The video today about speaker workers so stay tuned and make sure to subscribe, like for the next video im going to answer lots of questions as usual, what are big coworkers? How can i submit a job? Is it a legit platform or a scammy one, how much i can earn daily as a passive income and what about withdrawals? Another question here: how can i attract workers to finish my own job successfully? So picoworkers is one of the big famous platform for freelancers around the world. In addition, you are selected to be a worker or an employer. At the same time, registration is for free with no charge, no battering ads just censored and legit place after sign up. You directly can get jobs or post your own. One. Employers are here or always post new jobs in different categories, and you see typically how you can get a job but make sure that some time depend and determine your level so to get paid. You need to follow all tasks and some miss the correct proof to consider as satisfied, but you wont get paid directly. Your list of finished tasks will be pending for review. It takes from 30 minutes to seven days is depend as verification after if it get really successfully, you will earn, and if not, you want why you will mark as no satisfied job interval. Timer will increase to 20 seconds as a penalty. Make sure if you see that you are not able or you dont understand the job, just cancel cancellation and find another one.

They are meaning and easy, simple jobs that you can submit it in just a second, for example, you can follow someone instagram and the employee. Only asks to give his or here using them as a proof and you will get paid to set Music. Your payment are from two cents to two dollars and you can deposit amounts of money to post jobs from many different wallet proclaimed here or you can post job using your inner money. Posting jobs is much more easier than you expect, so you can choose a category and choose specific zone and you can exclude some country, so you are free Music, Music, and here you can find my affiliate statistic for five percent. As a commission referred to members of your withdrawal and of my affiliate link, you can see how much i hear Music. An important point here i want to clarify, is interval. Timer is, must be zero to withdraw when you get no satisfied. Job increase to 20 seconds as a penalty, if you make duplicates a job or a scam, will increase to 60 seconds Music and when you get satisfied, job only decrease to 10. Second is really our quad and on ranking list we can find on the top someone from bulgaria. You need per need approximately 300 dollars for finishing too much task. He is a member science, twenty either three years working in this platform, pre workers and his expert team level, the last level Music.

So, as a new user here before make a withdrawal, you must complete a minimum amount of tasks to achieve a zero task interval and in over five dollars to meek withdrawal. More further is processed within team business day and proclaimed wallet, as you see, are light queen paypal and screw Music. All in all because consider a great and legit website for making money online as a passive income despise. It has some strong rules like interval, timer and charge with the number of fee. New users come to sign up every day and also expert user still submit jobs and post their own Music and now its time to show you an example: how to submit a job successfully. Just using my smartphone Music first im reading whats expected from workers and see, if im able to do it or not carefully, read it about upvoted by one of my favorite job here, so i can quickly submit it with correct pro. I only determine to put username of the poster and the username of all uploaded, so its me Music, my username. This is already application. You allow this patch to open it Music and, as you see as you see just, i need to upload and say the name of post post on reddit, Music and back to piccolo cubs, to answer to give proof Music, so Music, my username story, man, 94 and Username, post upvotes is omario, Music, 30 or 23 yeah submit a great start submitted successfully Music.

So you see how much was easy and simple and for three set as a payment and some time we can access so complete and survive. As you see here, i have been created for a complete survive. Finally, i want to thank you for watching this video. If you see it very useful, please martial like and subscribe his bill for next video. I will put my referee code in description below.