I happened to review this one back when it came out and i rather liked it. It was a different kind of phone to the original pocket phone which focused on performance, where this was designed to be more of a well rounded device. I liked it so much that a friend of the channel kelsey actually bought one and is using it as his daily driver as damian. What would love to hear so a year later? How is it going? Is it a good smartphone? Should you still buy one? You can get them pretty cheap these days. Is it worth going for it thanks to damien mark for sending out their smartphone for a review? Hey guys, im ryan thomas – and this is my poco f2 review in 2021. The poco f2 pro goes for around 250 pounds on ebay, which puts in contention with the galaxy s10, the p30 pro and the iphone 10 thats. Some decent used, smartphone hardware there. However, this is going to get you the most powerful smartphone for that price. Its got a snapdragon 865 5g six or eight gigs of ram 1080p oled screen a 4700 milliamp hour battery with 30 watt fast charging and a 64 megapixel main camera, its a fantastic smartphone for the money when it comes to the raw power and if youre, really Just after that, you should just go out and buy the f2 pro. However, if youre after something thats more well rounded and thats got more quality of life features.

Maybe stick around to hear what i have to say on those other aspects, despite this being a year old and a flagship killer at that, the f2 pro still looks pretty decent with some minimalist bezels, a curved back, a big centered camera module and a pop up. Selfie camera i happen to actually rather like this color. I think the way that it reflects light is really interesting, and while it might not scream ultra premium in terms of its build quality, it does at least hold up in 2021.. Even the in display, fingerprint scanner is better than the one that i used in the m11. Recently, a lot of the nice feeling comes from the display, which is a nice big, 60 hertz oled, and you know what 60 hertz kind of seems like a dirty word to use these days when it comes to smartphone displays. But i think this one is good. Its not as quick nor as responsive as the premium 120hz displays, but its more than usable and, i think, strikes a good balance between using a budget friendly and high quality device. Of course, its uninterrupted meaning that you dont have a hole, punch or a notch, or a dew drop notch and youre gon na get the full display, regardless its not something i personally like, because i dont really want a motorized module within my smartphone. But i know a lot of people, including kelsey. You absolutely love this thing.

It doesnt get the brightest, especially out in direct sunlight. It can be hard to read some stuff. Sometimes, however, a lot of smartphones are in the same boat, so i cant knock it too hard. The performance and battery life, on the other hand, are stellar. The processor is just a year old and was the best when it came out and i would say, to try and get the 8 gig of ram model. Because 6 gigabytes of ram, running android, 11 and beyond is going to be a bit of an issue. As things go forward, just because android is using more and more ram, otherwise this thing is still a beast and whether youre addicted to scrolling through social media or, if youre, an avid mobile gamer, the power is not going to be an issue. On that last point, i would say that if you are an avid mobile gamer, you should try and get a device with a high refresh rate display and thats, not a knock on the f2 pro. But there are a lot of phones out there with high refresh rate displays these days and it can make the games almost seem transformed in their performance, even if youre not getting any more frames per. Second youll find xiaomis miui 12.5 over top of android 11. On the f2 pro, which brings some marked changes to the original aesthetic, its something that i experienced using the mi 11 more recently with its new android update, but it does make the phone seem more premium, i think, with its design decisions.

There are the issues that ive explained in the past. I really dont like the settings menu, and i do think that, having the notifications and the quick settings on two different screens that you access from two different ways its just not how i would like to experience. Android id much prefer sort of a one swipe for notifications, another swipe for the full, quick settings pane, but there we are and im sure a lot of people will feel differently to me. I think you mix in the sort of modern aesthetic of me ui with the minimalist experience. That is the hardware and you get a really nice combination that, i think is seems quite futuristic, especially with those minimal bezels around the outside. There no camera on the front whatsoever, it just looks really clean. The camera setup is very typical of an upper mid range of the period, meaning that it focuses on one good main camera and then the selfie camera and then the rest kind of just falls off. In this case. Its got a macro and a depth sensor to fluff out the spec sheet, so that xiaomi could call it a quad camera set up on the back when, in reality, its two cameras and two sweet potato wedges taped on for good measure. As for the samples, well, quality is naturally inconsistent between the main and the ultra wide cameras due to the sheer difference in hardware quality. The images look pretty natural when it comes to color contrast and white balance.

Given the situation is decent with okay lighting and not too much contrast to start with and its nice to see this as a lot of mid ranges, do tend to accentuate these traits to look better on smaller screens theres a decent amount of dynamic range throughout the Images and none of that forced hdr, look that we often see these days so thats nice. However, the ultra wide images suffer from denoising artifacting, even in decent light, which was something i initially found on my review when it first came out and its something that this thing still suffers with portrait mode looks fairly decent, though the same cant be said. For the night mode, which has been a xiaomi downfall for a couple of years, now, images come out very noisy with a purple hue, and i generally would avoid using this thing at night or in very low light. So, overall, regarding the camera, its definitely not the best thing you can buy, but the main camera given decent light is good. Its fine, its gon na, be enough for a lot of people as long as youre, not fussed about having good low light cameras or a huge camera suite, then this will be enough for you. So then, should you buy one of these well, like i said at the start, if youre a keen gamer, you love specs, you love your powerful hardware and youre a fan of the overall design and xiaomi mi ui.

Then yeah go for it because its a lot of smartphone for the money 250 pounds getting you a smartphone with near enough flagship components, youre getting really good battery life. This thing i forgot to mention actually lasts me a day and a half on a battery, so thats good as well. I mean the whole user. Experience is very good. However, if you crave a really good camera, i mean like a brilliant camera, then youre not even going to be able to stay in the xiaomi ecosystem unless you really go for sort of the ultra smartphones because they have good cameras if youre looking for something thats More well rounded, maybe something thats got better cameras or that has better software, then youre, looking at sort of the pixel 4 ish sort of smartphone, which is better and worse in a lot of different ways, or maybe an iphone sort of you can get an iphone 10 for this kind of money, and that again is worse in a lot of ways, but better in some ways, so it really does come to what you actually value in a smartphone me. Personally, i might use one of these. I mean the indisplay fingerprint scanner, its not amazing, like i said it is better than the m11 and ill give it props for that, however, its not as good as all the samsung ones, and if i was to buy a smartphone with a fingerprint scanner, i think Id really like it to be a capacitive one, something on the back or the side.

I know xiaomi has some options for that as well, so yeah it does come down to what you actually value in a smartphone, but if you want something with a lot of power, i think you should go one of these anyway. I want to give a massive thanks to damien well for sending out this smartphone for review really kind of him. So thank you so much do check out his social medias in the description, as well as my ones, which ill place down there as well uh. Thank you all so much for watching.