Do it Applause Music, hey there underwater filmmakers, whats going on thanks for tuning back into the underwater filmmaking school? Now, a couple weeks ago, the folks from die folk contacted me reached out to me asking me whether i was interested in testing their latest piece of equipment, which is this one here. The c touch 3 pro and underwater housing for any type of smartphone. Now i have tried a couple of different smartphone housings in the past, and i have to be honest. I have never really been very positively surprised by using them. Simple reason was because you always needed a app that would actually connect the smartphone via bluetooth to the housing um, and then you could use the buttons on the housing to work at the camera of your phone. But you would not be able to use the camera app off the phone or any other app that you wanted to use for. Actually, filming underwater, you were limited to using the app that was integrated or the camera functions that were integrated in the app made by the manufacturer of the housing wow. That was quite a bit of a sentence. Well, in any case, it was quite complicated to use those um to use those phones in those housings underwater and the biggest sort of um. The biggest negative was that you werent able in the newer cell phones, you have different lenses right, so you can choose between having a really wide view you can choose between having a narrow view.

You can use a portrait mode where you blur out the background and all these functionalities were not accessible through these housings because they werent using the native camera apps on the phone but their own ones, and that was a big negative for me and kind of made. It pointless to use my phone underwater if i wasnt able to use it to its full potential right. So naturally i was a little hesitant at the beginning when the guys at dye fork um, suggested to send me one of their housings to test it out. But when they said that they have come up with a new technology that integrates a touch screen on their underwater housings, i was intrigued and i really wanted to test it out. So i agreed on testing and reviewing that product here on the channel full disclosure. At this point the guys sent me their underwater housing for free. I did not pay for that product, but all the opinions that youre going to hear in this review are my own ones and the guys at die fork. They didnt get to see this video before it was officially published right with this out of the way lets get straight into the interesting part Music. In the past couple of weeks, sebastian ate myself did about half a dozen or so dives, with the smart touch pro 3.. Now i first want to talk about our experiences that we made while testing the device and then, after that, im going to go into some pros and cons from my opinion when it comes to using the smart touch pro 3.

3, pro 3 pro now, let me say that the image quality is mainly going to be depending on the phone that youre using inside your smart touch. 3 pro. Obviously, if you have a phone with a better camera, thats going to be producing better shots and better and clips under water as well, so the housing is really just a shell here that is making it possible to take your phone and the water and use the Phones, camera to capture underwater experiences. So what were our experiences when testing the smart touch? 3 pro well? First of all, i have to say that this is really a very unique design. I have never seen any device that actually enables you to use the touch screen on your smartphone while being underwater. What theyve done here quite cleverly, i think, is used a, i think, its a silicon, silicon membrane or a silicon piece that theyve integrated in the front part here where the screen of your phone sits and what happens is when you press on it. It will transfer that push or that press um onto the screen of the phone, and you can use all the functions of your phone. You can access everything on your phone youre not limited to using an airplug with all of the other smartphone housings that ive tested out before with this one. You have all the functionalities of the entire phone at your fingertips, which is fantastic. I think so.

You cannot just use it for taking photos and videos underwater, but you could lets go into x3 into the extreme. You can, even if youre, on a decompression dive, and you have to just wait for half an hour before you can come up to the surface. The end of your dive, you can pull out your phone and you can even play games on your phone that youve pre loaded on there. You can watch a film that youve saved on your phone. You can do all these things actually, while youre underwater. This is quite amazing i find now lets say with this touchscreen functionality of the housing. It does actually come with some limitations. First of all, you cannot use the touchscreen if you still have your protection cover on your smartphone screen, so you know how a lot of people they do have these uh protection covers on the screen itself, which will protect the screen from you, know, cracks and brakes, And all that sort of stuff, if you have that on your smartphone, it will not properly work on inside the housing because it has to do something with the sensitivity of the smartphone screen which is decreased by having that protection film on it. So you actually need to take that film off in order to be able to work it properly, underwater, okay, not ideal but workable. The second limitation is that you cannot really use the touchscreen on the housing if youre wearing gloves – and this is kind of a deal breaker for me, diving here in switzerland, because lets be honest about 85 to 90 percent of all dives.

I do here in switzerland are conducted in a dry suit, wearing drastic gloves as well. So if i cant work the touchscreen with my gloves on then well, basically, i cant really use it for 85 to 90 of the dives that i do here in switzerland. Its a different story, if youre in tropical in a tropical area and youre diving in tropical waters where you dont need any gloves, it will work fine, but keep that in mind using gloves its not really going to be working very well. One thing that i really enjoyed about using the smart touch 3 pro was how its actually sitting in your hand, the grip, is actually really really comfortable. You can nicely hold the phone and you can even use it with one hand, once youve actually pressed that record button, because that actually does need a little bit of pressure executed onto the screen. But once youve done that and its recording you can use it with one hand quite easily. Keep in mind, though, that you are going to be more shaky when using it. Just with that one hand, so be careful with that, but thats, something that i really enjoyed. I think the grip is nicely done from a point of view when it comes to the size as well as the location of it. It works well and i really enjoyed using the housing that way. Another thing that ive also noticed is that fork has a lot of accessories that can be attached to the smart touch 3 pro stuff, like additional lens adapters for wide angle or macro lenses for red filters.

