We can say this is a super budget phone smartphone arjun saying displays a better display and better gaming performance. Okay, we will find out in this review. So without any further delay is using mirror like palms or through saw. You can feel it guys. There is a display when its a six point, eight two inches, which are the body ratio bunny. Eighty two point: four portions are so at the top: they have to have water drop, not so, which is pretty premium and the stamina early premium phone or made some water dropped. No sorrow, yeah pinhole, not sorrow. This is one of the premium. Looking phones in the display and youre going to say so display is just a sd display, so at the moment, expectations as they disagree on display other tool opens up so two display with such a low raise another. I mean, as you know, the freelance device, but at this price point this is what you get. This is cool cameras, dual cameras for sorry about it. That is a tinted cameras, hostile axle, but definitely the third one is not the camera. Guess what the twitter mother camera, sir just might say, main camera when you go 13, megapixel, f, 1.8, aperture, main camera and the main thing about this phone. The multi server that im like its called six thousand milliamp battery the phone is used and it through phones are, and this ones a six thousand milliamp battery.

So with such a optimized gaming performance, the cameras are really not that pretty Music, definitely not a phone to go because the cameras are pretty poor in this device. So what can we expect for the 15 000 rupees 16 000 to but for the gamers? I know because the chipset is really good. I know you would have a budget cheap shadow, just smashing that in medium settings here i see things. My games are kind of shocking plus the vehicle is my battery six thousand milliamp hour. Batteries could display pony sd display event was saying: if you are a gamer, you love playing games with a max power. I know this might be set up. I like the budget phones. I have any definitely a thing to go. The cameras are considered in america uh because the price is really low. Uh. Some people are premium bunny bouncing there, but camera unusable night owner. You can get the good photos but uh. Of course, if you are enthusiast, whoever takes the photos with the cameras of the smartphone. I know your dslr news, so if you are enthusiastic in the gaming performance or jai jaegers have anything definitely a phone to go. So this is the review of hot 10 play infinix hot 10 play so see you guys in the next video.