Today we have got the poco f3 gt, the mid range flashback flagship killer, so lets get quickly started with unboxing it. Okay, we have got rid of blade. Firstly, you will get this welcome message, thats and that says, spoke at the top okay, keeping that side well get this box. This box contains of a sim adjective tool over here and also basic tpu case that eventually gets yellow at the bottom and the corners as usual. We also get a special. What is this yeah? Yes or jack? Yes, this phone does not have a 3mm headphone jack. That is why they, they have given c type 2 headphone jack within the box. Okay lets continue: Music. Okay, we have the phone itself. The poco branding on here lets see whats inside the box further Music. Here we have a 67 watt charger. That is a power brick that gives you from zero to 100 within 45 minutes. Okay, we have a cable that is often hello, color yeah. This is bit catchy okay lets get rid of this wrapper yeah, okay, Music yeah. We also have this unique l shaped end at the at the charger that gives you that gaming feature gaming feel while you play play the game and also it does not irritate you well as well. Okay, thats it from the box. You can see there is nothing on here. The variant which i am having here is the 8gb ram and 256gb internal storage, so Music.

Ok, you can see how it looks. We have the poco branding in the middle. We have the three setup camera this beautiful screen in the front. Speaking of build quality, this one is an aluminium body that is metal oil over here and also on the body and comes with ip68 rating. That is flash flow for your phone. Okay now lets boot up this phone and lets see the booting speed on this phone Music, its just a reminder: better care of yourself, Music, okay, that was pretty quick, okay, speaking of ports and button on this one, we do have a stereo speaker on the top. Those are the jbl speaker and we do have another speaker on the bottom as well, and this phone comes with the fingerprint power button on the right side and volume. Rockers are present on the left side coming to the microphone part. This has a primary microphone. Nice insulation, microphone on the top one more is on the left side and one more is present on the bottom, and one of the special feature of this phone is this air trigger that makes for this one very special, you can see me sliding this button, and This enables a button that is present on the both side, and you can see how i can these are very tactile. You can do it all day and but satisfying area, and one of the main features of this eight triggers is, if you enable it both one together, it enables your gaming mode, where you can add all your games, and you can use this for the shooting games For aiming and firing as well one of the disadvantages of this phone is this phone does not come with a 3mm headphone jack.

That is why they have included your type c to 3mm headphone jack within the box. Okay, speaking of the display on this phone, you get a full 6.67 inch, full hd display that comes with 120 hertz, refresh rate and also 60 hertz, which you often really dont use, and it also has a 480 hertz touchdown sampling rate. That gives you very responsive samples, and you can see how i can how i am getting all the responses, each and every time when i touch it, and it also has the 10 bit coloring sampling rate that gives you all the colors on this phone. You can see very sharp and clear images for all the photos, games and everything. Okay, speaking of performance, this phone includes demonstrated 1200 chipset. That gives you nectar performance with snapdragon 870. That runs you all. The games very smoothly and ill be doing a dedicated video. For that, where ill be testing different games and ill be testing bgm, also with this smooth and ultra 60fps or if, if it includes, i can do it from the 90th place as well. So if you have any comments or any, i have any questions, you can drop it in the comments so that ill be answering Music without wasting any time. Lets jump to the next topic. Speaking of camera features on this phone. This comes with a three camera setup, that is, that has a primary camera: 64 mp and 8mp, wide angle, camera and also a 2mp camera that gives you all the colors.

If youre expecting good photos on this phone, it is going to disappoint you, because when i took pictures it gave me that portrait painting sort of pictures that was pretty not impressive but for this price raise poco would have done it very well and also it has A front mp, 16 mp, camera that gives you decent selfies yeah. Even that gives you a portrait kind of looks, and also the portrait mode on this phone gives it the dslr effect. That means the blur effect is at the back, so it is pretty impressive, but it is not that good for this price range they would have improved the camera, but it was not included in this phone lets. Hope for the further updates on xiaomi. They might improve the camera or not, lets see. Okay, speaking of video recording on this phone, they do have included 4k 30fps, but not 60fps, but they have included 1080p on 60fps on this one. That gives you decent recording and you can expect eis on this one that is electronic image stabilization. That gives you a little bit shaky, but not they will they could have included os. That is optical image stabilization. That would have reduced your shaky on all that videos. You can see on the screen. Okay speaking of connectivity, this one includes 5g band x2 for single sim and it also supports 4g plus for the both the same. It has a wi fi 6 connection for your wi fi internet and it also transfers all the data over bluetooth.