This is a top spec phone available right now, whose pricing is not in the ultra premium territory and for the price this phone is selling in india, which is approximately 70 000 indian rupees, its still a solid option, Music. Well, its been four months since the phone has been launched and after this long, its holding great in almost every manner and thats the main thing to highlight about the mi 11 ultra. But that said its not a totally perfect phone and actually there isnt any such devices, and here with the melee and ultra, if your priorities are the positives of this phone. Well then, youll love this phone and for the segment this phone is selling its strong points or the pros are the camera display, build quality and also the battery side and its weakness or the cons are the design, its form factor and also the software. Now. This is just a briefing and actually, if you dig deep in and take a look at the main hype, which is the camera system well in the segment, its a solid camera package, there are only usable cameras on the phone, and here some of the available cameras Are really impressive for the segment and if we firstly focus with the main camera? Well, its a 50 megapixel wide angle, one which has an aperture of f 1.95, and it is a optically, stable sensor, which is also neat. But here the main highlight is that the sensor size is big, which technically means that you must be able to capture better shots at night, and here the results are great and also the color.

Science is more of a contrasty one and overall i do like the pictures that this sensor captures in almost any lighting situation, but then you are a key thing to notice that this 50 megapixel camera has a lot of fringing effect and hence the subject is overall Deeply in focus with a standard background blur which, to be frank, is cool, but then here the focusing area does suffer. So if youre capturing a subject, there is possibility of the subject being not fully focused well for a landscape scenario, shot there isnt any such issue, and such photos are extremely good, but for a subject at times its like a hit and miss. So, if youre into such kind of photos, well then you might not be a fan of this main camera, but other than that the photos are pretty neat and thats the same with the ultrawide camera, which is a 48 megapixel one and its aperture is f, 2.2 And here this cameras, main striking point, is that the field of view is 128 degree and the ultroid shots in a proper lip condition is actually good and since the field of view is really large, you can bring in a greater view and hence thats a plus Point and overall, this sensor is a good one if its used in a condition where there is plenty of light and about the last sensor. Well, thats the best of the group, its a 48 megapixel telephoto camera, which has 5x optical zoom capability, and you can go up to 120 x with digital zoom.

Now this 120x ohm is totally not usable and to be frank, its just for marketing, but the 5x 10x and even up to 20x. The photos look sharp now. 5X ohm is the best range because in such a setting, the photos retain plenty of details and the colors matches well with the other two sensors, and here the range is pretty fast, so thats a big advantage and actually the other further options are just added bonuses And overall, these three cameras are doing their job in a very good manner, which makes this camera system solid for capturing photos, and actually the video recording capability of this phone is also really impressive. Now all the three cameras can record 8k at 25 fps videos, but i dont prefer to go into 8k format and inside it always record only up to 4k at 60fps and with those settings i totally loved the output. Videos are very stable, with sharp contrasty look and also there wasnt much of focusing on exposure shifting issues so with the rear camera things should conclude here, but with this phone, a unique thing is present close to the back camera system and thats this display. Now this rare display or the viewfinder display, is a 1.1 inch amoled display, which is not a very sharp one and its the reason why this massive camera protrusion is extended full stretch and, to be frank, im not very much liking. This massive camera module design, even though its unique – because basically i didnt find much of use with the viewfinder display.

Well, it can be used as a viewfinder and you can take selfies with the back cameras but thats, not something im very much into so technically. I didnt use this display that much and if you want you can set this rare display to show time and notifications or maybe you can display a graphic or a text. But then, if you want to make use of, this display will have to lay the phone screen down, which i usually dont, prefer and hence other than making this camera module a full stretched. One which in turn creates an angle and also prevents the rocking effect. While keeping the phone in a table, i didnt find much of use with the back display and now im going to the front camera. Well, its a 20 megapixel one, and this selfie camera punched into the display is a good one too. It does capture sharp, not much process selfies if its taken out those with lot of light available and selfies in such conditions are the best this camera can capture and while moving indoors. Well, the selfies still look good, but then the processing and smoothing effect does creep in a lot, but then about the front camera videos. While the max resolution supported is 1080p at 60fps, and the videos in such a setting are really good. There isnt much of a stabilization issue and overall, the subject does stay in focus and even the colors are punchy. So if you want to do a bit of vlogging its to an extent possible with this front camera, so overall, this entire camera package is holding well for the segment.

