2021. Arguably the hottest conceptually designed smartphone to come out this year definitely the most futuristic smartphone in some time, with a price tag of seventeen hundred dollars. The question is whether or not it is truly worthy of that amount, and are you willing to sacrifice that much to get one well find out? I will examine its features: camera security package components, connectivity list the pros and cons of the galaxy z435g. Then i will render my overall rating and review lets: go the dimensions of the galaxy z435gr folded or closed 6.2 inches long by 0.3, inches wide by 0.62 inches thick unfolded or open 6.2 inches long by 5.0, inches wide by 0.3 inches thick and it weighs just 9.56 ounces, the glass when folded is constructed with a scratch resistant, corning, gorilla, glass, victis and the frame the entire device is an armored aluminum frame designed to protect the inner parts of the hinge. Its water resistant rating is an ipx8 water resistant up to five feet. For 30 minutes its, not dust resistant, this was a key problem and complaint for many users of the previous version. The z fold ii leave a comment below. If you think this is an oversight, a big deal or not an issue at all. For this version it has a fingerprint touch for security unlock, and the keys on the right side is for volume, control, lock and unlock keys. The zfo 35g comes in three colors phantom black phantom green and phantom silver, the display screens for the z fold.

Three are first when folded or closed is a 6.2 inch, long, dynamic, amyloid, two time, zoom screen with 2268 by 832 pixel resolution and a refresh rate of 120 hertz. Of course it has the scratch resistant glass made from corning gorilla, glass, invictus and the aspect ratio of 25 by nine and the dpi intensity is 374. when the phone is open or unfolded. The screen size is 7.6 inches long with dynamic, amyloid two time, zoom with high dynamic range 10 plus 1200 nits screen, meaning the brightness of it and has 1768 by 2208 pixel resolution. Of course, the same killer, refresh rate of 120 hertz. It has an aspect ratio of 22.5 by 18 and the ppi density is 372.. The z fold 3 5g is loaded with five cameras. The main camera is a triple lens. Comprised this way. First lens is a 12 megapixel f, slash 1.8 focal length aperture with a 1.024 inch wide lens, with dual pixel pdaf for phase detection, autofocus and ois optimized image stabilization. The second lens is a 12 megapixel f, slash 2.2 focal length aperture with a 123 degree angle. A 0.4 inch ultra wide lens. The third lens is a 12 megapixel f slash 2.4 focal length aperture with a 2.04 inch telephoto lens. It also has pdai phase detection autofocus, as well as ois optimized image, stabilization and two times optical zoom. Now the main camera has led flash high, dynamic range and panoramic modes.

The video recording breaks down this way for the main camera its 4k at 60 frames per second 1080p at 60 and 240 frames per second with gyro eis, 720p at 960 frames per second, with gyro, eris and hdr10. Now the selfie camera the cover camera. When closed is a 10 megapixel, five excuse me: f, slash 2.2 focal length aperture with a 1.0 inch wide lens and has the video recording of 4k at 30 frames per second 1080p at 30 frames per second, and also gyro eis. The selfie under the display camera is 16 megapixels, with f slash 1.8 focal length aperture. The video recording is the same as the selfie cover camera. Other camera features include capture, view, directors, view flex mode night, hyperlapse, night mode and portrait mode styles. The battery is a 4400 mah battery thats equipped to provide long lasting battery life. It is rechargeable with a 25 watt fast charging adapter that is sold separately as well as a fast wireless charging plate thats also sold separately. The security package for the z fold. Threes is constructed this way. First, a fingerprint sensor on the right button to unlock the phone. Second, it has a facial recognition technology under the display to grant or deny access and helping to keep data secure. And thirdly, the samsung knox. Internal security is a late internal security that helps keep these things that you desire, private, private, the components for the z fold. 3 5 g break down this way.

One. The system chip is the qualcomm snapdragon, 888 sm 8350, its the same chipset samsung used in their s21 smartphone two. The processor is an octa core 2.84 megahertz speed, cairo, 680 prime with 64 bit three. The graphics processing unit is the adreno 660. four. The ram is 12 gigabytes. Five. The internal storage is either 250 gigabytes or 512 gigabytes, depending on your model of choice of the z fold 3. At the time of your purchase, the operating system is 6., its currently android 11. im sure it will be upgradable to android 12, but only after google has launched their new pixel 6 line in october of this year, which will feature the android 12 operating system. Now you can check out the video for the full review of the new pixel 6 indicated above in the info box. After this video compare the two, the pixel 6 and the z fold: 3. 5 g. Let me know what you think of them down in the comments section 7.. The audio sound system is two stereo speakers equipped with dolby atmos sound connectivity for the z fold. Three 5g breaks down this way: one wi fi six 802.11, a b g in ac ax with wi fi direct and hotspot capability, two bluetooth, 5.2, three one usb type c: port, thats, reversible for charging; four nfc capable five sensors include accelerometer, gyroscope and compass; and six No micro sd card slot for expansion. However, you can augment your storage with a onedrive cloud, either through the play store or through your existing account.

The pros are one excellent display screen specifications across the board. Two, the five camera system with its multiplicity of modes and functionality, both in photography and video recording, is superb, three excellent security package. Four, the seamless workflow of the three multi windows offers superior work efficiency and makes multitasking easier than before. Music. 5.. The special edition s pen models provide some degree of price point: flexibility for buyers and future owners to choose from six the catalog of optimized apps readily available for immediate use for the z fold. 35G is well thought out and executed, and seven the building of an ecosystem of accessories shows smart forethought, a vision for the future, not just for the phone, but for the brand overall as well, and demonstrates a mindset for the potential longevity of the z435g. The cons are one no micro sd card slot for internal expansion capability. Two, you will have to wait until after google pixel 6 line is launched in october to be able to upgrade the z 3 5g to android 12 operating system from android 11., its cell phone wars, people simply put cell phone wars; 3.. The usb battery adapter, both the 25 watt and the wireless charger, are sold separately. You can connect standard, usb type wall plug from a previous phone or tech device to the enclosed, usb cable, plug it into the wall, and it will recharge your phone, probably not fast, charge it, but it will charge it nonetheless, and four: the s pen is sold Separately, its purchasable with selected z, phone three 5g models.

I give the samsung galaxy z, fold 3 5g, an overall rating of a for these reasons. One samsung has shown and demonstrated a bold step in technology innovation, a willingness to advance conceptual design to practical, functional and operational reality with the future still in mind with this high end level cell phone, two, based on the evidence of this review. The price point for this high end level phone is fitting and samsungs willingness to patiently wait for the upgrade in the operating system. That will surely further advance. Several functions and features is quite commendable. Three, i recommend this phone for the business owner entrepreneurs, solopreneurs professionals, who has a busy work schedule, normally a heavily workload as their custom routine and can maximize the myriad of capabilities and function this phone offers i do not see. Nor do i recommend this phone for students, high school students, college students or otherwise, or casual phone or tech users. If you found this video helpful, informative and it provided you with effective, useful content, please click that, like button click that subscribe button and turn on the notification bell and join the srt family, i post new videos on saturdays. If you want to see more videos like this one leave me a comment below leave me a comment and share your thoughts about this video check out the links below in the description box. Watch this video next and check out this playlist until next time. Im roderick your host and narrator, and this is seek right.