What makes this phone so special? Is it the camera? Is it the software? Is it the brand Music lets find out? The first thing to talk about with this phone is the design, which is probably what made me like it, the most, of course im talking about the size. This device is much smaller than most other flagships. These days, if you went back a few years, youd probably find that this was the normal size for a flagship smartphone, but these days this is quite a lot smaller, and i really like that. It means that you can hold it much more easily. In one hand, im pretty much holding it within my palm right now, which is quite unusual for a flagship these days. It makes it a lot easier to reach the top of the screen without having to shuffle your entire hand, which is quite handy, and it makes it a lot easier to use with one hand thats. The main thing with the design, which i think makes this stand out quite a lot, at least for me, compared to the other models, but the other things are quite standard. Its pretty much a glass sandwich with aluminium frame and youve got the new camera bump, which has become quite a standard thing these days. The other thing which stands out a lot as well with the design is the industrial rectangular block design that we got from the iphone 4 back in the day, and i really like this – i think it definitely makes it easier to hold without slipping out of your Hand – and it just it just adds to that really industrial feel that we like from apple.

The only downside that i found with this design is that the aluminium on the frame is quite soft and it does indent quite easily if you drop the phone. So i only dropped the phone once and its already got a couple of scratches and indents on the frame thats why you should be more responsible and pick up a case and well get onto magsafe later, but its definitely worth getting a case that has the magsafe On the inside as well, so that you can use that functionality apart from that design is really nice. I really like it. I guess its up to personal opinion, but i think youd like it too, and of course you get things like ip68 water resistance, which has become quite standard these days. Moving on to the display, you get a really nice 5.4 inch, oled 1080p 60hz panel, which doesnt sound too great on paper compared to some of the samsung flagships, but its still really good. The fact that its oled means that you have really good contrast, really good blacks, but also the 1080p resolution, is pretty much. What youd expect and you dont really need anything higher than that on such a small display, because your eyes cant really see any more resolution than that anyway. It would have been nice to see a 120 hertz panel like some of the samsung flagships. But, to be honest, just using the software day to day, you dont really notice that at all and its not really necessary unless youre a really intense phone gamer in terms of brightness.

It goes up to 1200 nits, which is plenty and ive used this indoors and in bright daylight and ive, never had any issues, viewing content or anything like that, its definitely a very bright display. The last thing to talk about with the display is the actual viewing experience, since it is a smaller display than most other flagships these days does that make the viewing experience a lot worse? My answer is no because i think that you tend to adapt to whatever display size you have within a week or so so ive been using this phone for quite a while and ive been viewing content on it. Watching movies youtube all sorts, and i havent had any issues or any longing for a large display. Ive used smaller displays in the past and much larger ones like when i used my oneplus 6, so ive tried them all, and i havent had any issues with this. In fact, even though the phone itself is smaller than the iphone 6s, the display is actually larger because its much taller and it doesnt have those huge bezels on the top and bottom. So, overall, i think the display size is pretty much perfect in terms of one handed use and reachability and also viewing content. I think is pretty much perfect on this phone, even though yes, its nicer to view content on a larger display, but in terms of convenience and this being a phone which you have to take around with you all the time.

I think this is just about the right size if you do want a phone thats very similar to this almost identical, but its slightly larger than, of course, you can opt for the iphone 12.. Next up lets talk a bit about the battery, so youre getting a 2227 milliamp hour battery on this device, which on paper, sounds very small, probably about half of what youre getting with some other flagships these days, but ill tell you from experience that it definitely lasts The full day, admittedly, i havent been doing any crazy gaming on this device, but i have been viewing a lot of content on youtube and watching movies, as well throughout the day, listening to a lot of music connecting to bluetooth speakers and it hasnt run out of Battery on me, once throughout the entire day, i think we can peg it down to the efficiency of the a14 bionic chipset, which works so well with the software that you dont really need such a large battery anymore, and it runs throughout the entire day. Without any issues so thats great, even though its a really small device with a pretty small battery, you shouldnt have any battery issues or at least thats. The experience ive had in the last two months now in terms of charging. If you have a fast charger which you can buy from apple, then you can get up to 20 watts fast charging, which should give you around 50 in 30 minutes or at least thats what they advertise.

