Those of you who watch my channel know that i am fond of folding phones and what do we have here for 2021? We have the samsung galaxy, z, flip 3 and the galaxy z fold 3 as well. So both of the folding phones here and the good news – well heres the good news first, and this covers both phones and ill talk about each of them individually. In our first look here now, ive only had these phones for about 24 hours. Like other channels, you might have watched at this point so well have in depth reviews later, but first off the good news, 200 dollars cheaper than last years models. Both of these the galaxy z fall. 3 is still insanely expensive, though its 17.99. That said, samsung and carriers of the united states and im sure around the world have some incredible trade in deals like a thousand dollars off up to so it can take some of the pain out of that and the z flip three is at that, shall we Say: magical 999 dollar price? Why say magical because thats kind of your average flagship territory, in fact some flagships or even more than that? So for people who are thinking, i would love to have a folding phone, something that i could close fit in the pocket. All that neat stuff, but i dont want to pay more than a galaxy s21 is going to cost me. Well now you dont have to so thats the good news there.

Also, on the durability front, samsung says: theyve made the inner displays the ones with ultra thin glass, the flexible ones that are the most delicate more durable. Now, from what theyve told me, it sounds like its mostly the top layer, which is the semi permanent screen protector, that samsung can replace for you if you need to, but you shouldnt replace yourself, so it used to be would show fingernail dents. It would really grab on the fingerprints it was gross now ive owned, both the z fold too, and the previous generation flip – and i can tell you they get nasty so 80, more durable for the fold and 30 more durable for the flip. So that helps a little bit for those of you who are like well, man that screen protector just looks all nasty really soon, then you got ta, send it to samsung or take it to one of their stores to get it fixed. Okay, the other durability thing is to me its the benefit, isnt, really the durability. So much as the improvement in looks and in grip, they switch to what they call armor aluminum, which is supposed to be stronger than 7000 series aluminum, instead of using stainless steel, which might be pretty in premium, but its heavier and its slippery as anything. So this is much more grippy. I particularly appreciate this on the flip, because the previous flip design was just it was a slippy bar soap.

You could not hold on to that to save your life and it didnt look so great in cases. So you hated to put a case on and this year you really hate to because there are some pretty colors. This is their more fashion forward item here. They think that women are going to buy it and obviously the bts guys. You know they all pose with it, but theres a whole bunch of really pretty colors of this. So you might not feel like you need to hide it quite as much. The screen sizes on the interior displays are the same for both of these, as they were for the previous generation, so were looking at a 6.7 inch screen, which is about the same size as an s21, plus, not bad. For the flip and for the fold, you got a 7.6 inch inner display resolution unchanged. What is new for the flip – and this is why im more excited about it? Is they made more changes here, because this one was not as evolved, theyve already gone through more iterations with the fall, but now the outer display, which is this dark area here – is 1.9 inches and higher resolution instead of that little narrow strip. So its a little bit more like the moto razor in terms of functionality, there are widgets that you can have here. You can set always on display, so you can see the time and missed calls and stuff.

You can have the weather on here and your next appointments a timer all that sort of stuff. So it makes it genuinely useful – and i still would pick this over the monoraiser, because its just a much more deservable durable design compared to the razor where you can actually stick a fingernail in and pull the screen up away from the phone thats. Never a good idea next durability thing is water resistance, i its amazing that they could do this, given that youve got this hinge where water can ingress on both of these phones but theyre ipx 8 water resistant, which means 1.5 meters of water for 30 minutes immersion, Clean water, not coca cola, not sea water, all that sort of thing, and they did that by silicone – sealing pretty much everything internally. So they say you might actually get some water in, but itll be okay and just let it dry out. That said in our loan agreement from samsung for these units, they did ask us not to immerse them, but still its important, not only because you want to go out in the rain and not worry about it, but also were still in covid times and say you Want to clean your phone and use some water on it now it should be okay. We also have the snapdragon 888, which is the latest and greatest processor thats available on both of these models and thats for all markets. So youre not going to get, shall i say stuck with an exynos if you happen to be in europe or the middle east or wherever so whats, not so great.

