After an impressive debut with the launch of the iq3 in 2020., the brands product portfolio might still seem thin, but it now has some heavyweights in the offerings, including the recently launched qualcomm snapdragon 888 powered by 27 legend. The smartphone has been available in india for quite some time now, and i assume most people in the tech, space and tech enthusiasts would already know about the good and bad that is on the platter here, for the uninitiated. Here is how the iq7 legend fares in real life first thing: first, the bmw stripes on the white rear panel gives the i 27 legend a distinct look away from the usual gradients common to see in smartphones these days other than the bmw stripes. The i 27 legend is a regular looking smartphone. It has a protruding rear camera module similar to the one seen on other vivo phones. The curved rear panel has a matte finish and that meets the aluminium frame. Giving a fine grip. The metal frame has a fine finish to it, giving this phone a neat look on the right side. There is a volume rocker and a power button which is textured and highlighted in blue. The bottom side has a sim tray, usb c port and a speaker. Despite being a gaming smartphone first, the iq7 legend unfortunately lacks the 3.5 millimeters jack for audio out. The phone does not have the trigger keys on the edges, but it does have pressure sensitive sensors on the screen at 210 grams.

This phone is heavy, but its aesthetics make it easy to hold and use the i 27 legend sports, a 6.62 inch fhd plus a mold display of 1300 nits brightness 120 hertz refresh rate and 300 hertz touch sampling rate. The screen supports hdr, 10 plus and has flat edges with slim bezels around a curved display could have taken things to another level. That said, that display is bright and remains visible under direct sunlight. It looks sharp and has a good touch response, which is apparent, especially while playing games. The i 27 legend is powered by the qualcomm snapdragon 888 5g system on chip paired with up to 12 gigabytes, lpddr5 ram and 256 gigabytes, ufs 3.1 storage. The smartphone does not compromise on the specs sheet and the real life experience matches with what it promises to deliver on paper. It boots android 11 based fun touch os 11.1, which has seen improvements in terms of customizations animation effects over the previous iteration. Yet does not make for a good user experience, not just multitasking playing graphic intensive games for hours on high graphics settings is not even a problem. Besides, you get ultra game mode from where you can set 4d gaming vibration eagle eye sports mode among other options. These are important additions if you play games seriously as notifications and calls sometimes spoil all the progress. The on screen pressure, sensitive sensors offer an immersive gaming experience, but not all the time, especially when youre playing arcade games and it gets inconsistent at times.

The speakers are average for a phone of this stature so its best, if you use a good pair of earbuds or a speaker to watch a movie or a web series on the phone. There is pretty much everything, but some protection from water and dust would have been ideal, and that is where you will have to make a compromise overall, this phone did not. Let me down in any significant parameter, despite extensive use for about two months now features a triple camera setup at the back with a 48 mp primary sony, imx 598 sensor, a 13 mp ultra wide angle, lens with 120 degree 5 and a 13 mp depth sensor For portrait shots, there is a 16mp camera on the front for selfies. The camera produces sharp and detailed photos in normal light conditions. The contrast and saturation look fine in most cases, barring a few, including when you use hdr its performance in low light, is similar as the pictures retain a good amount of details after processing. The camera did manage to surprise me in conditions where the light was too feeble. The portrait mode, however, is not its strength, as the images look artificial unless you tweak the settings. Moreover, the edges dont usually look clean. The ultra wide lens, which also doubles as a macro. Camera is decent enough when it comes to colors, but it may miss some details here and there i did get a few good shots in low light and in the daytime you get 2x optical zoom with the portrait lens which produces good pictures so long as you Dont zoom too much the 16mp selfie camera is impressive, as you get good colors and details on photos and the images dont look artificial, something we see usually with selfie shooters records videos at 4k and 1080p.

The stabilization can be used for all resolutions, barring 4k, but thats fine, as videos do come out really well. Besides, you get several filters and additional features that can be really helpful for vloggers and content creators. Although a 4000 mah battery may seem insufficient for a phone with such credentials, the phone manages to run the show for about a day with regular social media use some photography and gaming talking about gaming, particularly, you can go on playing call of duty for about two. Three hours at a stretch easily and the phone would still have some charge left. There is also a 66 watts charger in the package that juice up the phone in about 30 minutes, which is impressive. I hardly had to care much about the battery. If i excluded heavy gaming from my usual use, the i 27 legend is an all rounder disguised as a gaming smartphone priced rs, ‘990 onwards. It is an inexpensive smartphone powered by qualcomms flagship, snapdragon 888 sock. The phone delivers comprehensive user experience and does not seem to be lacking on any front.