welcome back to the channel guys and girls youre watching me, em quan here on em quan reviews. This is the channel where i talk about technology and lifestyle that youre, probably thinking about buying or need help with. So the z flip 3, alongside the z full 3, which ill do a separate video on, were recently announced by samsung ive, been fortunate enough to be using both of these devices. But the z, flip 3 is the device that i have enjoyed using more than the z fold 3. and for many good reasons i mean look at it. It looks so cool the fact that its this clamshell kind of design. It means that it stands out immediately. Youve basically got this folding style, which is similar to what we saw in the previous generation of the z flips, but it has changed now. It looks a bit more industrial feels and looks more premium. I like what theyve done on the front and the back with this glass. This is gorilla, victors glass, so it should be better in terms of durability. Samsung have also made changes overall to the rigidity of this, so theyre using armor, aluminium and theyve also updated the performance when it comes to water resistance. So this isnt necessarily water, water, resistance and doesnt mean you can go and splash it into the swimming pool, but it means that if it does get wet its, not a major issue now part of that certification, which is very interesting, is that it doesnt include dust.

Something to be aware of from there now, as far as the display is concerned on the outside, you have this beautiful 1.9 inch, dynamic, amoled display its quite fun actually, because you can set up widgets and you can also customize this theres also another feature. If you double press, the power button over here will actually allow you to take photos or videos directly from the front without actually having to open it out, which is really really handy, so that 1.9 inch display and im trying to do it with one hand, and I failed opens out to this display, which is a beautiful 6.7 inch, fhd plus dynamic amoled display. The big thing here is that that display on the front does support 120 hertz refresh, so that is one of the bigger updates to that display. Youll notice over there. In the middle that you still do have that line where the folder is, but generally speaking, when youre consuming media or using this day to day, i certainly havent noticed that one of the benefits of not only the display, but also at the back, the hinge system That samsung have put in – and this is quite interesting because it does give you much more control over the different angles – that you can have this open and closed at, but its i mean its a great feature to have from a hardware perspective, but its pointless. If it doesnt work with software and thats, really where samsung have refined the software experience with that, because theres something called flex mode and youll notice, this within various apps youtube being one of them, uh, which i do use it a lot in and thats the fact That the bottom part of the display over here can be used to scroll through different videos, whereas the top part over here is showing you, the actual video thats playing its very, very useful, and the app where i think this comes in and is most handy, is Actually, in the camera app – and this is something that ive used for selfies for photos for videos as well – is the ability with that flex mode to give you more control over the photos and videos that youre taking its actually pretty useful once you start using it.

Oh samsung, can we just take a moment to talk about biometrics, because that front facing camera works? Okay to unlock the device but like? Where have you put the fingerprint scanner with the power button which is over here? It would have made more sense to actually put it on this side over here, which is where most people grip the device when theyre opening it yeah. Maybe an idea now as far as whats powering this inside you get the snapdragon, 888, 5g chipset and whats. Interesting is this year there arent any variations with exignus and other chips depending on market its all the same, and this is also powered with 8 gb of ram. Now 8gb of ram has been pretty decent in terms of my day to day use. I know some people would have liked to see a higher ram capacity, but i think, generally speaking, for most people, that the z flip 3 is aiming at and also for day to day use with this device, its actually pretty decent. I was getting good performance with light gaming, you know all the multitasking social media multimedia elements of the apps are all there. There is some heating on the back over here, particularly near the camera, when i was doing uh multimedia kind of videos in uhd 60 frames per second photos as well for prolonged period of time, but nothing that really felt too hot to kind of handle. Probably at this point in the video thinking im, quite it cant all be plain, staining well heres the thing there are two areas which i have found: the z flip 3 to be under performing in my real case, use.

Okay, the first one is battery life. So a 3 300 milliamp hour battery is inside this thing i expected with the snapdragon processor better battery performance day to day, but i im simply not getting that with this device now bear in mind. I am a heavy user, mostly of social media apps, mostly media related apps and im, finding myself having to charge this at least at least two times a day now its around about 2 30 now in the afternoon, and the battery on this is already down to About 47, so below 50. Now this does support 25 watt wire charging. It does support wireless charging, which is something that i tend to use 11 watt uh wireless charging and it also supports reverse wireless charging up to four and a half watts, so thats handy if youve got galaxy buds or something else that you need charging on the Go but in terms of all day battery life that some of us hardcore techies might expect aint gon na happen with this. The second point is actually on the front: the dual camera on the z flip three now i think here dont get me wrong. The front selfie shooter ive actually enjoyed using it, does a good job with photos and videos. Portrait shots. All look very nice on this, but for me the dual camera setup on the back was slightly lackluster kind of comparing it with what im getting from the z fold 3 and thats, not necessarily fair on what the z flip 3 offers or who its aiming for.

But i just kind of expected more from the camera. The target audience is going to be actually happy with the camera and the camera quality with the shots and videos that are produced with this. You can see from some of these examples ultra wide. All the way through to you know, 1x 2x are pretty decent where we start to find issues and lets say a lot of noise and distortion is when you start zooming in further now, unlike uh the z fold, three, this doesnt really have a telephoto lens, so Its not really fair to kind of compare it with the same, but i think for most people theyll be totally happy with both the photos in normal lighting uh, going up to about 2x and photos taken in low light with this as well. Okay. So this is a quick look at video. This is currently being recorded. Uhd 60 frames per second with steady mode turned off, and this just gives you an idea of what the video and audio quality looks like. I think, for the most part, its pretty decent. I mean it does a good job with color balance, accuracy also with auto focus as well, and i think the audio comes out quite well. Let me know in the comment section down below what you think Music and that there is a wrap ive been waiting to do that. All the way through to the end, look lets face it.

It isnt revolutionary this folding smartphone doesnt, add to the functionality that you would get with the z fold 3 or many other folding smartphones. But what the z flip 3 does do is add a level of playfulness coolness in a market which lets face it. A lot of smartphones are beginning to look the same and, dare i say, even feel the same thats. What makes this stand out and really become something that a lot of other smartphones just currently arent doing and theres also one other cool thing that samsung did. That kind of plays with the psychology of making this popular, and that is pricing this below the thousand dollar mark. I think, as soon as theyve done, that the average consumer that wants something different that wants to have something that might be a talking point when they look at the price for something like this. It makes it easier to buy in so its not necessarily a premium flagship device, but it is different enough for it to kind of justify justifying some peoples heads that below thousand dollar mark.