The smartphone is packed with features and specifications, not common in the mid range segment. For starters, it is the first smartphone in india powered by qualcomm, snapdragon 768 g5g mobile processor. Moreover, it packs a foot resolution screen of 120 hertz refresh rate and 180 hertz touch sampling rate, a 64 megapixel bass, triple rear camera array and a big capacity battery supported by 55 watts fast charger. The i235g seems to be a solid, mid range smartphone. Is it lets find out is easy to find a smartphone in the mid range segment packed with top of the line specifications, but the search gets difficult if you throw in the thin and lightweight design requirement. Thankfully, the i235g does not compromise on the design front. It has a thin profile and lightweight build the phone comes in cyber blue and ace black, both made mostly of polycarbonate, with matte finish on the back cover to resist fingerprint smudges. The cyber blue color is reminiscent of the vivo v20 pro with vibrant hues of blue colors on the rear panel. Speaking of the rear panel, it boasts a flashy design with subtle, i2 branding, but prominent in protruding camera module like the back cover. The frame is made of plastic, it sports the volume, rocker keys and the power button on the right side. The top side of the frame is home to the sim card tray and the bottom side is covered by a 3.5 millimeters headphone jack, a usbc port and the speaker.

The iq z35g is ip52 rated for dust and water resistant, though incapable of being submerged in water or to take the serious dust of use. It is good to see there is some protection for the phone to stay protected against light, splashes of water and dust. As for the build quality, it is solid. Moreover, the in hand feel is good thanks to the curved edges and the non slippery finish of the rear cover the aiku z35g sports, a 6.58 inch foot plus ips lcd screen with panda glass protection layered on top for scratch resistance. The screen is of 120 hertz refresh rate and 180 hertz touch sampling rate, both of which aids, the phones, multimedia and gaming capabilities for smooth user experience. Aiku has added smart switch mode in the display setting that allows the phones screen to use variable refresh rate in accordance with on screen content requirement, though the screen is good, it leaves unreasonable bezels on the sides and a big one on the chin. The teardrop notch is another minor, but prominent design element that shows corners are cut to keep the pricing low. Coming back to the display, it has a pixel density of 401p and is hdr10 compliant. It looks sharp and offers good viewing angles. Besides, the variable refresh rate makes it a good deal to experience different genre content like movies text, web pages games, etc. The screen is good for indoor use, but the limited peak, brightness level and glossy glass costs the sunlight.

Legibility. Iku is known for affordable performance, centric smartphones and the z35g is no exception. It is the first smartphone in india powered by the qualcomm snapdragon 768 g system on chip. The phone supports 5g, making it future ready. The iq z3 comes with 6 gigabytes ram, plus 128 gigabytes storage, 8 gigabytes ram, plus gigabytes storage and eight gigabytes ram, plus 256 gigabyte storage configurations. The eight gigabytes ram models boast virtual ram features which treats a portion of storage as ram to facilitate demanding tasks. Details aside, the iq35g is a solid performer. It performs well, irrespective of usage. Multitasking social media, video streaming texting gaming itself complementing the performance is the thermal efficiency. The phone features a five layer liquid cooling system, which helps in keeping the thermals in check being a gaming smartphone. The iq35g covers a wide spectrum of in gaming enhancements. There is an ultra game mode, which optimizes cpu, slash, gpu, ram and more when playing games. This makes it ideal for gaming. The only downside to the ikoo z35g is the android 11 operating system based fun touch os 11.1 skin. It brings major improvements over the previous iterations, but still has a long way to go to deliver good user experience. Cameras are not usually considered a strong area for any gaming smartphone, but the iq35g is different. It sports a triple camera array on the back featuring a 64mb primary sensor, an 8mp ultra wide lens and a 2mp sensor with an f 2.

4 lens. It has a 16mp sensor on the front. The camera is capable of recording 4k videos at 60fps. The rear camera supports efb, autofocus tracking and super night mode, supported by several filters for low light photography. Overall, the camera works well in everyday photography with crisp and sharp pictures you might see over saturation in some cases, especially bright conditions. The 16mp selfie camera is good too. It takes vibrant pictures with good color tones and sharpness. It, however, does not work well with portraits the portrait mode smoothens, the skin tone, making it look too artificial, and there is unusual and inconsistent blur on the contours. The camera is a bit weak for low light photography, though, as it lacks the accuracy that you usually expect. The ultra wide lens manages to click decent pictures, but the edges are usually noisy. The macro lens is plain: disappointing, though the phone packs a 4 comma 400 mah battery, supported by a 55 watts fast charger, aiku claims, the phones battery gets a 50 charge in just 19 minutes and it manages to come close to the claimed numbers in real life.