So as you would hope for that kind of money, and the fact that this is qualcomms hero, product and theyve just announced the new snapdragon triple eight plus processor. Well, bizarrely enough its not in here, we just get the regular triple eight for some reason, which is a bit disappointing, but still lots to talk about with this lots, to show you in the box and also lets try and figure out who would actually buy this Because right now, im a bit confused by it. So this is the very snazzy and also quite chunky box that it comes in weve, got the snapdragon branding all around sliding it open, and it reveals this welcome. Note uh saying that, apparently i deserve extra, which is very kind of them to say, and also telling me all about qualcomms products, including, of course, their snapdragon triple h, 5g chip and also how you can become a snapdragon insider. If you want and well ill leave a link to that website below, if you fancy checking it out so in the box, we have this phone of course, and also a couple of wireless earbuds. If i can actually get them out, thats one come on ive ruined this unboxing video. Already there we go got it. Okay lets try this again, so we also get a pair of true wireless earbuds inside these are from master and dynamic uh. I think the case is actually inside the box, or at least i hope it is, but for now they work pretty well as a pair of dyes.

Okay lets check out this phone and even under the plastic cover, i can see how much it resembles the rog phone five. Of course, this is built by asus uh. It feels very similar, but with a slightly toned down design, its a big phone 6.78 inch screen. Weve also got this triple camera module on the back, a rear, fingerprint reader, and also this uh light up little fire logo for the snapdragon chip, so its certainly a unique design elsewhere in the box, we have this uh little rubber, uh bumper case for the phone Kind of reminds me of that bumper case. You got with the iphone 4 about a million years ago and does a good job of protecting it without covering up the back, although it feels a little bit plasticky, but it is rubber and its also quite chunky. As you can see, we also get the earbuds case so, as i say, these are made by master and dynamic. Theyve got qualcomm sound tech built in and some of their branding on the actual box as well, and finally, the quick charger 5 brick, its a 65 watt charger and a couple of cables for charging the phone and the earbuds case. And that is pretty much it. So lets put that to one side and have a look at the insider phone. Okay, so first impressions. Well, it is a lot like the rog phone, five uh and obviously weve also got some very impressive specs.

The snapdragon triple eight, not the plus uh, but also 16 gigs of ddr5 ram 512 gigs of ufs 3.1 storage and this massive 6.78 inch 144hz amoled screen, so some proper flagship specs there, which go some way to explain that very high price. But if youre thinking about using this as a gaming phone, unlike the rog phone 5, which actually is cheaper and also has a significantly bigger battery, that also has the shoulder trigger buttons and rogs range of accessories. For like the fan for cooling it for longer gaming sessions and also the controller, the kunai gamepad now to be fair, theyre, not marketing this as a fully fledged proper gaming phone. This is all about showing off qualcomms tech, everything from their ai, auto zoom with the camera and actually just the camera itself, because we have the image signal processor built into that snapdragon chip, the qualcomm sounds tech also, the 3d sonic 2 gen 2 fingerprint reader and Just the performance generally its an all rounder phone, as opposed to just a gaming phone, so design wise. This is a pretty chunky boy, its uh 210 grams and uh nine and a half mil thick weve got this matte midnight blue color, which actually i do quite like its a very subtle design, except for that light up. Snapdragon logo. Although you can turn that off, we get gorilla glass vectors on the screen, also stereo speakers. The sound on this is actually really really good.

It supports dual 5g sim cards, although sadly, no micro sd card support no headphone jack, though, and also as i say. Strangely, we have this rear fingerprint reader, but normally with these qualcomm phones, its all about the in screen fingerprint readers. So perhaps this is qualcomms subtle way of encouraging phone brands to go back to physical, fingerprint readers like this. As for the cameras, we get a 64 megapixel main lens thats using an imax 686 sensor. We also have a 12 megapixel ultra wide using sonys, imx 363 and finally, an 8 megapixel telephoto lens, which gives us three times optical zoom, and actually the quality is very good. Dxomark has given it a 132 which puts it in first place in the us and sixth globally, and also bear in mind that these shots were taken with pre release software, so its likely theyll improve further. But one of the cool features of this phone is. We have this auto tracking video mode, so lets try this with sylvie the cat, because, while shes not moving uh shes, obviously uh having a nice time snoozing i can move around so were tracking her. If i move in a little bit the camera zooms out and we get a nice ultra wide view, but if i move back and she gets further away, you can see it switches to the telephoto lens bit of a white balance shift there and that quality really Has dropped actually all this actually is limited to 1080p as well.

Theres, no 4k! If i come right back in, you can see it pull out. So its definitely doing a good job of tracking here, im, not sure about the consistency of the quality between the lenses but uh. It certainly works. So it goes without saying that with this 144hz screen and the specs we get in here, this is blisteringly fast. It will play any game you throw at it flawlessly, including likes of gentian impacts maxed out at 60 fps. This doesnt really battle an eyelid, although of course over sustained gaming loads having something like an external fan that we get as an accessory on the rog phone 5 would make a difference. However, i think my biggest issue with this is the battery, because when we have that pretty fast, 65 watt, quick charge 5 charger, which will top you up to 70 in half an hour, thats okay. But we only have a 4 000 milliamp hour cell in here, which isnt that big for a phone this size and also significantly smaller than the 6 000 million power cell. We get in the almost identical rog phone five and considering asus built this as well. Its a bit odd that we havent also got that massive battery in here, which would have been good to see so youll still get a reasonable battery life out of this, but considering the specs, and that you know you might want to play a bunch of games On here, its not going to last anywhere near as long as something like the rog phone 5.

, so a bit of a strange decision there. But i love the fact that this comes with what is essentially stock: android 11. thats. What usually comes with asus phones and well? Of course we do have some snapdragon branding in terms of wallpapers. It is near enough stock, android, so its nice and fast theres, no horrible, bloatware or ugly skin. You have to sort of hide or navigate around its just a good, clean stock, android 11 experience. We also have these guys now. Ive been uh testing these for a couple of hours this morning and they actually sound really good. I normally use the sony uh. Well, the wf 1000xm4s, which are incredible wireless headphones as soon as theyre paired to the phone. You can see that we have qualcomms aptx adaptive, uh audio enabled and we can also switch between different, sound optimizations, depending on what youre looking for so were getting 24 bit. Audio support 96 kilohertz, music, streaming ultra low latency and also some improved microphone quality. The funny thing is, though, i thought the earbuds sounded terrific, at least to my ear, but then i was told by qualcomm that these are also pre production models and dont. Yet fully support snapdragon sounds so i am actually really curious to hear what kind of difference that will actually make, but right now i cant really comment on it, so who should buy this? Well, i dont know. The idea is that this is going to give feedback to qualcomm you get to sort of be a snapdragon insider.

Tell them how they can improve things. Im guessing theyre tracking, a lot of the information. A lot of the data on here as well and its kind of just like their demo device but, as i say, im not quite sure who would actually buy it, especially for that kind of money. You could get an iphone 12 pro max top spec or an s21 ultra for that kind of money, but its certainly not a bad thing that qualcomm are making these kind of demo devices, because anything that they can do to. You know get more feedback and have a better idea of what users want, so they can then develop that going forward, which will then trickle down to pretty much every other phone that we use. Cant be a bad thing, but if you do fancy checking this out for yourself ill leave a link in the description below and also um. Let me know what you make of this in the comments. Would you potentially buy one? Have you got an idea who might want to buy one? Thank you so much for watching guys. If you enjoyed this video. A cheeky little like and subscribe would be very much appreciated and ill.