Well, you see how thin these pretty boxes are no charger. Thats right, you can spend seventeen hundred and ninety nine dollars and still not get a charger in the box. So samsung says thats your environmental reasons youre following apples footsteps, whatever it is. Yes, youre gon na, have to supply your own charger. You do get a usbc, cable and with the fold only the first generation of the fold got the galaxy buds wireless buds. You dont get it with the fold too, or now, with the fold three you dont even get wired earbuds with these. Oh one more durability, thing gorilla, glass, invictus on the outside surfaces, not that anybody was so worried about the outer glass, all phones or glass. These days were used to being somewhat careful with them, and samsung is going to have a variety of cases and particularly the flip cases. Theyre really cool, like i hope they send them to us, so we get them. Speaking of i hope they send it to us. They did not send us an s pen. The fold three supports the s pen, which is something that everybody wanted, because they dont have them yet to send to us. Hopefully they will in time, for the full review again well have full reviews of both of these phones after ive lived with them for a significant period of time. So the s pen is wacom emr, just like the s pen and all other samsung products.

The note their tablets, you name it its great stuff, its just its the cousin to what wacom uses on their cintiq tablets, okay, but they changed up one thing: they changed the frequency on the pen, not because there was a technical need for it, but because they Dont want you using existing s, pens, because the s pen, normal one, is a very narrow, fine point, pointy tip, which just might damage that ultra thin glass. Also, the one thats made specially for the fold has a spring loaded tip. Besides the fact, its softer and a little bit wider, so that if you do, if youre one of those people really presses and writes hard well, its going to spring load, so youre not going to damage it. So that way, they figure youre never going to try to use a regular s pen on it because it aint going to work. You get the idea all right so, like i said, even though im kind of more of a fold person i mean i had both of the phones and im a power user, but ive always had a soft spot for this. It just feels like a very personal and fun device to use, but most of the changes really happen. This generation for the flip three so lets talk about that. First now we have stereo speakers which we didnt have before and boy. This is a loud little phone and the display is 120 hertz for the refresh rate, its a flexible, oled, ultra thin glass same resolution as the previous generation, but 120 hertz is just more with the program these days for a premium phone and it is noticeable once You get used to a fast refresh phone, you kind of hate to go back with both of these phones.

The big ding here is the cameras have not changed really from the previous generation other than improvements in software. So the reason for that is, they wanted to make them more affordable compared to the previous generations. At least i would assume here, but you know: youve got a thousand dollar phone and youre saying well, i get an ultra wide and a main wide and i dont even get my telephoto lens and thats a little bit of a hurt. I mean it takes nice pictures and in the full review, youll, see samples and all that sort of thing, but yeah and with the fold three you have a triple camera setup. So you do get the ultra wide, the main and then the telephoto lens, but its sort of, like you know the same tech that we had before this is not gon na compete with the s21 ultra. Certainly, in terms of photography this fold three phone, the phone comes with eight gigs of ram and 128 gigs or 256 gigs of storage and theres no micro sd card slot. Both of these phones are 5g, so youre all set there. Every major carrier is going to offer it plus samsung will sell it unlocked so a lot of options. If you pre order from samsung, you can get some freebies thrown in 200, pre order, credit towards accessories for the fold and 150 for the flip. So you know you want the new galaxy buds too, which we will be reviewing.

You can get that you want the new watch for there you go. You got some money towards that. The phone runs android 11 with one ui 3.1. It is fast and its fluid long gone are the days when we picked on samsung for their touchwiz kind of interface. All past history, you get security updates and incremental updates monthly with the phones and you get several years of major os upgrades guaranteed from samsung. Now. So no complaints battery is 3 300 milliamp thats not going to knock the socks off anybody. Is it its okay? If youre a light to moderate user youll, make it through the day, otherwise you might need to top it up so to keep it this thin. This light, this small thats what they had to do it does support qi. Wireless charging, only 10 watts, so not super fast and wired. Charging speed is 15 watts, so not the fastest charger on the block, just like the last generation and now for our z fold. 3 same story: snapdragon 888 across all markets, but you get 12 gigs of ram just like with the last generation model for this phone and you can get it with either 256 or 512 gigs of storage, not expandable, 5g yeah. So its got a matte finish on it, which is nice and is grippy so yay that i mean, obviously, you still have glass on the front face, but that helps and you have your choice of a silver which i really like it looks pretty flash and youve Got this well black and then theres a green color which well i leave it up to you as to what you think of that the galaxy buds are available in green too.

