Thank you, google team, pixel and, if its anything like last years, foray were in for a hell of a budget smartphone. In my opinion, the foray was right up there as contender of the year for budget smartphone in 2020.. Lets see what the 5a brings to the table. Google also sent over the newest pixel buds, a series which is that they dont im sure they dont like to use the word budget friendly, but right now the world needs budget friendly inflation like crazy, so way to go. Google, i applaud making products for people that might not have premium money, but still want premium devices all right lets crack it open side, two flip around pull her up and shake her down. Just give her a good shake down there. It is, and all its budget friendly premium glory nice size feels good in hand. This is solid this. This does not feel like a hollow piece of plastic crap. We got our fingerprint sensor on the back here and i can immediately see that fingerprints pretty much literally disappear the front not so much. My greasy olive oil italian fingers extra virgin its all over the front screen here so im gon na have to get that im. Gon na have to get that italian proof screen protector. I saw on ebay, amazon dont, have it most mostly black? Why does this look green? This has a tint, it might just be my lighting, it might be my lighting, it might be the white balance in my eyes, so my my mom looks at stuff.

Wait a second here and just hold on one second now is this the back or hold on? Oh theres, the screen, i was wondering why its so dark its just and then they they cant doesnt matter how small the phone is, its, never a one handed job for mom its up and then one really erect pointer finger to just hold on now. Just let me i just have to find that its right here. I know where it is wait, maybe its maybe its on the bottom. While this is loading up, lets uh pop out these google pixel buds right quick. Is this the same color man thats, mostly black theres, a green tint to this oh nice, fit nice premium, feel oh nice little chime! Oh google dont you dare! This is a review for your phone. You give me no copyright tonight screen, looks great bright, vibrant on the front. We have a 6.3 inch full hd oled display at 413 ppi. The google pixel 5 a5g is also splash resistant, its ip67, so you can get it wet. You can get a little wet. Just dont go overboard: no scuba, no school buffer power button on the side has a nice little little rigid grip on it. So you know youre touching that, as opposed to the smooth volume rocker battery is 46 80 milliamps, so googles expecting very fast charges here with the quick charger and all day battery life, we also have a snapdragon 765 g.

On top, we still have a headphone jack, which im sure a whole lot of people are gon na be excited about. We have 128 gigs of on board storage, the main camera is 12.2 megapixels and the ultra wide is 16 megapixels, and the front facing camera is eight. As far as video we got 4k up to 60 frames per second, which is great still no 24 frames per. Second, though, so google, please add that, in in some kind of software update need that 24p lets take the first shot with the camera lets. Do the selfie camera first wow that looks fair. That looks pretty damn sharp, maybe its, because all this good lighting i have in here but lets – do a little portrait mode and then well go to the ultra wide. So this is the iphone 12 pro max here number one. The front facing camera is much wider on the pixel phone as opposed to the iphone. This is a expensive smartphone and i think the selfie camera on this budget smartphone looks a little better lets. Do the rear facing cameras while were at it? Why not huh? Sir michael jordan, sir mj aaron this himself, god of all gods real tune squad leader of the team, the real one got you young, kids, dont, know nothing about this goat right here, wait: thats a thats, a lamb, a sheep! Well put him there quick circle around the face, so it is recognized in the face of sir ernest michael jeffrey, jordan now well get the same shot here and the clarity man i got ta say its its gon na go to the pixel.

Here i have to give this to the pixel honest, honest to god: test image looks much sharper while were at it might as well. Do one night sight shot. Once again, i have to say google very impressed very impressed by this camera. I truly am the night site. Look better every photo ive taken in comparison. The google pixel has one you could pre order. The pixel 5 a5g right now starts at 450 in a land where companies like samsung are releasing these crazy foldable phones for damn near two thousand dollars. Now pretty much all the bells and whistles that you need 450 bucks got ta applaud google for that way to go.