It is important to mention, though, that you dont get this out the box. In fact, you dont even get a power brick in the box, as you probably already know, so you will have to buy that separately unless you have one in your house already now. In terms of wireless charging, you can charge up to 12 watts with any qii wireless charger, or you can also buy the magsafe charger which well get onto in just a bit, and those speeds are pretty decent. These days definitely theres other phones out there, which can charge with a much higher wattage, like even 50 watts from some xiaomi phones. I believe, but this is actually pretty decent anyway, and most people probably like me, charge throughout the night most of the time. So you dont really notice that sort of thing now lets talk about magsafe a bit, which is the new addition to the iphone 12 lineup. What it is is a ring of magnets on the inside of the phone, which allows you to attach a variety of accessories to the back of the phone. You can either buy those accessories from apple directly or, if you want to save some money or look at some other option, theres a lot of third party accessories out there now as well. It is important to know that if you have a case on your phone like i do over here, you need to buy a case that has the mag safe compatibility as well.

So the case will also have magnets on it, which allows the accessories to stick to the case without being too flimsy and falling off. I personally went with a third party, magsafe wallet accessory, which has worked quite well because its very slender and it attaches to the phone really easily, which is nice, but the only thing i would say is that if you are getting third parties like i did, you Should be careful about the strength of the magnets, because the case that i got and the third party wallet doesnt have the best strength, so the wallet can come off a bit too easily. But if you were to get the official apple one, it would work much better. Of course, that would mean that you would have to drop some serious cash in terms of strength, whether youre using the official products or third party products. The main thing with these accessories, especially the wallet, is that they wont fall off very easily when youre pulling them apart, but they can slide over each other fairly easily, which is something to look out for when youre putting your phone in your pocket or something like That being extra, careful and putting your phone in your pocket, a certain way becomes a habit really quickly, so its not something that you worry about after a few days of having the product its something that you should worry about when you get it straight away. Just to enforce that habit, so you dont lose your wallet and all of your stuff with it.

Probably the most well known, mag, safe, accessory, which apple made, was the magsafe wireless charger which attaches to the back of your phone and is like a mini hockey puck and it charges your phone up to 12 watts wirelessly, which is the maximum. The phone can do anyway. The main selling point with using that, as opposed to a normal wireless charger, is that the magnets align the wireless charging coils perfectly. So you have a much more efficient transmission of power. That means that youre more likely to get close to that 12 watt maximum when youre using the wireless charger as opposed to a normal one, where your phone might be completely misaligned with the charging coils. In my opinion, though, this is probably slightly over hyped as an accessory and is a bit of a gimmick. I dont really think its worth paying the extra money for this when the convenience of a normal wireless charger is slightly nicer. In my opinion – and the wallet case, for example, is more useful as a mag, safe accessory. Of course, i assume for the majority of people theyre not going to go with any of these accessories or wireless chargers, because its not actually that much effort to just plug your phone in at night. Oh, no, he didnt moving on to the cameras in the past few years. These have been a pretty strong point for iphones in general, and this is no exception. The cameras on this phone are excellent, in my opinion.

So, on the back, you get an ordinary main lens, along with a wide angle lens, which is quite handy, and then you get a selfie camera as well, of course, including that selfie camera unit is the 3d biometric sensor for face id along with a depth sensor. The depth sensor is mainly there to help with things like portrait mode, which are getting more popular these days, im going to run for you a couple of examples that i shot with the camera before i do that. I just thought id mention that for video you can shoot up to 4k 60 frames per second on any of the lenses, so looking at the first photo i took this was a pretty close up. Photo of a tin can and probably a bit too close up. I couldnt exactly get it to focus perfectly, as you can see on the top of the can. It did a pretty decent job. Considering i was extremely close to the can, but it would have been nice if it could get it a bit sharper. The next photo is the exact same can from a tiny bit further back and, as you can see, it got its spot on here. The colors are great theres, no lack of sharpness anywhere, which is really good apart from a bit in the background, but thats just a natural thing which lenses do moving on. I took this photo of some leaves and the sky behind it.

