Mova, was actually kind enough to send me the product, and i would only do a review if i really liked it, and i really like it. Its really changing my video setup, so im gon na unbox it im gon na show you everything that comes with it and im also going to show you the kind of quality youll get. I should have introduced myself, hi im kirky. I create tutorials and tips for streamers and content creators and my goal is to help you guys avoid burnout plan, your content and just give you guys all the resources you need to stream, create videos content all that stuff, while keeping a balance in your lives. So if you have a nine to five job – or you have other commitments im here to help, this video is actually being filmed with the tripod. The microphone theres also a wide angle lens that ive attached to my phone and theres also a mini light. So thats most of the things that come with it, i will show you guys a little bit of what it looks like on my end. But the great thing about it is its loads of different pieces, so you can choose which pieces you want to use and the things im getting the most use out of are definitely the mini tripod. The wide angle lens and this microphone, because i do like just being able to pick up my phone and start filming while im still set at my desk and not having to go and get out my dslr and set up the big tripod.

This is a good option if you want to start vlogging or if you just have a phone, but you need better equipment to increase your video content creation game. Let me show you guys what ive got going on right in front of me now and then were going to get into the unboxing first im glad i have this to film on, because i was going to film using this a lot today and its completely dead, Because i forgot to charge it, but i never forget to charge my phone okay, so this is currently what i can see you got the light. Ive got the other end of the microphone on top theres, my phone with the lens over it look theres me in the reflection of my phone and then ive got this like extra mount around the phone. That comes with the one where you can. You know angle, your phone, its got a ball there theres an extra arm and then theres also the mini tripod part. Okay lets get into the unboxing. This is the box for the ivlog 4 smartphone video kit, its quite a nice box and inside the box. The first thing you get to see is the little instruction booklet of how to put things together and how they work. So i thought this was really handy, because i had no idea how to set up some of the things like the microphone, for example, and then theres. This really nice case inside the box.

So all of it comes in this nice black case that has a handle and it has a zip and then once you open it. This is what it looks like, so everything has its own place, which i really like its not just thrown in there. So one of the first things i picked up was the microphone, and then this is the p3 smartphone holder which you can expand to hold your phone, whatever phone size you have, and you can also rotate your phone, which is really cool, so you can have a Landscape or you can have it portrait, and it also comes with these oh theyre, just called levels. It also comes with a bluetooth remote, which is pretty cool and then im getting out the tripod. It comes with a mvt one minute tripod and it is also a customizable tripod, so the miniature tripod features a rotating head and adjustable legs. A high extension pole and padding grips for handheld use now im just unboxing the transmitter that come with this. So the transmitters are used for the microphone. They have a 200 foot transmission rate, so its a powerful wireless microphone system that allows the subject to stand up to 200 feet away from the recording device and still be heard clearly so yeah. These are the transmitter and the receiver packs both of them need two aaa batteries. I believe i had to get for them. This next piece is really interesting, so it is called a spr5, smartphone cage and basically its so you can attach more of the components to the small tripod, its also great, if you want to put your phone or camera on it and then hold the two side Pieces, if you want to take some really cool b roll footage uh, it gives you that, like sturdy balance to your shots, this is the extension pole for the tripod and then i just pulled out some more wires.

It comes with wires so that you can connect different types of phones and cameras, and then this is a led, xs panel light that it comes with it already comes charged with some sort of battery. It also has an adjustable light. This is a led, wa, wide angle lens that it comes with, and this is specifically to put onto a smartphone. It comes with a clear plastic thing on the screen, so the screen has been protected, so i just took that off and i was really fascinated by this little piece of equipment. I didnt expect to get that so then i just took out the foam padding just to show that thats everything in that side of the carrier. It also comes with a nice um wrist strap. If you want to use that to help you carry. I dont know your phone or you can attach it to the tripod. It comes with like one of those microfiber cloths for cleaning the screen of your camera. It also comes with some extra components, something you can use to track, attach your like transmitter to the tripod and like a clip for the little lens to attach to your phone, so thats, everything in the case i like it because it has a nice handle. So its easy to transport and take everywhere, and then i thought id just line up all of the items you get in it for this show of the video. I just wanted to show you guys what you get in it for the price you pay.

So you get quite a lot and the great thing about this: is you get all these items, but you dont have to use them all at once. You can use all of them. If you wanted for one video and then maybe you just want to use the tripod mount and the microphone for another video, you have the option to change it to how you, like it, yeah thats everything you get in the id love for smartphone video bundle. Oh okay, lets do a comparison, so this is what i sound like with the microphone and then, if i unplug it, is it gon na work mid through the video lets see now. This should be the sound that comes out of my phone, so thats the comparison between the microphone and what it normally sounds like without the microphone. Okay and now i want to show you guys the difference that this lens makes. So i have three different, like cameras on the back of my phone, so this might be a bit tricky for me to readjust. But if you look at what you see now, this is with the wide angle lens attached and now im going to show you guys what it looked like before i put on the wide angle lens im just going to remove it thats what it looked like before. Now, for me to put it back on its tricky, let me just show you guys the magic. Oh, is that on correctly, let me check if you guys, like the look of this smartphone video kit, then i will leave a link in the description.

Itll be an amazon affiliate link, so you will be supporting me if you do for free. I really recommend this. I think theres a lot of good parts, the microphones, decent quality and im very happy with the product, and i cant wait to use it for more vlogging style videos. You could also use this with a dslr. It comes with the components i like the camera quality on my phone and im glad i get to utilize it more with video creation. Thanks to this. Thank you guys for watching this video. If you did like it before, it was helpful, give it a thumbs up. Leave a comment down below. If you have any questions about this video kit and ill see you very soon with another video dont forget to keep on creating and sharing your passions online.