But here one key thing to notice that, even after all, the updates, the issues that were present from the beginning is still there and an example, for that is the slow shutter animation. It does take a one second delay for the shutter animation to get completed and thats, something that might frustrate you if youre trying to take photos at a quicker pace, so thats the camera in the mi level, ultra and thats the main hyped factor of this phone. But youre on top of this, there are plenty more great stuff, like this display its an excellent quality panel, which does make content consumption immersive. This displays a six point: eight one inch amoled cord hd panel, which has 120 hertz refresh rate, and it also has a peak brightness of 2700 nits. Now for typical content, the peak brightness level is up to 900 nits, which is even great and overall. This display is also a strong point for this phone – its not a flat panel, but still there wasnt much issue with touch rejection and also while we are doing contents in a straight angle. The glare issue was not much of a concern too and overall for content consumption. This display sticks neck on neck with other flagships and yeah. You can actually turn on both pod hd and turn it into an earth refresh rate setting together, which is just awesome and here to support the display for median gaming experience. Well, the speaker system used in this phone is also really good.

Its a dual speaker setup and these speakers they do get very loud and also the quality, is maintained even at 100 volume and hence the omission of headphone jack was not an issue and by the way, if you want to connect the blue to that phone, the Bluetooth version 5.2 does provide issue free connectivity well, on top of all this, the me11 ultra is also a champ in the performance department too. Now this is something to be expected because of the top specifications, which is the snapdragon triple eight processor, 12gb of lpddr5 ram and 256 gb non expandable, ufs 3.1 storage. With these internals and 192hz display. Well, there wasnt any instances where the phone throttled or slowed down and overall for casual or heavy usage. The male 11 ultra wont, disappoint you now, even with the heat generated its not like overheating, so you dont have to worry about it too and youre an area that was a surprise for me is the battery side, but with such powerful stuff i was expecting a Low screen on time, even though the battery is a 5000 mh1 and yeah, to my surprise, the screen on time i was getting – was really good. It was approximately in the fight to find off our range with all the settings set to their max date, and hence i dont have any complaints with the battery backup and also when the battery drops to low the included charger can top it up to 100 from Zero percent in approximately 49 minutes, and also, if youre, into wireless charging, the phone does support fast wireless charging, which is a great thing too so thats all need.

But, like i said in the beginning, there are drawbacks for this phone and the main drawback is this form factor and the design right from day. One till now i dont like the heft of this phone and also this design format. The camera protrusion is a resting area for the finger, but still i wish they would develop it for a bit more smaller module, because here, since the majority of the internals are packed over here, this phone does feel top heavy and also its not a dollar. One handed phone, and even the 234 gram weight is very evident, and this phone is not that good for an extended period of usage. Now, this weight factor being on the high side is because of the ceramic back and here, based on the build quality and the aging factor. Well, this phone has been doing great. The back portion is totally scratch free and thats applicable even to this camera module, any other frame which is aluminium, is staying clean and similarly, the front gorilla, glass vic. This is also holding fine now about the build. This phone is built like a tank with no flexing issues or gap, and yet these buttons they are of excellent quality. And similarly, i do like the haptic feedback system and also, if youre thinking about the ip rating well, the melamin ultra is ip68 rated. But then, like this form factor, another thing that i wish was a bit different is the software, but the present android version is android 11 and the skin is miui 12.

5 and, to be frank, im, not a fan of this ui its not because of the stock. Android thing, but instead its because of the bloatwares and ads, and also because of the unnecessary permission request, i do feel these stuff must change with every phones. And yet this software side is where oneplus and samsung has a big upper hand. But then about the 5g part well, this phone can be termed as a proper 5g phone because there is almost 13 5gb bands supported, and here the wi fi version is wi, fi, 6e and also all sensors are present, which is a great thing and by the Way since we talked about the sensors well, this phones, unlocking method, is fingerprint unlock and its a in display fingerprint scanner and its accuracy is great, but about the speed, its just fine and lastly, about the earpiece. Well, its a good one and its the calling experience is not complainable and, i guess, thats everything about the me11 ultra and right now, its just like four months after this phones launched thats aged well. But here the buying decision should totally depend on what youre. Looking for, if performance display camera build quality and battery is your core priority. Well then, you will totally love this phone, but if form factor matters and also you prefer a clean, bloatware free software. Well then, this one is a phone to skip and right now, since we are about to get the new samsung phones, probably the samsung galaxy s9 ultra should get a price drop and that phone is actually the direct competitor to this one, and to me i did Like the external ultra more than the milan ultra, and if the pricing of the estranged ultra drops to this range well, then thats, the phone ill, surely pick thats all for this.

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