Do a unbox of the mobile phone panasonic eluga i6, its a entry level smartphone! I bought it online at amazon, india, it costs inr, indian rupees, 5000. Only so smartphones play a very important role in smart classes or online classes, but not everybody can offer a smartphone that cost say 1020 000 are higher, so i want to show you a smartphone for smart education, online education that is affordable. That has the software and hardware configuration to support the online classes are smart classes. This video is not in any way sponsored by panasonic. Here is the package. I dont want to waste your time showing the unwrapping of the package and all see it is from amazon. India, this is a cotton box in which the mobile was delivered. To me, we have the panasonic eluga i6 entry level smartphone. This is the box top view side, panasonic logo is there sonic imi code and all is given here: panasonic eluga i6. There are many smartphones, cheaper ones from china or korea or any other country, yes, smartphones available, even from 3000 indian rupees, but these smartphones do not have the hardware or software configuration that will support online classes are smart classes. Friends just remember a smartphone important features, its processor ram, inbuilt storage capacity. All these three features play a vital role in the performance output of the smartphone heres. The box in front of us lets open it. Yes, so here we have the mobile as i open.

The top cover of the box in front of us is panasonic eluga i6. Let me get a bit closer to it big view display so the content of the box. I have displayed it on the table as i value your time. I dont want to remove one after another. Show you and waste your time. This outer cover box. So we have here the mobile. This is a headphone charger charging. Come data, cable, usb, cable, ill show. You both the ports. Next, we have a few documents. Paperwork lets see the contents. Okay, this is a warranty card. Quick start guide, okay, a few stickers. They are given a case for the mobile. Also, it looks very sturdy. The case is very good and very flexible. Also, it is strong and flexible, see big view display, lets remove this cover. Okay, there is a screen guard. The mobile phone is very compact. You see, i have a very good grip. I could hold it within my palms. It is not on the heavier side. According to the company manual, the mobile phone weighs around 300 grams. This is very comfortable in my hands Music friends, but it is always better to have a tempered glass and a protective case for your mobiles. Every biker at some point of time is going to have a fall. Similarly, we will drop our mobile phones from time to time. Here we have the power on button on the right side corner.

On the left side, we have the volume adjustment switch here. You have the power jack, and this is for your audio for earphones plug in point. For your earphones see, opening the back cover of this mobile is quite tricky. Initially, i couldnt figure it out so see many of us along this crevice. We try to open the back cover, but this mobile. Actually, the back cover ends here along the edge of the screen. Its ending is here, so we will have to try to open it from this side. You should hold your mobile facing down. Yes, i have removed the back cover, see the back cover. You see this thing, how it so control buttons are actually along the back cover to operate. The buttons youll have to close the back cover, so we have removed the back case. You see a battery here. You see the battery, it is 3000 mah battery. This mobile is powered by 3000 mah battery. That should be sufficient. The rare camera friends this one is the slot for sim 1. This is for sim 2, but the sim 1 slot. In case you want to use a micro sd card. Your micro sd card will go to sim one slot. Then your sim will come to slot number two. So either you can use this mobile with two sims or one sim, plus micro sd card, to expand the memory of this mobile phone. We see the rare camera, it is a 8 megapixel rear camera.

It has got a selfie front camera, which is of a 5 megapixel 5 megapixel front camera selfie camera rear camera is 8 megapixel friends in case this is the first time you are visiting my channel myself studio. Kindly subscribe to my channel myself. Studio also like and share this video with all your contacts here, we go. Lets power up the mobile friends. Keep a note on the timer lets see. How long does it take to boot? Up it has 1.5 gigahertz quad core processor, 2gb, ram storage is inbuilt. Storage is 16 gb. The storage can be expanded using a micro sd card up to 124 gb. Okay ive got the security pin lock for my mobile lets. Login this mobile from panasonic its models. Eluga i6. It has got 1.5 gigahertz, quad core processor, 2gb ram. The screen is a touch screen 720 into 1440 pixels resolution. The display is good. The screen size is 5.45 inches. Clarity is also good. It is a touch screen with a 720 into 1440 pixels resolution. Okay display is good, but my net connection is bit slow screen. The display, refresh rate is also quite good. See please understand this is an entry level smartphone. Okay, it costs indian rupees 5000. Only it comes with 1.5 gigahertz quad core processor 2gb ram, and it is performing quite well. The display is also quite good. It comes with pre installed, amps youll get all the google apps like google maps.

Chrome chrome browser photos gmail. So as of now, i have not installed any new apps in it. If you buy this mobile phone as you power on youll get all these pre installed. Apps, of course it runs on android this android device. Would i recommend this smartphone at 5000, indian rupees, this smart mobile is very good, and especially, it is going to be very helpful for your online classes and smart classes. 5000. Indian rupees. The model is panasonic. Eloga. I6, another most important feature that interests all of us in a smart mobile, its just a camera, whether its photos or videos. So lets have a look at this camera in this mobile. It has got a 8 megapixel rear camera and a 5 megapixel front camera or selfie camera. Let me open the camera app okay, its there. There are different features here. First picture in lets open the picture for taking photos. Let me open the settings same settings for photos. We get a scene mode self timer picture size. White balance is water flicker smart scan, okay. First, let me check the scene mode in scene mode. You have different setups, auto night sunset party portrait, landscape, night portrait, theater yeah, its good, a lot of futures in it lets go back and uh picture size lets have a look at the picture size. These are the different sizes of photos. You can take the ratio or composition of the photos or pictures now lets go to video in video lets, see its capabilities in video settings scene, modus of okay, esa microphone, video quality, okay, heres.

The video quality lets check up the different ratios available. Okay, we have got full hd that is 1920 into 1080 hd vga cif. So these are the different qualities of video recording available in this smartphone. What is the scene mode lets check it out? Okay in video also youve got different preset scene modes. Night sunset party portrait landscape night put lets go outdoor and check the quality of the camera. Both the photos, as well as the video footages, continue watching.