This is headphone adapter. So let me see what is this okay? This is headphone adapter, so either one okay. So, first, let me check the phone Music uh um, Music, Music, Music, foreign and on the right side. Okay, this is the bottom and uh on the right side of the phone uh. Actually, this power off and on button is given okay power off and on button, either fingerprint sensor, foreign Music, fast refresh rate in the 10 bit color depth of peak brightness, uh 800 minutes in the 240 hertz touch sampling rate, okay and one more interesting thing. Is it has 10 bit colors, so it supports more than a billion colors? Okay and one more thing. It has snapdragon 732 g and rom 6 gb and around 128 gb. As i told you before, and battery is 4250 mah. This capacity is uh actually in such a slim. Phone is really great. Actually, in the slim fault, Music its. So it has all the sensors like foreign, okay and this 5mp macro. It takes really awesome photos and uh. Overall camera quality is very good and in front. We have got the 16 mp selfie camera and the camera abnormally features a charity. It came with one click, ai cinema mode uh, which has various efforts for videos and uh, which is very much suitable for the people who does vlogging. As i told you before. So is with different colors. Okay, it has a time lapse.

Also, okay, it has time lapse, slow motion on the and uh. We can record up to 4k at 30 fps and in the interesting feature indian day, it has 360 degree ambient light sensor so that it will adapt the brightness. According to the environment, incorporating multimedia experience could have bonded in law like uh, you get an immersive viewing experience in this uh. The viewing angles are also good uh. This is all because of iran im on screen and coming to the speakers. Okay, speakers um. They are decently loud, so you will definitely enjoy the multimedia experience in this and the connectivity uh. The implementation volte on the wi fi calling uh facility, bluetooth 5.1 on the carrier aggregation and we also have dual band wifi: Music, so Music.