I dont think i want green things in my ears, but hey you never know what fashion sense you might have. This one is more for the business crossover note users, so they dont go for the flashy flashlight colors, like with the flip in terms of display quality. With this big boy, 29 percent brighter inside, i didnt feel like the last generation was in need of a brightness lift, but given the fact that the screen protector layer on the top is kind of reflective, it does help a bit with that, its a beautiful enough. Looking screen to be sure, i would say, i think the z flip screen is a little bit prettier a little bit more clarity on it and definitely an improvement from the previous generation aesthetically speaking in terms of what you want to see in a display, which is Clarity, color contrast all that sort of thing, but nice and the external display on this is a traditional display, only well quite tall and quite narrow, but anything you can do on the inside of the phone you can do on the outside of the phone and thats Nice, you have a nice good quality, selfie camera on the front face of the camera phone rather, but inside theyve switched to an under display camera for the selfie camera. So you know weve seen this tried and its a challenge still because you have fewer pixels actually available to the camera. All that.

Besides that, i can actually still see the camera pretty easily under the display, but it is less visible than the old way of doing it. The quality you can see a comparison and you can just without us even labeling it, the one that looks not good thats. The under display camera and the one that looks good is taken with the outer, so thank goodness you can do that. The phone just like before supports wireless charging and 25 watt wired charging. So this ones a bit of a faster charge when its plugged in it has a 400 milliamp battery inside which is actually a little bit smaller than the previous generation, which you could say bummer. But i suppose the snapdragon 888 is supposed to be a little bit more power efficient. So far i do have to test it more. It seems like battery life is comparable to the last generation, which is to say good. One of the things i liked about the fold too was good battery life. Really, it would last through a day with fairly heavy use. Both of these have fingerprint scanners embedded in the power button on the side of the phone. Just like the fold too, it makes you enroll your fingerprint with the phone open, which is pretty weird because i think most of us probably unlock our phone holding it. You know normal ways, but the fingerprint scanners actually work this time. They were not great in the previous generations and they worked like every time.

My only complaint with the flip 3 is its very high up. I have big hands on long fingers and i cant reach it very easily, but its in the perfect position on the fold 3.. So there you have it our first look at 2021, folding phones from samsung and, like i said, im a fan of folding phones, its not just oh theyre new, but well i mean lets face it. They are theyre kind of new cool and exciting, but theres use cases for both of these as a woman, particularly yes, we have smaller pockets since the summer and wearing shorts. I mean this thing just fits anywhere. I tend not to leave my phone behind and its ringing and im like okay wheres, my phone thats nice, its just a good looking easy to handle not too huge foam, its still a pretty big screen and with this. Obviously, this is a power users dream. It opens up into a tablet its not really much heavier than a galaxy s21 ultra. We have the s pen now, oh god, i cant wait to test that out. Thats pretty cool stuff, but as ever, the the thing that a lot of you, i think are going to worry about, is not so much whether you can use it because you probably fold curious, arent, you you might want to try them, but the delicacy of the Inner displays and the screen protectors have gotten more durable more than anything else, so theres still concern.

I know some people have managed to crack this down the center of the inner screen on the fold. I havent seen as many problems with the flip, probably because theres a much smaller crease a much smaller area, thats being covered. I had no problems with my phones. I did have a friend, though, who did get a crack down the center of the fold and samsungs local store actually fixed it pretty quickly and reasonably, but the one thing they are doing this time around is theyre, giving you the first year of samsung care plus Free threat thats for accidental damage. You get the usual one year, warranty with these, so if it fails through some manufacturing defect or whatever thats all going to be covered. But if you have a whoopsie and you drop it on the pavement or something like that or your kids finds a way to take these strong hinges and bend it backwards or something like that, then at least youre covered for the first year for free and its A three year plan, so you can go all the way out to three years if you want to keep paying like 12 98 a month or something. But one thing you have to keep in mind. I was looking at the contract and i believe there is a 249 deductible. So if you do crap out your screen somehow and its your fault, you will have to pay that much im lisa from mobile tech review be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel.