Now now this comes in at 449 and is available in just one color called mostly black. It looks like it has a little green tint to it as well. So if we look around the box, it just says team pixel and gives a little bit of the details. Well talk about that more in just a moment. Lets go ahead and unbox it so! Well, take off the little pull tabs here: well, unbox it and, like i said its available in one color and lets take a look at it. So here is the pixel itself, so i dont know if you can see it on camera, but there is a slight green tint to it, but its very very slight lets take a closer look at whats in the box and then a closer look at the phone. So we have a sim card removal tool and then we have some paperwork here. So lets see what weve got. We just have something that says: google and its sort of a quick start guide, as well as a little warranty card. Well, set that aside in the box, you do get an 18 watt charger. So if we spin this around here – hopefully you can see this, but it is an 18 watt charger that comes with it and then also its usbc. So it comes with that and then also comes with a usbc to usbc, cable and then a usb a to usbc cable so that you can maybe switch from a different phone.

Now lets take a look at the phone itself so ill. Remove the covering off the display and lets talk about what its made of and more so. The first thing is. This is metal this year, its not plastic. It has a metal, unibody construction on the front. It has corning gorilla glass, 3, according to google and as far as its overall size, its very similar to the 4a 5g. So, as you can see, it looks very familiar. You have your dual cameras and well talk more about those in a moment. On the right hand, side you have a power sleep, wake button that has this nice texture to it, so its a little bumpy texture and then, of course, your volume rocker below that on the bottom. Youve got a couple speakers and microphone or a speaker and microphone along with usbc and then on the other side. You have your sim card tray on the top. Youve got a headphone jack and another microphone and youve got your little speaker here at the top of the display. Now lets go ahead and take a look at the sim card tray now. According to google, this does not have dual sim support, but it does have a physical sim and an esim, so you can use either or you can use a physical sim card. It does not have expandable storage. Now before i boot it up. Lets talk about the internal specs a little bit, so this has last years qualcomm snapdragon 765 g in adreno, 620, gpu and six gigabytes of ram.

Now the nice thing is, it has a gigantic battery inside thats, 4, 680 milliamp hours, so thats a huge improvement and one of the biggest, if not the biggest batteries in any pixel device. Also, on the front, its a 6.34 inch display 2400 by 1080, with 413 pixels per inch, and it supports hdr. Now it has 128 gigabytes of storage internally thats, not upgradable and its also ip67 water resistant this year. So that should help with dust or water intrusion, and it also has 802.11 abgn and ac plus bluetooth, 5.0 and le now for a quick size comparison before we boot it up. Here is the pixel 5 next to the new 5a, so its a little bit bigger and thickness wise, maybe a little bit thicker, but it does have a bigger battery in it, its very very close, though, and then next to the 4xl, its very similar in size. So you can see the overall size is very, very close, but as far as the general look, its basically a pixel, you have similar thicknesses, similar power button layouts and everything else now lets go ahead and boot. It up now well wait for it to boot up, and one thing i noticed just after turning it on is. If i move this off axis a little bit, you can see that the screen has a little bit of a shift to a pinkish purplish color. I dont know if you can see that on camera, but it is a little bit different off axis now.

Lets go ahead and set it up so well, go ahead and hit start, and it says just a sec and ill skip, putting a sim card in ill. Do that a little bit later so well skip that and well connect to wi fi, now im connected to wi fi, it says getting your phone ready. This may take a few minutes now its asking me if i want to copy apps and data ill just hit. Dont copy for now well go to the next screen. It says checking info and now you can sign in with google, so ill go ahead and do that now you have to agree to all of the terms, so you can move forward, so well go ahead and do that and then it wants me to set a Lock screen so well go or set a lock pin for the lock screen, so ill go ahead, and do that now i can set up a fingerprint – and this has a typical fingerprint sensor on the back. Just like you would expect so well, go ahead and hit next and then just put our finger on the fingerprint sensor and get it set up pretty quickly here and there we go. We could add another but ill just go ahead and tap on next and now it says, continue setup or leave and get a reminder so well go ahead and hit continue and it says your assistant will be right with you and if you want to use google Assistant, you can do that ill hit agree and it will recognize my voice already since ive used it before and then ill go ahead and hit next ill skip.

Setting up. Google pay and i wont, set up anything else right now and well just hit. No thanks on get more tips, so well wait just a moment, and then we should be able to get to the the lock screen or the home screen and we can save battery with dark theme. Well, just keep it on that hit next hit. Next, its just telling us how to use the phone and then swipe up to get started so now were on the main screen. Youll see it has a nice green tint to it, and i havent changed anything here: well, tap to get tips, go back home and now it switches to our weather and the date and time up here at the top. So this is your typical google home screen. Just like you would expect on a pixel now this has android 11 on it. So lets go ahead and take a look here and you can see it comes pre installed with the june security update. Now, whether or not we get the august security update, ill have to check for updates, well go ahead and check, and it says its up to date. So i would expect this to get an update a little bit later to bring it up to the security level of august. But right now it comes pre installed with the june security update and all the features that go along with that and so ill check. For that a little bit later now, this particular device has three years support minimum according to google and should be supported for that amount of time, with updates and more now.

As far as the overall cameras, i thought wed take a look at those, since the cameras on the back are a big selling point for the pixel theyre, not really any different than the previous year. You have a 12.2 megapixel f 1.7, but theres. No laser auto focus compared to the 4a 5g and then you also have a 16 megapixel ultrawide, with an f 2.2 aperture theyll record in 4k, 60. on the front, you have a 1080p 30 camera that is 8 megapixels, so you can record 1080p video with that. So i thought wed just do a quick video with the forward facing camera and see what it actually looks like and see what it sounds like as well. So well do that and its asking about location well hit done, switch to video and lets spin it around. Here and now you can see me on the camera so now im recording with the pixel 5a, and this is what it sounds like and what it looks like directly from the camera. I havent changed anything, maybe just adjusted the audio levels, so you can hear it at the same level as the rest of the video. So let me know what you think about that in the comments below and i think overall it should be a pretty nice phone. This looks pretty good and you can see that the bezel is smaller than what we had with the 4a 5g and so im really excited to try and use this.

It should get great battery life. One thing it does not have is wireless charging just like the previous year, so youll have to use the usbc cable on the bottom. I know thats not a huge deal for everyone, but for some people it may be an issue. Of course. It also supports 5g and sub 6, but its your typical pixel experience. It can be as customized as you want go into your styles and wallpapers, and you can see you have all the curated culture that theyve just added. If we go back, youve got some of the newer ones and if i can get my hands on this wallpaper ill share that in the description below now, ive been using this for a little bit and it does seem nice and fast. However, you dont get the refresh rates that you do with the pixel 5, so theres no setting or anything for 120 hertz, its still at 60 hertz when scrolling. So it is nice and smooth its what you would expect from all of the pixel phones, but you dont get the 90 to 120 hertz bump that you get with the pixel 5.. So you dont get that experience, but it is nice and fast to switch between different things, such as your settings and then back to chrome and then the alarm clock its nice and fast. Overall, then, of course, if you want to just clear everything you can, but in general it is in the lower end price bracket, so youre probably not going to have all of those premium features, but it seems pretty nice overall so far, but it would take more Time to figure out, if its something that is comparable to a pixel 5 for everyday use.

Now, if theres anything else, youd like to know about this device overall, since its pretty familiar, the processor is what we would expect its not going to be much different than any other pixel really. What were waiting for is a pixel 6 or the pixel 6 xl that they announced a little while ago, so that will be coming out in a couple months or maybe a month at this point and im looking most forward to that. But for now this is a pretty good deal at 4 49. But let me know what you think about it in the comments below again ill, try and link this wallpaper and if you havent subscribed already please subscribe, and if you enjoyed the video please give it a like, as always thanks for watching this is Aaron ill see.