In the background, and although at first it might seem like it got the colors on the sky, wrong, no thats what the sky actually looks like today, its completely gray and no sun. So it wasnt a perfect day to take a photo out in nature. But it got the sharpness really good on the leaves and the colors are really true to life, which i can tell you from my own experience. I also took these two photos of some leaves just hanging out in the open with a bit of a background behind them, and that was just to show that the focus is pretty good on these lenses as well, and it didnt lack any sharpness on the subject Or the edges of the subject as well, and you can see that theres some natural blur in the background because of the lens, which i really like the last photo test from the back lenses. Are these two photos which are both taken from the exact same place as in i was standing in the same spot and as you can see on the first photo, i could hardly get any of the olive tree in, but with the wide angle lens. Switching to the wide angle lens, it gets the entire tree in the photo or almost the entire tree, so that i thought was really impressive, that pretty much sums up. Why having a wide angle lens is quite handy, especially if youre taking photos of stuff which are very large or you cant, move back too much to get the whole thing in the shot.

I also wanted to test out the stabilization and quality on the main back lens, since it does have optical image stabilization. So i took this quick video of me running down the garden just to show that it actually smooths out the bumps very well. When i was taking the photo, i was moving up and down quite a lot, or at least the phone was moving a lot. But in the video you hardly get any of that, which is great now ill. Just take a quick selfie right here to show you guys that they can do a pretty good job, especially in this really harsh lighting environment, where the room is actually very dark around me, so thats that photo. You can tell that it got the colors pretty good and it wasnt too bothered by the darkness around me either. So i think thats a very successful photo. I think these tests pretty much sum up. The cameras on this device are pretty excellent and i definitely dont think youll be disappointed with them at all. I will do a quick video test with all three cameras on this phone, to show you what the video quality and mic sound like on the device and ill do that right now, this video is coming. This video is coming straight from the phone selfie camera, and the audio youre hearing is straight from the phones. Mics now were onto the phones main camera on the back, so lets see if this is any good and again, the audio is coming from this phones microphone.

Finally, this is the wide angle lens on the back of the phone again with the phones audio, and you can probably see that you get a lot more in the shot in this and so its probably better to use if youre doing things like vlogging so were Back onto the main lens now and those were the three examples of video coming out of this phone, i think from reviewing the footage, its quite obvious, that the main camera has the best video followed by the wide angle and then the selfie, but the wide angle. As i said, is really useful if you want to do vlogs and things like that, one of the last things which i thought id mention which we have covered slightly is the performance on the device. In general, it is rocking the a14 bionic chipset, which is apples, new chipset and its very efficient and thats. Exactly why, as i said before, you dont need such a huge battery for it to run throughout the day, because its very well optimized to run with ios, which is the software paired. With this, you get four gigabytes of ram, which again doesnt sound like that. Much were getting like 8 or even 16 gigabytes of ram on some crazy phones out there these days, but you dont need that much ram if the chipset is really well optimized to run with the software ios in this case. So from my experience in the past two months, everything runs really well on this device.

Apps open, really quickly. Nothing takes too long to load and theres, definitely no glitching or lagging, which i think shows pretty much that theres nothing to worry about in terms of performance. Of course, whether you like ios is very subjective. Ive tried both android and ios in the past and liked both of them very much on android. You get a lot more customization, but on ios, its very simplistic, and you get really nice features like airdrop, so theres no right answer both softwares are great and its up to personal opinion. Of course, ios does run very efficiently with apples chipset since theyre both made in house thats. Definitely something to consider the last thing to talk about, of course, is quite important and thats price, so in the us on the apple website. This sells for 699 and also 699 pounds in the uk. Now in the uk at least, you can get it for 579 pounds on amazon, but i couldnt find that option on the us amazon website. You can, however, get a student discount on the apple website, which i believe is around 10, and that should help with the price quite a bit. I think, compared to some of the other flagship prices these days, for what youre getting with the latest chipset, really good battery life, even though again, the battery isnt that big, the latest version of ios, which is excellent, those cameras and all the other features. We talked about including magsafe.

I think the price is perfectly reasonable. I would personally recommend this phone to most people. What i would say is definitely pick up a case, because that frame does chip quite easily thats it for this week.