Youve got trays that you can attach to it. So you can mount lights and all that sort of stuff onto it. I personally or sebastian, and i we didnt test out any of the accessories because we didnt have them here. They werent available to us. So we just tested the housing as it is standalone. We didnt have any accessories, but there is a ton of different accessories out there. If you look through the web, page of die fork, youll see what is available and you can really pimp that setup to, like, i wouldnt, say a professional setup. But you can really make this fairly big, but that will kind of take away the um. The whole purpose of taking your cell phone underwater because you only want to have your cell phone and you dont, really want to carry around all that extra gear and accessories that you need to make it into a complete setup. And when we talk about the results, they are quite okay. We used sebastians iphone 11 to do all the test recordings on the water, and that worked really well, i mean we did a couple of dives out in the lakes and then we also had the phone with us when we recorded some of the b roll sequences That are going to be in my online underwater videography course that we recorded in a swimming pool an indoor pool. So we had the phone and the housing with us there as well and just played around with it during the recordings a little bit and we were actually able to get some really good shots photo as well as video wise, so im quite happy with the quality That comes out of the iphone 11 in combination with the smart touch.

3 pro Music, so lets have a quick look at the pros and cons of the housing and who i think this housing is actually made for well. First of all, on the pro side, i think that the housing is very easy to set up and use, and it is um usable with a variety of different phones. You can actually tell the guys that die fork when you order the housing. What kind of phone you want to be using with it and then theyve got just different adapters like this one here that will actually be used to put your phone inside and then once youve done that slide, that adapter inside the housing close it up and youre Really good to go, and if you change your phone model in the future, you can just change these adapters um for the new phone that you got. We also need to say that the price of around 200 us dollars for this housing is definitely to be placed on the pro site. The housing is very small and compact, which is great for traveling, for storing you can, even while youre diving, keep it in your bcd pocket and just pull it out whenever you want to start recording or taking a photo. So from that perspective, very well executed. Also, on the pro side, we definitely need to place the touch screen which works fairly, well, keep the limitations in mind, but other than that it does work.

Um sometimes itll need a few attempts to actually get to um an app or exit an app or actually transfer the push onto the screen. It really depends on the sensitivity of your screen and i recommend that you actually watch the um instruction videos um of die fork that are on their website. That will tell you how you have to set up your phone in terms of the individual settings so that it will work best with the touch screen of the housing and last but not least, definitely on. The pro side is that this housing has very low. Maintenance needs theres, nothing really. You need to do with that housing after you dive, then just put it into fresh water rinse it out thoroughly, try it and thats it store it in a dry and safe place and its going to be ready for your next dive. So thats definitely something that is an advantage with this housing on the con on the negative side, i have a few things that i like to mention that you should keep in mind. First of all, we did say that the touchscreen works. Yes, it does, but you need to keep the limitations in mind if youre, using gloves for most of your dives, its not really going to be working. So its no good for you and you do need to remember to take the protection um off the screen of your phone. If you keep that protection on there, its also not really going to be working, so those are the limitations that you need to keep in mind.

Personally, i dont really like that. The housing is made out of plastic completely. It does feel a little cheap and it doesnt feel like its gon na, be able to take a beating, and you know how it how it goes on dive boats, people dont, always watch where they put their tanks or where they put stuff. So just be very careful with how you handle the housing, especially on land, not as much underwater but especially on land, to make sure that it doesnt get damaged. Also, i dont really know how strong the touchscreen is and how much you know of a beating that can handle um, and i dont really have any experience um in sort of a long time use or long term use. But i can imagine that this is going to be a weak point on the housing itself other than the housing being made out of plastic all together now. Another thing that i dont really like is that they dont have any leak protection integrated in the housing. I know other smartphone housings, they do have elite protection built into it. This one doesnt. They do say, though, that they have not just one o ring, but three o rings integrated in the um. The lid here thats uh, closing up the phone or closing up the the housing. I better say still. I dont know i dont really know about this um. I dont really like that too much and i just think be careful and really watch.

Those o rings make sure that it is um properly sealed before you get into the water and take your time doing that, because theres nothing that will warn you underwater if water leaks in um and keep in mind that its not just the camera that youre taking With you underwater, but its also your phone, so if your camera gets destroyed or water leaks into the housing youre, most likely gon na destroy your phone as well. So, who do i think this housing is made for, i think its made for people who want to take some shots and videos of themselves diving during the vacation. I dont think that its something that a pro or even a semi pro would be using on a regular basis. But if youre a holiday diver, you go diving once or twice a year in the tropics somewhere where its nice and warm you dont need any gloves, and you just want to record some snippets of your dives here and there. Then. I think this is a good option also for people who dont want to make the investment – and you know just go into buying um another camera just for filming or taking photos on the water. This could be the solution. You can use the camera of your phone that you already have and just get the housing and use it to film and take photos underwater that way. So i hope that this review of the c touch 3.

Pro is helpful to you in deciding whether or not this cell phone housing is the right one for you. Let me know if youve tried the c touch 3 pro yourself already, and what your experiences and thoughts are about it down in the comment section below im. Really curious to hear your thoughts about that so thats it for today.