. It costs 999 and folds from this into this Music. Fundamentally, the z flip 3 is a phone that folds in half to get smaller, whereas the z fold 3 is a phone that opens up to make the screen bigger. Like a tablet, the flip is one of my favorite phones. The original one is still my android daily carry when im in between reviews, so the flip 3 and its laundry list of improvements definitely caught my attention. Like the z fold 3, the z flip 3 gets a lower price. A more beefed up design and 2021 specs lets talk about the name. There was the original z flip, then the sudo 1.5 version, which was called the z flip 5g, and this new one called the z flip 3, which puts it in the same generation naming cycle as the z fold 3.. By the way for more on the z fold, 3 make sure you check out my video. The link is in the description, but, unlike the z fold 3, the z, flip 3 is samsungs. Second iteration in terms of hardware design, for this clamshell form factor its biggest feature is that 999 dollar price that makes the galaxy z flip 3, the same price as a galaxy s 21, plus an iphone 12 pro and the only time ive seen a foldable phone At that price point is when the motorola razer with 5g was on sale for 400 off that thousand dollar price, along with the new hardware, shows that samsung is confident that the z flip 3 is a ready for prime time mass market device and one that people Can count on like a regular phone on paper, its a firm step away from the more prototype feel the original z flip had samson takes the z, flips bold square, drink coaster design and makes it more eye catching gone.

Is the tiny pill shaped cover screen? That was next to useless for anything more than seeing the time or battery life in its place is a cover display. That is four times larger and get this you can actually read your notifications instead of just part of them. The new screen can show four lines and you have the option to scroll down to see more. You can check your emails group chats all without flipping open the flip, but wait theres more. There are six widgets that work on the cover screen among them. You can check the weather your step count and use samsung pay. The cover, screen and rear glass are made with gorilla glass victis. The metal frame and hinge are 10 more durable according to samsung, because of a new material marketed as armor aluminum. Full disclosure, armor aluminium, is the name of my johnny eye, gladiator cosplay character. When you flip open the phone, the main screen greets you with a new protective film, which samsung says, makes it 30 more durable than the original flip. The new screen also has a 120 hertz adaptive fresh rate that should make scrolling content, gaming and animations look smoother and thats a big upgrade. It also gets stereo speakers with dolby atmos. The z, flip 3 has three cameras: a 10 megapixel selfie camera housed in a hole, punch cutout in the main screen and two cameras on the outside cover a main 12 megapixel, wide angle, camera with optical image, stabilization and a brand new 12 megapixel ultra wide camera.

Unlike the z fold 3, the flip does not get an under the display. Camera on the inside of the phone is a qualcomm snapdragon, 888 chipset, with eight gigabytes of ram and either 128 or 256 gigabytes of internal storage. It has the same dual battery setup as the z flip 5g, and also supports 15 watt fast charging, despite not coming with a 15 watt charger or well any charger for that matter. It also has wireless charging and reverse wireless charging. The z flip 3 will support sub 6, 5g and millimeter wave 5g its unclear whether all models support both or just certain carrier models. The body of the phone is now rated ipx8 for water resistance, which means the z flip can survive under 1.5 meters about 5 feet of water for 30 minutes now. I should note that there isnt any rating for dust resistance in terms of software. It runs android, 11 and samsung says its added more functionality that supports the form factor flex mode which debuted on the original flip now has more apps. That will take advantage of the mini laptop, like position now, im excited to see how improvements to multitasking work and if the software has made the same strides as the hardware okay. So, at the end of the day, the z flip 3 represents a significant step forward for bringing foldable phones to the mainstream, and one way you can tell this is by the sheer number of colors.

Samsung is going to be offering the phone in it comes in cream, green lavender or phantom black samsung also has three exclusive colors that are only available on their website, and those are gray. White and pink. Samsung also has created a number of cases for the z, flip 3 to add a little more pizzazz or more grip or even a strap. Pre orders are open now and it will launch on august 27th and thats. All i got if you want to learn more about the galaxy z, flip, 3 or pre order.