, gen 4 as a comparative product to the somewhere labs or the garmin inreach mini, because it sends pre programmed messages, even though it may be comparable in size. You just cant send custom messages, so were talking about the spot x and the spot x is the largest and most affordable of the three it isnt much cheaper than the summer labs at 250, although its usually on sale for around 200. I i think every time ive checked the price on it, its like 1.99, so as the cheapest and largest it measures in at 2.9, inches wide and six and a half inches tall and weighs a lofty seven ounces, which is almost half a pound. Although it seems like its in the middle of the pack, their app sets the somewhere labs apart from the competition ive been using the inreach mini as my primary unit for the last few years, and one thing that has bugged me about these other gps communicators is That my friends and family need to save a new phone number for me and their phones and they never seem to know which one to use.

So when im out on the trail – and i have cell service, theyre, probably texting my gps unit, which kind of drives me nuts or if i dont, have cell service theyre texting my phone and i dont get it yeah whatever because of the somewhere labs app. You and those you regularly message wont need to do that. Just use the app like you would dms and social media and they will have a direct delineation to know hey justins out there lets use the app, and, let me tell you this app is snappy. I dont know what wizardry these guys are using over there, but the time it takes to send and receive messages through the app is the fastest of any of these communicators. Ive used theres, really just no down time, youre just having a natural conversation. I love it and it looks good too now. If there is an instance that you need to text someone outside of the app lets, say a tow truck driver or whatever, it will generate a temporary phone number to send the sms through, but know that the temporary number will change after the conversation has been inactive. For a few hours, so dont use this number to text, family and friends and say: hey save this number. This is the new me. No, have them download the app. It is a much better experience. The app also boasts beautiful and easy to understand weather information. It just like messages refreshes way faster than i expected, and the graphic interface is absolutely stunning.

The battery life is also impressive, something i assume is related to the device not having a screen, but it will last up to 10 days with 10 minute interval tracking 10 days of gps without a charge, come on thats something else, and one of my favorite reasons To run the somewhere labs is the recent integration with this video sponsor onyx offroad, a typical scenario when meeting up with friends while camping is to share locations with friends who are also off the grid, with somewhere labs and on x offroad. You can create waypoints in on x. Just hold your finger on the location where you want to create a waypoint, then name it pick a color and select from one of their many icons with the waypoint created and saved. You can share it via somewhere by tapping on the waypoint and swiping to the left at the bottom of the screen to see share with somewhere select one of your followers or add a contact at this point and send it. They will receive a notification that opens somewhere and adds the waypoint right in their app, and this is cool too, if youre the one receiving the waypoint in somewhere. You can then open it in any of the three on x, apps, that is onyx, backcountry, onyx, hunt or onyx off road and with the waypoint added to your onyx app, you can navigate to it using your preferred highway navigation app. This opens up some great opportunities for off the grid meetups if you havent had a chance to play with onyx off road.

Yet i highly recommend you: do ive really enjoyed just the practical uses of this app to get a free trial and 20 off on x, off road use, my link below, or the code mcbride at checkout. As for some negatives to this device, theres currently no way to mount this to the dash both the spot and the inreach have ram mounts which make adding them to the 67 designs dash rail, a breeze. This really just has an elastic band on the back that you can kind of slap around stuff, but i assume amount will come out eventually. The second negative stems from one of the positives: the base plan, which is a great priced plan at eight dollars and thirty three cents a month has the highest price for overage messages. After the 10 messages allotted in the plan, it costs an additional dollar per message. Its pretty spendy compared to spots overage, which is 25 cents and garmins, which is 50 cents. Third negative, is one that i expect will be resolved soon enough, but somewhere doesnt have an ipad app as someone who primarily uses their ipad for route planning and gps tracking. With onex, i think this is a big miss. I look forward to seeing an ipad integration with this unit as they push more attention to off road and overnight users. The last negative isnt a huge deal, but its still just a minor inconvenience spot and garmin offer a simple sign up for insurance during activation to cover sos recovery costs.

To get that exact same insurance with the somewhere, you will need to visit the geos recovery website separately and ive added that link down below to help you out. This added insurance is worthwhile because for thirty dollars a year you can be covered for up to a hundred thousand dollars per incident. Overall, i like this thing. I, like the app i like the battery life, and i like the onyx integration im, excited to see what else these two companies can come up with to further benefit the off road community since receiving and testing the somewhere labs global hotspot. I have deactivated. My inreach account, which is saying a lot because i love the inreach mini. So if the summer labs global hotspot seems like the gps unit for you, i have included an affiliate link in the description below and i have to say i review quite a few products. Many of the brands dont appreciate negative feedback. One gps brand in particular comes to mind, but these guys have been nothing short of spectacular on every comment ive made. If nothing else give them a look at for being a small team that wants to make the best product for our use case, alright, that does it for me, make sure to stop by my second channel during my live streams, every tuesday and thursday lets hang out. Lets talk off road news while playing some games just having fun and remember if you liked this video, then please, like the video.

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